Miss Grand International 2022 Final Pageant Review

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Miss Grand International 2022 Final Pageant Review

The opening dance was all the 68 delegates performed in the Four minutes song by Madonna - 4 Minutes feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland. All the stunning delegates wore beautiful Indonesian-inspired green outfits with golden jewelry. The high-quality production, bright lights, expensive stage design, and background screen were impeccable. It was a fantastic way to start the beauty pageant with Queen Tien Miss Grand International as the lead dancer wearing a golden outfit, it had a very theatrical and musical feel to the show. The upbeat music with an enthusiastic live audience gave a magical feel. The handsome host Matthew Deane Chanthavanij announced the winners of some of the subtitles. The public voted for the winner of Country's Power of the Year was Miss Grand Vietnam – Đoàn Thiên Ân who received much support from her Vietnamese people.


Country's Power of the Year: Miss Grand Vietnam – Đoàn Thiên Ân

Best National Costumes: Miss Grand Peru – Janet Leyva,

Miss Grand Thailand – Engfa Waraha,

Miss Grand United Kingdom – Sofia Mayers,

Miss Grand Vietnam – Đoàn Thiên Ân.

Miss Social Media: Miss Grand Czech Republic – Mariana Bečková.

Miss Popular Vote: Miss Grand Mauritius – Yuvna Rinishta

Best in Evening Gown: Miss Grand Mexico – Laysha Salazar 

Best National Director Golden Grand Award: Vietnam – Phạm Kim Dung

Silver Grand Award: Japan – Eriko Inoda and Spain – Vicente Gonzalez

The Top 20 semi-finalists were announced and they were:

Miss Grand Curaçao — Kanisha Sluis

Miss Grand Denmark — Victoria Kjaer Theilvig

Miss Grand Dominican Republic — Jearmanda Ramos

Miss Grand Honduras — Saira Cacho

Miss Grand Mexico — Laysha Salazar

Miss Grand Nigeria — Damilola Bolarinde

Miss Grand Paraguay — Agatha Leon

Miss Grand Peru — Janet Leyva

Miss Grand Philippines — Roberta Tamondong

Miss Grand United Kingdom — Sofia Mayers

Miss Grand Vietnam — Đoàn Thiên Ân

All the Top 20 semi-finalists competed in vibrant and bright pink sportswear outfits. The candidates did a phenomenal job performing at the sportswear competition. Miss Grand Mexico – Laysha Salazar fell on the stage but she had a quick recovery. The winner of Miss Popular Vote will receive a direct entry to the Top 10 finalists, and the winner of Miss Popular Vote was Miss Grand Mauritius – Yuvna Rinishta. The delegate who won the title of Best in Evening Gown was Miss Grand Mexico – Laysha Salazar who wore this beautiful emerald green evening gown. The Top 10 finalists were announced and they have got a golden opportunity to give their inspirational speech about Stop the War and Violence as the slogan of the Miss Grand International beauty pageant. The ladies talk about the importance of peace, empathy, and the spread of acts of kindness. Some of the best speeches were given by Miss Grand Brazil Isabella talked about looking after the children who have a bright future ahead, we should act to even our differences to our diplomacy, and understanding each other rather than going to a fight. Because it will only bring segregation to humanity, once we remember that we are more alike in our humanity than in our difference in nationality. Maybe the power of love will always be over the love for power.Miss Grand Czech Republic showed her vulnerability as she talked about the people who suffer from devastating wars happening in this world. She understands how privileged her life has been and she wants to stand in solidarity so we can stop the war and violence and move forward to a peaceful earth. Miss Grand Indonesia started her speech with a statement, thousands of children are victims of disparity of life. The denial of good quality education has affected the livelihood of many people including the people of her hometown who live thousands of miles away from a big metropolitan city. She wants to raise her voice to talk about the importance of providing access to quality education on a global scale. The magnitude needs to reach the people living in the countryside as much as the children living in the cities.

Miss Grand Puerto Rico shared her personal story of being raised in an orphanage in Russia with her brother, she was lucky to be adopted by a Puerto Rican couple who gave her a second chance to live. This has taught her the value of love and compassion and it has inspired her to help other people who are facing adversity. Through Miss Grand International's platform, she wants to help the children living in orphanages who are being neglected by the government.

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa talked about gender equality and the power of the government affects the general population. Despite not being fluent in English, Miss Grand Thailand delivered a confident speech with power in her voice and message about spreading love and not hate.

Before the announcement of the results, Miss Grand International 2021 - Nguyễn Thúc Thùy Tiên from Vietnam. She gave farewell speech where she talked about humanitarian work, she traveled to many different countries, giving scholarship donations to children for better education, building a clean water well in Africa, and donating food and health facilities to underprivileged people in Peru. It was an emotional moment as Tien has managed to achieve so much during her short reign and she has been able to touch the hearts of many people through her philanthropic work. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary, all the previous winners of the golden crown walked on the stage to give them glory and honor their hard work during their reign and after the pageant. This shows that once a Miss Grand International, she will always be part of Miss Grand family, this was wonderful moment to show the unity and harmony of Miss Grand International organization.

