Humble Daughter of garbage collectors is Miss Universe Thailand 2022

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Humble Daughter of garbage collectors is Miss Universe Thailand 2022

Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Anna Sueangam-iam is proud to be a daughter of parents who work as garbage collectors in Bangkok City. Growing up in a low-income background, Anna has learned the importance to be down to earth, hard-working, and practicing gratitude. She did not have an easy life, due to financial problems, her father send her to live with her grandmother who lived in a Thai Buddhist Temple alongside female monks. The Buddhist teaching of being humble, sincere and kind are qualities very close to her heart. Experiencing poverty from her childhood and playing with toys, her family found in the garbage site has immensely educated her to never take anything for granted and to always be grateful for every single opportunity given to her by the universe.

After being crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2022 Anna has not forgotten her roots, she regularly visits her family and the garbage waste landfill where her family is currently working. She is proud of her family and does not shy away from publicly talking about her humble beginnings, she says garbage collectors are the secret heroes who clean the Metropolitan city of Bangkok which has over 8 million residents. She wants to raise the issue of proper waste management due to the raising global warming that has hit this globe, the side effect has resulted in many catastrophic natural disasters. Her advocacy is about helping the underprivileged people by providing quality education who are facing similar hardships as Anna, she wants to emphasize to the government provide adequate pay to the hardworking people who are responsible for cleaning Bangkok City as well as implementing stronger rules and regulations towards recycling properly for a long term solution. Anna has been actively involved from a young age with recycling waste management alongside her family. She has first-hand experience watching the increasing number of waste in the large landfill site which has severely affected the health of many Thai people who wear masks to protect themselves from harmful air pollution. Anna wants to utilize her knowledge and help Bangkok become a green city and develop it into an Environmental Sustainable city with urban planning to improve the environmental issues through proper planning and management.

Anna nicknamed by her fans "Anna The Tiger" is the flag bearer for the kingdom of Thailand in the upcoming Miss Universe 2022 Beauty Pageant. She hopes to inspire other people through personal her story, that economical barriers should not affect you to accomplish your dream goal. She has managed to maintain a close connection with the Thai public through her incredible work, relatable story, down-to-earth personality, and dedication to a green city. Her values and morals have made her be noticed not only by the local people but also by many international pageant fans who have included her in the Top rankings. She understands the role of a beauty queen is to be able to connect with her audience and continue to work towards developing her city, Bangkok. Her sincerity will help her in the Miss Universe pageant where the judges are looking for a genuine person that can make a positive impact on the lives of many people through her words and actions. Anna has been working immensely for the upcoming international pageant, through challenging communication sessions, runway walk training, and personality development. Her destiny is the win the third Miss Universe crown for her country which has been a long dream of many Thai people, they have been waiting patiently for 34 years to win the coveted crown. Her willingness to learn, improve and develop to be a better version of herself will help her project a strong presence during the International Pageant in the upcoming days.

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