Miss Universe 2022 dark horse delegates

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Miss Universe 2022 dark horse delegates

As we have entered the month of September, we are approaching closer and closer to Miss Universe 2022 pageant, which will happen early next year. So far, we have 59 official delegates confirmed to compete in the 71st edition of the Miss Universe. Here are the Top 10 dark horse delegates by Pageant Empress who might pull a surprise and end up winning the crown in the upcoming pageant. This list is based on their educational background, advocacy, interviews, and social media presence. We are highlighting countries that do not have a strong sash factor in Miss Universe and do not have a consistent track record in terms of placements. There will be another article coming soon in the future with Miss Universe 2022 Top 10 front-runner delegates.

We begin in random order with

Miss Universe Mauritius - Alexandrine Belle-Étoile

Age: 25 Height: 173cm 5’8”

She has a Fine Arts degree, and she teaches Arts and the French language in a private primary school. She is an innovative person who portrays herself through various forms of art like painting, sculpture, and music. She is a visual individual with creative imagination. She has just competed in Miss Supranational 2022 where she placed among the Top 12 semi-finalists and she also won the title of Miss Supranational Africa. It demonstrates that despite coming from a small island nation like Mauritius, her potential was witnessed by international judges. Her joining Miss Supranational has motivated, increased her confidence, and it will benefit her to perform more advantageous during Miss Universe. In the last edition of Miss Universe 2021; we noticed small countries like the Bahamas, Singapore, and Aruba advance placement. I consider Miss Mauritius retains a tremendous chance to progress during Miss Universe 2022.

Miss Universe South Korea – Hanna Kim

Age: 26 Height: 175cm 5’9”

She was the first runner-up at the last year’s edition of the national pageant. She has earned a degree in Linguistics and Interpreting, a field in which she specializes in clinical trials, her elegance gestures, and movement can be seen through her experience as a classical ballet dancer. She has been performing as an international model under One Management based in New York City, featured in many multinational projects. As a trained interpreter, her excellent communication skills will prepare her to articulate her thoughts with clarity, precision, and depth. Hanna appears assured, versatile, and driven toward representing her country South Korea at Miss Universe; the last time Korea placed was Honey Lee; 3rd Runner Up in Miss Universe 2007.

Miss Universe Panama - Solaris Barba

Age: 23 Height: 178cm 5'10"

She is a 23-year-old graduate from Instituto Justo Arosemena; specializing in Business administration, and she is currently studying marketing and international business. Solaris was designated as Miss Universe Panama in May 2022; she was recently crowned in an official announcement ceremony assembled at a special press conference. As a former Miss World Americas 2018 winner, she can use her earlier expertise to her advantage to move ahead in the Miss Universe pageant. As a qualified television host, she possesses an advanced level of oratory skills and professionalism. Solaris is proving to be one of the most well-rounded delegates in this year's competition; Miss Panama placed Top 16 in the last edition with Andrea Smith Lezama and the first and only Panamanian Miss Universe winner was back in 2002 with Justine Pasek. We can predict to see Panama placing back in this year's pageant with her impressive eloquence and her commercial beauty.

Miss Universe Bahamas – Angel Cartwright

Age: 27 Height: 175cm 5’9”

She graduated with a bachelor's degree in business administration. She was involved with Bahamas National Trust as a member and a spokeswoman, she has actively participated with other charitable organizations as she believes in supporting her community. As a former Miss World Bahamas finalist, she is a pageant veteran who radiates when she converses with her objectives and she connects with her audience. The Bahamas is a dark horse country in Miss Universe however we have seen many small countries place in last year’s Miss Universe including the Bahamas made it to the Top 10 finalists. Angel has remarkable credentials with an honorable humanitarian background, I think she will perform well in the close-door interview as she is a great speaker with so much presence.

Miss Universe Chile - Sofia Depassier

Age: 22 Height: 174cm 5’8.5”

She is a professional model and actress as well as currently works as a beautician. She moved to the United States at a young age and started working as an English teacher. She was one of the participants in Miss Teen South Florida and won the title of Miss Photogenic. She also competed in Miss Universe Chile 2020. Her high cheekbones and outstanding physical beauty will help her be unforgettable in the Miss Universe pageant. Due to her passion for fashion, she is a part-time fashion stylist; we can expect to see fashionable outfits from her during Miss Universe which can impress the judges. She was diagnosed with Scoliosis at the age of 12, a disease that consists of the lateral curvature of the spine, it incapacitated her and caused a lot of pain. She went through a complicated surgery that led her to normal life. Her personal story will inspire and help other people who are going through a similar situation as her. 

