Thai company has bought the Miss Universe organization.

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This morning we have news about the Miss Universe beauty pageant. According to the Venezuelan pageant page MVLanuevaera, a Thai company has allegedly purchased the Miss Universe pageant. They have not disclosed the name of the Thai company but Endeavor has sold the rights of the Miss Universe pageant to a new company. There will be a public announcement happening soon in Thailand regarding the full details about the new owners of the Miss Universe pageant.

Here are some of the potential owners who have shown interest in owning Miss Universe.

Mrs. Nualphan Lamsam is the President and CEO of Muang Thai Insurance, granddaughter of Chulin. Nualphan comes from the fifth generation of Thai Chinese descendants of the Lamsam family. She is the daughter of a Democrat Party politician and shareholder of  Muan Thai Insurance company, where she is currently the owner. She is the general manager of the Thailand national football team and the chairwoman of the Port F.C. Football Team. She follows the Miss Universe pageant and she has shown interest in owning an international beauty pageant. Lamsam family is listed as the 31st richest family in Thailand with a combined net worth of US$860 million (32 billion baht).

Anne Jakrajutatip is a Thai transgender businessperson and Chief Executive Officer of JKN Global Media Public Company Limited. She started the Life Inspired For Transsexual Foundation (LIFT) to advocate for the rights to dignity and opportunities for transgender people. She had previously checked the legal paper works for Miss Universe during a live stream. There is a high possibility for Miss Anne to own Miss Universe as she has shown great interest for a long time. According to Forbes, she is the third richest transgender person in the world, with an estimated net worth of US$210 million (6.37 billion baht) in 2020.

Surang Prempree is former director of Bangkok Broadcasting and Television. She had produced many famous Thai dramas and she used to be National Director of Miss Universe Thailand from 1998 to 2012. She was Ranked 44 in 2019 Forbes Thailand's 50 Richest people. Her net worth is $660 million. Since her avid support of Miss Universe Thailand from the late 90s until 2012, there is a big chance for her to buy the Miss Universe pageant as she has a background in the media industry.

Bui Simon is a Thai American philanthropist, Miss Universe 1988, and media personality. She is the president and founder of the Angels Wings Foundation. She is also part of the Board of Regents for Pepperdine University and the Children's Museum of Indianapolis. She has made a great contribution to underprivileged and orphan children in Thailand through the long-lasting advocacy she started before Miss Universe 1988. As the second Thai woman to win the coveted crown of Miss Universe and she was born and resides in California, United States. It would not be a surprise for her to own the Miss Universe pageant.

The Miss Universe organization headquarters will continue to stay in New York City due to legal reasons, they will keep the same team with Paula and her team until further notice. The downfall of IMG management has affected the loss of profit and hit the financial crisis of the International Pageant revealed to the New York Post. Entertainment and the production value have been affected by, the constant change in the rules and regulations of the Miss Universe pageant. There is a lack of connection between the international pageant and the fanbase who have provided helpful comments to improve the pageant. The New York Post article has mentioned that "Emanuel has been shopping around his Miss Universe business for the last six months for $20 million, with no luck, a source with knowledge said." It proves that the Miss Universe pageant has been losing sponsors due to its questionable selection of events for its winner. There is a huge potential for the new company to redeem the legacy of the Miss Universe pageant which has been lost since IMG company took over the pageant in 2015. Due to a lack of interest from the sponsors, the upcoming pageant has been postponed to next year in 2023 happening in the United States.

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