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This article will discuss our Top 20 favorites for Miss Grand International 2022 by Pageant Empress. This year is the 10th Anniversary edition of Miss Grand International, which will be held this 25 October in Indonesia. So far, we have 65 delegates confirmed to compete at this year's Miss Grand International 2022 pageant. This list is based on their national pageant performance, previous competition performance, interviews, and their presence on social media. The most important quality is to be passionate and ready to work with Mr. Nawat and the Miss Grand International organization. Here are our Top 20 Prediction for Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand United Kingdom - Sofiya Mayers 

Age: 22 Height: 181cm 5'11"

She has completed her studies in Art at the University for the Creative Arts – UCA. Fashion & Design at UCA Library & Student Services Rochester. She is working as a marketing and sales executive at Ecosan Services. This year is the first edition of Miss Grand United Kingdom under the new franchise, Sofiya was selected as the winner to represent the United Kingdom on the international stage. Her unique look with big curly hair and tall frame will make her prominent on the platform. Expressive,  articulate, and thoughtful personality are the traits she carries which are perfect for the Miss Grand International organization. Look forward to seeing the United Kingdom place in Miss Grand International again after Stephanie Wyatt placed Top 20 in 2020.

Miss Grand Spain - Hirisley Jimenez

Age: 20 Height: 182cm 6'0"

She is half Spanish Cuban beauty and a graduate of Early Childhood Education. Currently, she works as a teacher as she loves looking after children by helping them gain wisdom. Spain is a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures, looking at the Spanish delegates at international pageants. She gave an exceptional performance during her national contest, Hirisley was radiating on the stage. A beautiful face, toned body, and easygoing personality are the qualities Mr. Nawat is looking for in the next Miss Grand International. Looking at the excellent hospitality of Miss Grand Spain organization towards the reigning queen Tien and madam Teresa. Miss Spain has a high chance of placing in the Top 10 because it is essential to be professional on and off stage. The behavior of the organization is equally as important as the beauty queen. Miss Grand Spain organization has always maintained to give warm welcome to the international winner and team.

Miss Grand Australia - Amber Sidney

Age: 25 Height: 172cm 5’8”

She has studied at Deakin University and has worked as a Communications Coordinator at Maax Global. Australian beauty from down under is modest and continues to help many people through her humanitarian background. She has raised funds and created an awareness campaign for the Destiny Rescue project to support children on Gigantes Island in the Philippines and to work alongside BullyZero to educate children on how to treat other human beings in schools across Australia. Amber has a kind heart and compassion for underprivileged people. It makes her one of our favorites for Miss Grand International. The role of a beauty queen is much more than just the outer appearance, she needs to be an inspiration and a role model who helps develop her community. In 2015, Australia won the Miss Grand International, we look forward to hearing more about the charity work Amber has been doing in the upcoming days.

Miss Grand Indonesia - Andina Julie

Age: 20 Height: 183cm 6’0”

She is an Economics student at Indo Global Mandiri University. Indonesia has an excellent track record in Miss Grand International as Indonesia won the golden crown of Miss Grand International 2016 with Ariska Putri Pertiwi. Andina has a stunning face and an outstanding stage presence who has impressed many international fans, she is a front-runner in this year’s competition. Indonesia has been remarkably consistent in sending phenomenal delegates to Miss Grand International. National Director Mr. Ivan has done a fabulous job as he will be helping Indonesia host the 10th Anniversary edition of Miss Grand International this year. We can anticipate Indonesia as a fantastic host country as they have a rich culture, great production with so much talent. There is excitement and tremendous effort shown by Adina and Indonesia to host Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand Peru - Janet Leyva

Age: 25 Height: 185cm 6’1”

Miss Peru has a glamorous physical beauty with her towering height of 6 feet 1 inch tall. She will easily stand out on the stage. As a professional model who has won the Top Model of the World 2018, she has an outstanding runway performance, a stellar presence, and grandiose energy. Janet carries herself with the utmost professionalism and high standard as she has been modeling from thirteen years old when she won Miss Teen Model 2011. She is spectacular in modeling and she is involved with helping disadvantaged children in Peru. In 2017, Peru won the Miss Grand International crown with María José Lora, she set the bar high as one of the best winners of Miss Grand International. Janet has a huge expectation to follow in Maria’s footsteps and become the 2nd Peruvian Miss Grand International winner.