Miss Universe Cambodia - Manita Hang

Age: 23 Height: 168cm 5’6”

Manita is a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and finance. She is Cambodian French beauty who speaks three languages, Khmer, French, and English fluently. Her universal beauty has been noticed by many international pageant fans which is excellent for Cambodia as they have never placed in Miss Universe before since their debut in 2017. If Manita improves her styling and most importantly her runway presentation, then there is a high potential for Cambodia to reach its first-ever placement in Miss Universe. Her hairstyle and styling (outfits) during the national pageant made her look mature, and pageant patty; it did not compliment her fresh glowing beauty. The Miss Universe Cambodia team needs to work on Manita’s styling as she already has an exquisite face but it is equally crucial to have a stylish wardrobe, to stand out during Miss Universe.

Miss Universe Guatemala - Ivana Batchelor

Age: 21 Height: 180cm 5’11”

She is a 21-year-old student of communication sciences. She works as a Spanish-to-English translator which displays her capability to communicate with a wide audience as most Latin American countries speak Spanish with her fluency in the English language. It will allow her the opportunity to articulate her views with transparency during the close door interview. She is the co-founder of IB Model Agency where she guides models on how to walk on the runway properly. She was previously 2nd Runner Up at Miss Grand International 2020 where she gave a sensible performance, glancing at her current videos and photos she has improved so much since Miss Grand International and she will be capable to give Guatemala their fourth placement in Miss Universe since their Top 10 finalist placement in Miss Universe 2010.

Miss Universe Angola - Swelia Da Silva Antonio

Age: 24 Height: 175cm 5'9"

She is an Afro-Dutch beauty queen from The Hague in the Netherlands. Her family is originally from Angola and her family moved to the Netherlands. She has a Bachelor’s degree in nonprofit, public, and organizational management from The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Recently she graduated Master's degree in Public Administration from the International Institute of Social Studies of the Erasmus University Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Last year, she joined Miss Supranational 2021 in Poland; where she placed in the Top 12 semi-finalists. She works as a spokesperson of education for the Black Ladies Talk organization. Angola has previously won Miss Universe 2011 crown with Leila Lopes who is now the national director of Miss Universe Angola. We can expect to see Angola place again due to her extraordinary beauty, appealing personality, and captivating stage presentation.

Miss Universe Vietnam – Nguyễn Thị Ngọc Châu

Age: 28 Height: 174cm 5’8.5”

She is a Vietnamese beauty and fashion model; she has won Vietnam's Next Top Model 2016 Champion and she was crowned Miss Supranational Vietnam 2018. She represented Vietnam at Miss Supranational 2019 where she placed as a Top 10 finalist and won the title of Miss Supranational Asia 2019. She is a graduate of Ton Duc Thang University. Her father passed away early, leaving her mother to raise three children alone. She worked as a professional model and financially support her family as the breadwinner of her family. She is a resilient and empowered young woman who believes in writing her own story, through many hardships and struggles in life. She has managed to overcome her obstacles and achieve victory to be a living example that victory is possible with a positive mindset and dedication toward a goal.

Miss Universe Indonesia - Laksmi De-Neefe Suardana

Age: 26 Height: 175cm 5’9”

She has a double degree program in Bachelor of Design in Fashion Design from RMIT University in Australia and a Bachelor of Business in Fashion Business from Italy where she graduated cum laude. She works as an activist and contributor for UNICEF's Voices of Youth. She now actively promotes literacy and literature engagement in society as her advocacy, she has an interest in writing and reading books. She also volunteers to teach English for a non-governmental organization in her hometown Bali. This year Miss Indonesia is a scholar with intellectual abilities, listening to her online interviews; she gives physiological answers with deep meaning. Her fluency in English will help her during the close door interview as Laksmi has a marvelous resume with vastly philanthropic work that has made a big influence on many people's lives in Indonesia. There is a high expectation to see Indonesia place among the semi-finalists again in Miss Universe 2022.

These are our current Top 10 dark horse delegates in Miss Universe by Pageant Empress choices; this list could easily change in the future as this year's batch is full of talented and empowered women. Let's give some love and support to these delegates.

Who are your favorites for Miss Universe 2022?

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