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Here are the official introduction videos of the 50th Anniversary edition of the Miss Intercontinental 2022 beauty pageant. These ladies have impressive resumes as they come from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages and represent their rich heritage on the world stage of Miss Intercontinental 2022 in Egypt. We will post all the introduction videos based on the upload by the official Miss Intercontinental youtube channel.

Miss Intercontinental Cuba  – Lourdes Feliu

Lourdes is 21 years old and representing Cuba at Miss Intercontinental in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. In the morning she works as a Paralegal and at night she teaches modeling to young ladies. From a very young she knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry. Lourdes has walked for NYFW and Paris Fashion Week and even worked with Macy’s. In her spare time, other than modeling, she trains hard at the gym or learns how to cook new foods; she finds it to be a great way to connect with other cultures. She enjoys attending fundraiser events for Autism walks and visiting Cancer patients. After participating in the Miss Cuba pageant, she got out of her comfort zone and prove that she has what it takes to be Miss Cuba and become the next Miss Intercontinental. With hard work, dedication, and passion anything is possible.

Miss Intercontinental Russia – Anastasia Boslovyak

She comes from Eastern Russia where she grew up in a multicultural society with people from different nationalists. It has taught her about accepting other people's differences and embracing the beauty in diversity. She is a keen lover of swimming as she has been taking lessons since an early age and won many athletic medals. In winter, she enjoys skiing and other seasonal sports, Anastasia loves to read classical literature and non-fiction psychology books. She is studying Advertisement and Public Relations at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, and she works as a model and make-up artist. The most important quality to have in a person is kindness and sincerity. The main purpose of her joining Miss Intercontinental is the opportunity to show the importance is not only external beauty but also internal beauty.

Miss Intercontinental Netherlands – Melissa Tjemma Janneke Bottema

From her childhood, she was taught to always work towards her mission with a clear mind and a kind heart. She is representing the Netherlands, she is not just standing for the country. She is representing an endless variety of landscapes in such a small but diverse country. The Netherlands has coastlines with colorful fields of tulips. The National Park to windmills, sustainable energy to bicycles and so much more. If she has the honor to become the next Miss Intercontinental, she will use her reign to empower others to talk about their mental health. She is convinced that if we talk more about our mental health, together we can create a more understanding world where everyone can unite.

Miss Intercontinental Seychelles – Shannen Henrie 

Rumored who have once been the Garden of Eden, the Republic of Seychelles is made up of 150 islands on the East African Coast. Only four degrees south of the equator. Seychelles is a beautiful kaleidoscope of cultures and the diversity is shown through the people, gastronomy, lively music, and rhythmic dancing. Seychelles is home to two UNESCO world heritage sites, one of them being the Validime Rainforest where the world-famous Codeine grows and another is Anse Source d'Argent, La Digue beach. It is renowned as being one of the most beautiful and photographed beaches in the world. Currently holding an associate diploma in accounting and business. She is working as a senior audit executive at a professional firm offering Assurance Services whilst, working full time. She is working towards becoming an ACC affiliate member and pursuing a bachelor's degree in applied accounting.

Miss Intercontinental Crimea  – Liliana Galenko

My name is Liliana. I was born in Crimea on 9 January. My family is international because my mom is Tatar and my dad is Half Italian and half Russian. When I was a child I took up a lot of hobbies, such as rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, volleyball, and boxing. I have been doing gymnastics since I was six. Furthermore, I represented Crimea at the World Gymnastics Championships. One of my favorite hobbies is spending time with dolphins, I adore these amazing creatures and that’s why I am a dolphin trainer. I am fond of modeling, since childhood, I have been interested in fashion and the beauty sphere. I have some experience and skills in it. I often participate in different photoshoots and commercials. I prefer to wear smart clothes and look nice. As for my education, I am studying to be a judge. I like traveling. I have been to a lot of places Italy, France, German, Israel, Turkey, and Spain. I prefer European cuisine. When I have some free time I usually go to European restaurants and cafes. I can describe myself as an outgoing, friendly, honest, ambitious, competitive, hardworking, creative, reliable, and organized person.

Miss Intercontinental Australia - Courtney Tester 

From down under, Courtney will be the representative of Australia in Miss Intercontinental 2022. Every inch of this land is unique from its incredible native wildlife, scenic landscapes, and vibrant cities. Australia is a rare culmination of cultures from every continent and a celebration of its diverse population. She is a West Australian woman living in Perth, much like her home, she considers herself a vibrant individual. Full of opportunity, Perth is known for its raw nature, beauty, endless sunshine, and pristine beaches. This is a city of easy living, an active lifestyle, and abundant wildlife. She works as a primary school teacher, who is passionate about mental health and global education equality. She understands the challenges, children face when it comes to accessing quality education. She hopes to use this platform to promote education equality on every continent, and to ensure our children have endless opportunities for their future.

Miss Intercontinental Puerto Rico - Mariela Pepin 

She is 26 years old and she represents the island of enchantment, a vibrant Caribbean island full of life rhythm and resilience. Measuring just 62 by 160 kilometers, Puerto Rico may be small by land but it is a rich culture, eco-diverse beauty and the warmth of the people are big just like the dreams of Puerto Rican people. Hard work, determination, kindness, and humility are the pillars that characterize her people and she credits many achievements to these attributes. From an early age, her parents taught her to take initiative and help those in need. Today, she feels most fulfilled involving herself in the communities and engaging others in conversations and initiatives that better the world around us. As a multilingual communications graduate, she recognizes the importance and necessity of using her voice to connect with people and tapping into the power within us to influence positivity. The spirit of Puerto Rico resonates across the continent, it is one of strength, love, helping your neighbor, and always getting back up no matter the challenges.

Miss Intercontinental Canada – Rachel Arhin

Rachel holds a degree in Policy Management and Economics and currently works as a Senior Advisor for the Government of Canada. I speak English and French, and my admiration for different cultures and languages inspired me to pursue a career as a Diplomat. I’m a peacemaker at heart. I believe in the power of compassion. This is why I have dedicated my platform as Miss Canada to giving back to others; from community volunteering to holding mentorship workshops for government hopefuls. I am always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. In my spare time, I enjoy tennis and painting; I can make a noteworthy cheesecake from scratch, and love spending time spoiling my nieces and nephews. It is an honor to represent Canada at the 50th anniversary of Miss Intercontinental. I am more than ready to show the world that I am an exemplary African-Canadian woman that can influence change and exude the true power of beauty.

Miss Intercontinental Thailand – Heidi Amanda Jensen

She has the perfect blend of East meets West as half Thai and half Danish beauty born and raised in the tourism paradise of Phuket in Southern Thailand. Heidi has learned the value of gratitude from an early age. In 2004, Southern Thailand was severely affected by the Tsunami resulted in many people losing their homes, it made her realize the importance of giving back the society. Heidi volunteered to help the victims of the natural disaster and she became an English teacher to help her community to be self-sufficient and financially stable. Heidi is an example of a beautiful inside out and her endless humanitarian work makes her a perfect delegate to represent the golden land of Thailand.

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