Top 10 Best National Costumes at Miss Grand Vietnam 2022

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Last night was the spectacular National Costume competition of the Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 beauty pageant. Many innovative and creative fashion designers showcased their artistic works on the grand stage where all the delegates presented a diverse range of costumes. We will mention our Top 10 favorites from the National Costume contest.

The inspiration is a traditional ritual celebrated in rural Vietnam. In 2016, this festival got recognized by UNESCO. The bright red color with beautiful gold details makes this costume stand out on the stage. The front design of the traditional Vietnamese style รo dร i dress with a golden dragon gives a dramatic feel to the costume. The elaborate headpiece with a big red cape makes it suitable for the Miss Grand International pageant. Overall - 8/10 points.

The golden lotus represents new life, prosperity, and a new beginning in Vietnamese culture. This stunning golden lotus outfit has big petals decorated around the delegate's body and it has a wow moment on the stage. It is visually enchanting, despite having only one color palette, it lacks the 3d element. 8.3/10 points

The green forest costume

To represent the sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle of Vietnamese people living in the rural countryside. This costume is inspired, by the lush rainforest, which affects the livelihood of Vietnamese people. Green leaves with a majestic crown and a flowy skirt add the element of drama to this cohesive look. This incredible costume has a vibrant color palette with different materials to provide an exquisite outfit. 8.8/10 points.

Scooter outfit

This fun and charming costume reflect popular transportation as Vietnam is called the scooter capital with over 45 million two-wheel vehicles. It was a spectacular presentation as it represents the Vietnamese people's daily live commute to work and home. The delegate's performance was delightful and amusing makes a good effect. The concept is brilliant and the execution could be better as the scooter was heavy on one side, if there was big scooter detail at the front. It would have elevated this costume to fit the grand pageant. 8/10 points.

Golden Bamboo dress

Bamboo bending techniques use a traditional Vietnamese hand-made method to create paper. To provide a visually pleasing ensemble as the materials have a golden touch to it gives a luxurious and expensive presentation to the dress. This dazzling backdrop uplifts the costume with a lavish golden outfit. It was a good representation of Vietnamese craftsmanship to an international audience; to educate them about the remarkable creativity of Vietnamese culture. 9/10 points.

This costume talks about the long war that took place in Vietnam, it has affected the history of the country. It was an emotional presentation as the delegate manage to portray the raw feelings of people who lived through the harsh conditions of a young mother. It is a simple outfit and effective, it made everyone emotional at the venue. National costume round is a platform where you can share about the history of the country, the designer has succeeded to talk about the dark history of Vietnam. Overall - 9/10 points.

Happy wedding dress

Inspired by the South Western region of Vietnam, the costume represents the wedding and the culture of Southern Vietnam. The back detail of the delegate making a toast at the wedding was a fun moment on the stage. The theatrical performance entertained the audience and added charm to this simple costume. It was a fabulous presentation as the delegate was enjoying in the stage. This costume will get 9/10 points.

Vietnamese vase couture dress

This captivating white and blue classic Vietnamese dress has a couture silhouette and refined details. The simple color palette enhances the beauty of the delegate, it looks elegant and effortless. It has a traditional aesthetic with a hint of a contemporary twist, it works well in this costume. Overall, it is a balance and polished garment with polished and sophistication. 9.5/10 points

The crystal clear water flowing through the louts garden, was encouraged by the water season in the Western region of Vietnam. It showcases the abundance of aquatic life, it develops when there is the surface of alluvium. This costume depicts the characteristics of Western Vietnamese people, resilience, boldness, and ambition. The astonishing see-through fabric with louts details has maintained to deliberate the natural beauty of Vietnam. 9.5/10 points.

The Golden Bridge (Vietnamese: Cแบงu Vร ng) is an impressive Vietnamese architectural masterpiece, this wonderful bridge is located in Da Nang, Vietnam. The design connects with a cable car station with gardens to provide a breathtaking scene of the tourist attraction. The bridge design appears with two giant hands golding to support the golden bridge. This is truly an iconic costume with a fantastic way to promote Vietnamese landmarks combined with colorful fireworks. The designer understands the importance of making a great impact on the stage with this beautiful costume. There are many details but combined, it becomes an iconic piece of art, which has a great stage presence and is perfect for Miss Grand International. Golden Bridge costume receives the highest score from Pageant Empress as the Best National Costume at Miss Grand Vietnam 2022 beauty pageant. Overall - 10/10 points.

Here are our Top 10 Best National Costumes at Miss Grand Vietnam 2022. Which are your favorites? Comment below

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