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This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Miss International 2022 beauty pageant scheduled on December 13, 2022, in Tokyo, Japan. In this article, we will talk about the Top 10 front runners for Miss International 2022. As of September 10, we have 67 delegates confirmed to compete at Miss International 2022 beauty pageant. After reviewing the performance at their national pageants and watching their one-on-one interview with the Miss International organization published on their Facebook and youtube pages. For a better understanding of the candidates' background and communication skills. Front runners are based on physical beauty, intelligence, previous education or pageant qualifications, and eloquence. Previous Miss International winners fit the Japanese beauty standards due to the authority of Japanese judges. We will keep that in mind while creating this list for Miss International 2022.

10th Place - Miss Czech Republic Adéla Maděryčová, 22 years old.

She is currently pursuing Secondary School Teacher Training in Aesthetic Education and she works as a Recorder. She is engaged in organizing camps for children as she supports the Karolína Kopíncová Foundation Step into Life. Her red hair, doll-like feathers, and fair complexion will make her stand out in Miss International.

9th Place - Miss Indonesia Cindy May McGuire, 27 years old.

She works as a general practitioner, model, and commercial talent. She is pursuing a dual Master's degree at UNSW majoring in Health Management and Infectious Disease Leadership/Intelligence. She wants to continue to learn and gain experience to help Indonesia be at the forefront of providing health services to the community. Cindy has a beautiful face with a delightful personality and a positive aura. Her health care background with her empathetic and dedicated to helping other people. It coordinates with Miss International org as they look for an ambassador for peace and unity. Indonesia has been performing excellently in recent years at Miss International. Indonesia's first conquest was Kevin Lilliana Miss International 2017 winner.

8th Place - Miss Dominican Republic Celine Santos, 22 years old.

She is a professional model and a law student. She has previously represented the Dominican Republic in Miss Intercontinental 2019 and placed in the Top 20 semi-finalists. She enjoys dancing and dedicates to maintaining herself in proper shape. As a future lawyer, she is a strong mindset and wants to bring justice to people in her country.

7th Place - Miss Venezuela Isbel Cristina Parra Santos, 28 years old.

She is a gymnastics coach for low-income girls and was for a long time a high-performance athlete, representing Venezuela in various international competitions. Isbel is a fashion designer who graduated from the Institute of Environmental Design and Fashion in Caracas. She promotes upcycling through her designs for a sustainable livelihood without creating pollution, which shows her devotion to protecting our mother earth. Her genuine reaction was fun to watch when she won the Miss International Venezuela title. It shows her eagerness to win the Miss International crown. Listening to her interview with Miss International org, she speaks English with outgoing and tonnes of personality. She possesses a graceful aura in her stage performance as she has great poise and elegance. After being crowned in September 2020, she had two years to prepare for the international pageant. There is so much expectation for her to compete at the 60th Anniversary of the Miss International beauty pageant.

6th Place - Miss Mexico Yuridia Durán, 23 years old.

She is a dental surgeon student who holds a license as a Dentist Surgeon. Her advocacy is to promote the development of children through sports, culture, and education. She is involved with a social campaign focused on children with cleft palate. Her future goal is to open her dental clinic and help the people of her country. Listening to her interview, she is charming and captivating when she speaks with a beautiful smile. She has a friendly energy and warm aura, in addition to an important project that has been part of her family legacy as she has many dentists among her family members. Mexico placed 1st runner-up in the last edition of Miss International 2019, Yuirdia has the potential to reach a high placement for Mexico again because they have been trying their best to win the 3rd Mis International crown after 13 long years.

5th Place - Miss Ecuador Valeria Gutiérrez, 22 years old.

She is a fashion model and resides in Florida, United States. She is fluent in English and Portuguese languages. She has previous pageant experience and represented her country on international platforms. She has a fabulous body because she lives a healthy lifestyle by playing softball, dancing, and going to the gym to maintain herself. She is studying Social Communication at the University of California, Los Angeles. Her social work is about providing education for the needy, single mothers, and low-income elderly. She wants to use the platform to raise awareness and bring light to the people who need help and essentials to survive in this world. Miss Ecuador is a gorgeous beauty who understands the value of empathy and kindness as she wants to help underprivileged people.

4th Place - Miss United States Corrin Stellakis, 24 years old.

She holds a degree in Communication Social Interaction and Psychology from the State University of New York, USA. She wants to speak to the youth and encourage them to dream, believe in their vision, and forward their effort to achieve their purposes. She has an abundant experience in pageantry as she has contested in many beauty pageants. For example, She won Miss New York Teen USA 2014, Top 12 in Miss World America 2015, and 3rd Runner-up at Miss Earth 2016. As a pageant veteran with eight years of journey, she feels confident and comfortable performing on the stage. She is well-spoken with a commanding voice and is articulate with so much depth in her voice. The United States is a front-runner for the crown of Miss International, her impressive background and her outgoing personality, there is a high chance for her to make it to the Top 5 Q&A round.

3rd Place - Miss India Zoya Afroz, 28 years old.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree. Her profession is a successful Bollywood actress, she has acted in many Indian movies and tv dramas. She was the 2nd Runner Up at Miss India 2013. While watching her national pageant, she has refined and graceful when she walks on the stage. Her soft makeup and wavy hair complement her facial features. As a professional actress and pageant veteran, she has authority and presence with excellent speaking skills. India has never won Miss International yet, and Zoya is aiming to win first Miss International crown for India.

2nd Place - Miss Peru Tatiana Calmell, 27 years old.

She is a model and actress who was also one of the most skilled contestants in her national pageant. She was featured in Peru's Next Top Model in 2013 and was also part of the cast of the Peruvian soap opera Princesas. As a mental health advocate, she wants to spread the message of looking after ourselves. She has a regal and majestic beauty with a smooth and effortless presentation in her performance. Her fresh look and down-to-earth personality will make her a standout among Japanese people. She has a possibility to bring home the first Miss International to her country Peru. As Peru has never won the Miss International crown, the highest placement for Peru was 3rd Runner Up in Miss International 1967.

Miss International - Miss Philippines Hannah Arnold, 26 years old.

She has a degree in Applied Science in Forensic Studies from the University of Canberra, Australia. Her advocacy is about Children’s Education in Science. The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) has recognized her project and will work closely with DOST in the future. She has an impressive academic background, which shows her intellectual capability. Being a woman in science, she is passionate about helping people through her knowledge. She has consistently donated to the White Cross Orphanage for the past five years, donating funds and goods on her birthday. She won Miss International Philippines 2021, her winning answer when she said “freedom of speech is a basic human right that we all must remember. It is important for our democracy.” She has a brilliant idea for her country. Hannah's philosophy aligns with the Miss International pageant purpose of Cheer All Women - the slogan of Miss International to promote friendship and goodwill with other countries and the realization of world peace through international exchange. Hannah has a marvelous beauty and a kind heart, she believes in helping underprivileged people, and her soft voice and gracious attitude will help the Philippines win their seventh Miss International crown.

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