Mister International Thailand 2022 Swimsuit Photos

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Here are the gorgeous swimsuit photos of Mister International Thailand 2022 delegates. There are many attractive, masculine, and captivating men competing to become the first Thai man to win the coveted title of Mister International beauty pageant will happen, next month in the Philippines on 30 October 2022.

MI01 Guide Nontakit Pimki

Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Pattaya

Guide has strong facial features with a sharp jawline which is perfect for modeling in Western countries. His exotic dark skin, Asian features, and toned body make him stand out in this year's batch. He has the potential to work as a runway model in Thailand and abroad. He finished his education at Thammasat University.

MI02 Tor Surasak Muangkeaw

Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Chiang Mai

Hailing from the Northern City of Chiang Mai, Tor has the perfect blend of a masculine and soft boy next door quality. His friendly personality and approachability make him enduring and likable, and he has gained international fans. Tor has studied at Chiang Mai University. He is already an international title holder - Mister Universe Tourism 2019 Winner, which was held in the Philippines. His charming personality and sweet look can help him win Mister International title. Tor impressed the judges' panel as he won the Best in Swimsuit title during a preliminary competition showcasing his ability as a front runner in this year's contest.

MI03 O Krisada Nimala

Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Bangkok

He has a commercial boy next door look about him, which makes him versatile and he can have a successful future in modeling and acting.

MI04 Pompam Chaianan Pimjan

Height: 181cm 5'11" Hometown: Phayao

He has studied at Buriram Rajabhat University in North Eastern Thailand. He comes from Phayao, one of the Upper Northern Provinces of Thailand.


MI06 Gun Kanawach Kueakanchanaphon
Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Chanthaburi

Gun has the best physique, ready to compete in the international pageant. Growing up in Eastern Thailand at Chanthaburi, he graduated from the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok. He will make a great Thai representative win the first ever Mister International pageant. His cool and calm confidence breezes through; every time he walks on the runway and performs on different challenges. This year, the main sponsor for Mister International Thailand is Devonte296, Gun would make a suitable brand ambassador as he possesses the masculinity of Thai men.

MI07 Frame Richahon Sriprasitdacha
Height: 181cm 5'11" Hometown: Chon Buri

MI08 Tong Chanchai Rungpaisit

Height: 186cm 6'1" Hometown: Bangkok

Tong has previously placed Top 20 at Mister Supranational 2019. Having international experience, allows him to achieve self-confidence and self-assurance in himself. Towering height at 6'1" tall, he would stand out on the stage alongside other handsome men.

MI09 Bozo Methis Anusassatitchai

Height: 182cm 5'11" Hometown: Bangkok

He has finished his education at Kasetsart University. Bozo has joined Mister Supranational Thailand 2022 where she placed in the Top 8 semi-finalist.

MI10 Arms Supagorn Chineravata
Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Bangkok
He went to Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies (CCSS)

MI11 Tim Chonlasit Phong
Height: 178cm 5'10" Hometown: Chaiyaphum

He was 2nd Runner Up at Mister Altitude World Super Model. She is a student at the Faculty of Business Administration Logistics Management at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce UTCC.


MI13 Atom Nathaphop Kanjanteak

Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Bangkok

He is 19 years old and currently a student at Bangkok University. He is fluent in sign language. Despite being the youngest delegate in this year's batch, he believes that age does not define one's character and the ability to follow their dreams. His charming good looks and willingness to learn, adapt and improve himself, make him a great candidate for Mister International title. Atom believes he has a good mindset to represent Thailand on the international platform to show the youth and the bright future of Thai men. He can communicate in Thai, English and sign language as he has compassion and wants to connect with deaf people.

MI14 Fint Thanayut Youkasem
Height: 185cm 6'1" Hometown: Bangkok

He has a cute and fresh look about him, he can act in Thai series.

MI15 Neels Nitsawat Janseethong
Height: 182cm 5'11" Hometown: Nakhon Sawan
He has studied from Srinakharinwirot University.

MI16 Ple Sarawut Chakhu

Height: 184cm 6'0" Hometown: Roi Et

Representing Roi Et in NorthEastern Thailand. Ple has a gorgeous physique with a defined toned body. He did his education from Roi-Et Vocational College.

MI17 Peach Jagrin Nakprasit

Height: 180cm 5'11" Hometown: Khon Kaen

He has studied Computer science at the Faculty of Science, Khon Kaen University.

MI18 Che Saharat Phangsoongnern

Height: 185cm 6'1" Hometown: Bangkok

He has studied Electronics Technician at Royal Thai Army Headquarters Military Technical Training School.

MI19 Al Wittaya Suwannathep

Height: 180cm 5'11" Hometown: Khon Kaen

MI20 Thew Visit Maneerat

Height: 185cm 6'1" Hometown: Bangkok

He has an incredible body, he lives a healthy and spiritual lifestyle.

MI21 Toto Tanyaphong

Height: 182cm 5'11.5" Hometown: Khon Kaen

Toto has sex appeal and oozes confidence when performing on the stage. He has previously competed in Mister Supranational 2022 where she finished Top 5 finalist and he won the regional title of Mister Universe Nong Bua Lamphu 2021. He is currently a student of Performing Arts (Theatre) at the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts at Khon Kaen University.

MI22 Ice Saknarin Khunthammarak

Height: 185cm 6'1" Hometown: Nong Khai

He has milky fair complexion with charming personality.

MI23 Ink Phongsaphon Sitthisut
Height: 177cm 5'9" Hometown: Nonthaburi

MI24 Nueng Thanachot Faesantie

Height: 182cm 5'11" Hometown: Korat

He has typical manly Thai features, he can appeal to a big audience.

MI25 Top Nathas Tunjaroen

Height: 181cm 5'11" Hometown: Chanthaburi

Top grew up in a Christian family in Chanthaburi, Eastern Thailand. He was raised near the seaside and enjoys indulging in fresh seafood. Professionally he works as an actor, he has acted in Thai series - Even Sun Series and 2gether The Series. His love for acting impressed the judges during an acting challenge in the national competition. Top has a bright future in the film industry. Strong stage performer, he earned the title of the Best body during the preliminary competition. Top is a strong contender for the title of Mister International Thailand 2022.

MI26 Sean Sirinutt Cholvibool

Height: 176cm 5'9.5" Hometown: Bangkok

He works at a superRED Modelling agency. Sean has been working as a professional model for many years and he had appear in a gay dating reality tv show. He has a fantastic social media presence, making him one of the most popular delegates in this year's competition.

MI27 Peera Janpirom

Height: 183cm 6'0" Hometown: Samut Prakan

He studied at Kasem Bundit University.

MI28 Ui Nattasak Phumnoi

Height: 178cm 5'10" Hometown: Chai Nat

He has graduated Social Science degree at Naresuan University.

MI29 Beer Chanpisut Nikomdecha

Height: 180cm 5'11" Hometown: Chiang Mai

He lives a healthy lifestyle as he works as a personal trainer at CNX GYM. He graduated from Lanna Polytechnic Chiang Mai Technological College. Beer has striking Asian features with a toned body, he has a friendly and warm aura.

MI30 Seagames Teerapat Angkanit

Height: 180cm 5'11" Hometown: Bangkok

Coming from the capital city of Bangkok, Thailand. Seagames graduated from the Suranaree University of Technology. He has a friendly demure and endearing personality.

Mister International Thailand 2022 Swimsuit Photos

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