Miss Grand Venezuela - Luiseth Materán

Age: 26 Height: 178cm 5’10”

She received a Bachelor's degree with honors in Social Communications specializing in Publicity and Audiovisual Arts given by Andrés Bello Catholic University in Caracas. Luiseth loves acting and made her debut on television with Intrigas tras cámaras, a telenovela by Quimera Vision. In 2021, she competed in the Miss Universe beauty pageant, she finished Top 16 semi-finalists. As an experienced pageant veteran, she has the edge to give a marvelous performance in Miss Grand International. There are high expectations from Luiseth since she is under such a great team that will help her polish for the international pageant.

Miss Grand Thailand - Engfa Waraha

Age: 27 Height: 171cm 5’7”

She has completed her higher education at Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage. Since six years old, she has been performing on the stage while growing up in a musician family. After she lost her father at seventeen years old, she started to work as a singer and actress, financially supporting as the breadwinner of her family. She understands the value of hard work and dedication to accomplish success in her life. Despite all the challenges, she always had a positive outlook on life. She became famous after appearing at The Voice Thailand 2018, a singing competition. Her sweet nature and down-to-earth personality have made her a fan favorite during her national pageant with millions of supporters. In the past, Thailand has never won Miss Grand International yet, Engfa has commercial beauty and creative talent that can help Miss Grand International org to expand and reach global success. Thailand has the potential to win their first-ever golden crown this year.

Miss Grand Czech Republic - Mariana Bečková

Age: 23 Height: 183cm 6’0”

She can speak English, Spanish, and German and is currently studying Thai. She is a student for a Master's degree in child psychology at the University of New York. She teaches yoga, creates motivational podcasts, opens schools for underprivileged kids and orphanages in Bangladesh, Bali, and Arusha, and recently raised money for the victims of war in Ukraine. Marianna has remarkable beauty and empathy for disadvantaged people as she has continued doing her charity work. Her blond hair, blue eyes, and tall frame will make her noticed on the stage. Her dedication to learning new things to gain knowledge and be a liberal and open-minded human is commendable. The Czech Republic has placed 4th Runner Up in Miss Grand International 2017 with Nikola Uhlířová, she has a high opportunity to make it into the Top 5 finalists.

Miss Grand Puerto Rico - Oxana Rivera

Age: 27 Height: 175cm 5’9”

She was born in Russia and arrived in Puerto Rico with her twin brother when she was only 13 years old after being adopted by a Puerto Rican couple. She has consistently proven to be a strong delegate to represent Puerto Rico internationally. She speaks Spanish, English, and Russian fluently, and she has made a strong impression among international fans with her breathtaking beauty, elegance, and regal aura. I like how she has been actively sharing her love for Miss Grand International, Thai culture as well as Indonesia which is the host nation for this year’s pageant. Watching her interview with Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova, I was delighted to see her deliver her thoughts and message with clarity and depth in her voice. Puerto Rico is a land of beautiful people as Puerto Rico won the very first edition of Miss Grand International 2013 with Janelle Chaparro. There is a huge chance for Puerto Rico to win their second golden crown on the 10th anniversary of Miss Grand International as Oxana has the beauty, body, and brains that are suitable for the Miss Grand International pageant.

Miss Grand Brazil - Isabella Menin

Age: 25 Height: 178cm 5’10”

She graduated with Bachelor's in Economics degree from Westminster University and a Master’s degree in Finance from the University College London. She has also worked as an international model who lived and worked in several countries. She has a dual heritage as she is half Brazilian and half Italian. She is fluent in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian languages. Isabella is also the founder of the Beyond Project supports non-profit organizations that look after disabled people in Brazil. Isabella is a strong delegate for Miss Grand International with her gorgeous beauty, strong communication skills in 5 languages, and commanding presence on the stage. Brazil has never won the Miss Grand International crown yet but Brazil has always been placed in the Top 5 for the past 3 years. Isabella can help Brazil win its first golden crown of Miss Grand International with her personality, beauty, and intelligence.

Pageant Empress Top 20 Picks:

1 Brazil - Isabella Menin

2 Puerto Rico - Oxana Rivera

3 Czech Republic - Mariana Bečková

4 Thailand - Engfa Waraha

5 Venezuela - Luiseth Materán

6 Peru - Janet Leyva 

7 Indonesia - Andina Julie

8 Australia - Amber Sidney

9 Spain - Hirisley Jimenez

10 United Kingdom - Sofiya Mayers

11 Cambodia - Pich Votey Saravody

12 Angola - Teresa Sara

13 Ecuador - Lisseth Naranjo

14 Myanmar - Ei Ei Aung Htunt

15 Panama - Laura de Sanctis

16 Philippines - Roberta Tamondong

17 Colombia - Priscilla Londoño

18 Germany - Kim Kelly Braun

19 Mauritius - Yuvna Rinishta

20 Poland - Natalia Gryglewska

Who are your picks for Miss Grand International? Comment below

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