Captivating Beauty: Miss Universe 2022 Delegates in Stunning Fadil Photos

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Miss Universe 2022 Delegates: Stunning Fadil Photos

Get ready to be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of the Miss Universe 2022 delegates in their stunning Fadil photos. These captivating images showcase the charisma, elegance, and confidence of the contestants as they compete for the coveted Miss Universe crown.

Photographed by the renowned Fadil Berisha, these images capture the essence of each delegate, highlighting their unique personalities and undeniable charm. From glamorous evening gowns to striking swimsuits, every photo radiates grace and poise, reflecting the inner beauty and outer allure of these incredible women.


Some of the Miss Universe 2022 delegates visited the Miss Universe organization office in the New York headquarters. They also met with the famous fashion photographer Fadil Berisha who has taken photos of many international celebrities and Miss Universe winners from the Trump era until now. Here are some of the stunning Fadil Photos of Miss Universe 2022 Delegates.

Miss Universe Aruba Kiara Arends

Age: 23 Height: 175cm (5 ft 9 inches)

She is a Master of Laws student, who also holds a degree in Bachelor of Laws. She is a social justice advocate and the founder of the B.U.M.P project, a charity organization aiding mothers during the COVID-19 pandemic. She was Miss Teen Aruba International in 2017 and Virreina de las Americas at Miss Teen Americas in 2018.


Miss Universe Brazil Mia Mamede

Age: 26 Height: 173cm (5 ft 8 inches)

She is a Television Presenter and Businesswoman from Vitoria. She is a graduate of Audiovisual Journalism and Economics Partners from New York University. She hosts a travel and entertainment program broadcast on YouTube. She is multilingual as she speaks Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, and Mandarin languages. Mia is a strong speaker who will be able to showcase her outgoing personality during interviews due to her background in journalism and as a content creator. Looking at her performance in her national pageant, was impressive as she is very self-aware of herself. She carries herself with elegance which is her biggest strength.


Miss Universe Canada Amelia Tu

Age: 20 Height: 170cm (5 ft 7 inches)

Coming from Vancouver, Amelia is a Chinese-Canadian pursuing a degree in Biology and Business at the University of California, Berkeley. Amelia has been a classically trained ballet dancer since a young age. An advocate for environmental awareness. she is passionate about living a sustainable lifestyle. Her purpose as a beauty queen is to bring her Chinese heritage and Canadian background together to celebrate the diversity of Canada and its people.


Miss Universe Colombia Marรญa Fernanda Aristizรกbal

Age: 25 Height: 176cm (5 ft 9.5 inches)

She graduated in social communication from Luis Amigo Catholic University. She was the winner of Senorita Colombia 2019 and Miss Universe Colombia org appointed her as the new Miss Universe Colombia 2022. She has great pasarela with a commanding stage presence which will make her stand out in Miss Universe. Colombia has a history of sending strong delegates, Maria will continue to give Colombia their Top 10 placement. She was charming and engaging with a sweet aura in a makeup video filmed in Miss Universe org office.




Miss Universe Honduras Rebeca Rodrรญguez

Age: 20 Height: 175cm (5 ft 9 inches)

She was born and raised in San Pedro Sula and she is currently studying for Bachelor’s degree in Business and Digital Marketing in Miami, United States. This gorgeous blonde, blue-eyed beauty will represent the South American country of Honduras at the Miss Universe 2022.


Miss Universe Indonesia Laksmi De-Neefe Suardana

Age: 26 Height: 175cm (5 ft 9 inches)

Laksmi is passionate about fashion which lead her to study Bachelor of Business in Fashion Business from Italy, and graduated cum laude. In addition, she has a degree in Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design from RMIT University in Australia. Growing up on the spiritual island of Bali, she has been an active member who has put contribution to UNICEF's Voices of the Youth, which works to promote literacy and literature among the members of society. Her project is about teaching the English language through non-government organizations and teaching children through interactive mediums. As a scholar, she possesses intellectual abilities with commanding speaking skills, which can be witnessed by watching her interviews on social media. Her answers have meaningful physiological with deep meaning. There is a high chance for Indonesia to place as semi-finalists in Miss Universe 2022.


Miss Universe Panama Solaris Barba

Age: 23 Height: 178cm (5 ft 10 inches)

A recent Business graduate and she is studying Marketing and International Business. She has already made her presence after qualifying for the semi-finals during Miss World 2018 and winning the title of Miss World Americas. In May 2022, the Miss Universe Panama organization appointed her to represent Panama at Miss Universe, and in September 2022, crowned in an announcement ceremony. She is a qualified delegate with remarkable communication skills, her a background as a television host, has proficiency in the English language, and carries herself with diligence and professionalism. We can expect to see Panama make the Top 20 semi-finals.


Miss Universe Peru Alessia Rovegno

Age: 24 Height: 180cm (5 ft 11 inches)

She is a global model and singer, working as a model in New York, but she is developing her career as a singer in Lima, Perรบ. Alessia is half Peruvian and half Italian. She has participated in New York Fashion Week 2022. She also carried out social support campaigns for the Bridges today organization to help undernourished Peruvian children living in poverty. Alessia has excellent modeling skills, which she can use in her Preliminary to impress the judges.



Miss Universe Spain Alicia Faubel

Age: 25 Height: 178cm (5 ft 10 inches)

She is an aspiring actress who has spent her time working in Asia and Europe. She had previously lived in the Philippines, where she learned to speak the Tagalog language and learn about the rich Filipino culture. She was featured as a lead actress in Alicia DiSanto in General Commander, released in the United States. Her gorgeous beauty and warm aura will help Spain reach the Top 20 placement.


Miss Universe Thailand Anna Sueangam-iam

Age: 23 Height: 175cm (5 ft 9 inches)

She has completed a Bachelor of Science from Kasetsart University in Bangkok. Her strength is her ability to connect with her audience. Growing up in a Thai temple alongside female monks, she has learned about practicing empathy and gratitude. Anna is always grateful and her life mission is to help the underprivileged people living in impoverished conditions. She is relatable to many people who look up to a beauty queen as a role model as she is an example that your background will never define you from achieving your endless accomplishment. Her team needs to help her with communication skills in the Thai language with the help of a great Thai-to-English translator. The delivery of the answer is more important than the actual context. So, the Miss Universe Thailand organization needs to let Anna express herself in the Thai language, she feels the most comfortable speaking.


Miss Universe Venezuela Amanda Dudamel

Age: 23 Height: 178cm (5 ft 10 inches)

She is a Fashion Design graduate from Rome, Italy. She lived for many years and she learned to speak Italian. She works as creative director of Made in Petare which financially supports the underprivileged people in her hometown. As she has lived in so many different countries like Colombia, Chile, South Africa, and Italy, it has broadened her perspective in life which has developed of knowledge. Since she is from a powerhouse pageant country like Venezuela, we can expect her to receive the best of best training so by the time she arrives at Miss Universe. She will be a front runner for the competition like many of the previous Miss Venezuela. She started Voices Across the Universe, an Instagram Live stream where she invites other Miss Universe delegates to get to know more about them and discuss important topics.


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