Miss France National Director Sylvie Tellier steps down after 17 years

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Miss France National Director Sylvie Tellier steps down after 17 years

Miss Universe France 2002 Sylvie Tellier steps down from her role as Miss France National Director after 17 years since she joined Miss France Committee in 2005. Yesterday, it was announced by Le Parisien that new National Director for Miss France is former Miss France 2005 Cindy Fabre. Sylive Tellier has been one of the main reasons, Miss France has become one of the best national pageants watched by millions of viewers every year. The production quality of Miss France final pageant continues to be spectacular with magnificent stage design, luxious outfits, impressive quality live telecast and the outstanding creativity in their management team.

Under Sylvie Tellier guidance has tremendously helped Miss France with many successful placements at International Pageants including Iris Mittenaere winning Miss Universe 2016 crown who became the second French woman to win Miss Universe title after 63 years since Christiane Martel won Miss Universe 1953. France has made the semi finals at Miss Universe with 9 placements during 2005 until 2022 and France has made the semi finals 3 times at Miss World 2005 to 2022.

Miss France organization did fantastic job of preparing their French delegates for International Pageants with a great leadership under Sylvie Tellier as the National Director. Miss France almost won blue crown of Miss World twice with Marine Lorphelin who finished 1st Runner Up to Megan Young from the Philippines won Miss World 2013. During 2019, France Ophély Mézino placed 1st Runner Up to Jamaica's Toni Ann Singh who won Miss World.

France's placement in International Pageants under Sylvie as National Director (2005-2022)

Top 5 Placements:

Alexandra Rosenfeld - Miss Europe 2006 Winner

Chloé Mortaud - Miss World 2009 Top 7

Marine Lorphelin - Miss World 2013 1st Runner Up

Flora Coquerel - Miss Universe 2015 Top 5

Iris Mittenaere - Miss Universe 2016 Winner

Ophély Mézino - Miss World 2019 1st Runner Up

Semi-Finalist Placements:

Chloé Mortaud - Miss Universe 2009 Top 10

Laury Thilleman - Miss Universe 2011 Top 10

Camille Cerf - Miss Universe 2014 Top 15

Maëva Coucke - Miss World 2018 Top 12 and Miss Universe 2019 Top 10

Clémence Botino - Miss Universe 2021 Top 10

Amandine Petit - Miss Universe 2020 Top 21

Sylvie will remain with the organization in a ceremonial and advisory role until the coronation night of 93rd edition of Miss France 2023 which is happening on 17 December 2022 at Châteauroux, Centre-Val de Loire, France. Congratulations to the new National Director former Miss France 2005 Cindy Fabre. Cindy has a high expectation to live up to the great quality standards as Sylvie as the successor of one of the best National Directors.

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