During the Top 10 evening gown, all the finalists parade in their beautiful evening gowns, some of the standouts were Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin wore this extraordinary silver horizontal line, full sleeves evening gown. She looked impeccable and regal in this garment, it was inspired by the gown of Miss Universe 1968 Martha Vasconcellos who was the last Brazilian woman to win a grand slam beauty pageant 51 years ago. Miss Grand Cambodia wore a golden green gown similar to the colors of the Miss Grand International crown, she looked elegant and beautiful in this dress. She changed her gown from Preliminary Competition to the final event. Miss Grand Czech Republic also wore a golden green evening gown, she was exuding confidence during her evening gown presentation. She was calm and kept good composure on the stage.

Miss Grand Indonesia looked phenomenal in golden evening gown with hints of green embroidery to enhance her beauty. She was fan favorite as the live audience was cheering for her during this round. The high energy motivated and encouraged Andina to give a flawless performance. Miss Grand Puerto Rico wore this shiny silver see-through dress, similar to her preliminary gown. This dress made her oceanic blue-green eyes stand out on the stage, she maintain her energy throughout her walk. Miss Grand Thailand Engfah looked spectacular in this black evening gown with a dramatic long cape. She was the only delegate to wear a black evening gown in the pool of silver and gold dresses standing in the Top 10 finalists. It was a pleasant surprise and she did a fabulous job in evening gown performance.

This was the first year that Miss Grand International introduced the Best National Director award to show appreciation for the hard work of the National Directors. The winner received a gold crown with a sash and two runner-ups were given silver crowns with sashes. The winner of the Golden Grand Award was the National Director of Miss Grand Vietnam – Phạm Kim Dung. The winners of the Silver Grand Award were the National Director of Miss Grand Japan – Eriko Inoda and the National Director of Miss Grand Spain – Vicente Gonzalez.

The Top 5 Finalists were Miss Grand Brazil — Isabella Menin, Miss Grand, Indonesia — Andina Julie, Miss Grand Thailand — Engfa Waraha, Miss Grand Czech Republic — Mariana Bečková, and Miss Grand Venezuela — Luiseth Materán.

The final Question and Answer round was asked by the handsome host.

The common question for all the Top 5 finalists was; What message do you have for President Vladimir Putin of Russia, What would you say in 1 minute?

Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin was the first to answer this tough question, she started by talking about the shared history between Russia and Ukraine. They share the most important thing which is the same fate for humans. We need to work through our actions to diplomacy and understand each other. We can rise above violence through an open and clear conversation.

Miss Grand Indonesia Andine Julie

She spoke in her native language of Bahasa Indonesia. War has never had a happy ending, growing up in a family which taught her about kindness, compassion, and respect. She learned that kindness is the only way to bring a better future. With peace, we will see big smiles on our children's faces, and through them, we will have a better future.

Miss Grand Thailand Engfah Waraha

Every day, you hurt many people and I ask you, why do you do that? Everyone in the world deserves peace, love, happiness, and respect for each other. Please Stop the War and Please Stop the Violence. She asks the audience who agrees with her. It was a very interactive answer as the hall was cheering and supporting her. We can make love and you can do better things in life than hurting innocent people.

Miss Grand Czech Republic Mariana Bečková

She shared her story about growing up in a country where it was occupied by the Russian soviets union for over 40 years. Being raised by her grandmother who shared her stories of living in oppression and emphasized, we should learn from history that oppression is never the right choice. She will force Putin to look at the eyes of innocent people and ask him, was it all worth it? Because she does not believe in it.

The crowning ceremony this year was smooth as the host called out the 4th Runner Up who was Miss Grand Czech Republic -- Mariana Bečková ------ 3rd Runner Up went to Miss Grand Venezuela -- Luiseth Materán. ------2nd Runner Up was Miss Grand Indonesia --- Andina Julie and the last two remainings were Miss Grand Thailand and Miss Grand Brazil.---------- The winner of the 10th Anniversary of Miss Grand International 2022 went to Miss Grand Brazil -- Isabella Menin who was the clear standout and fan favorite since the beginning of the beauty pageant. The outgoing queen Tien crowned Isabella with the new crown and handed her the sash. 1st Runner Up went to Miss Grand Thailand -- Engfah Waaraahaa.

Overall, this was an excellent way to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Miss Grand International as they continue to improve and deliver such expensive high-quality production. Under the leadership of Mr. Nawat Itsaragrisil, he has a clear vision for the future success of this pageant. He accepts innovation and they have understood to adapt and connect to the new generation of pageant lovers through the use of social media and the latest technology. Miss Grand International has achieved such greatness in only 10 years that no other international pageant has reached in the history of grand slam pageants. Miss Grand Brazil winning the new golden crown was the best way to end this incredible pageant as they have finally won their Grand Slam pageant after 51 long years. Isabella is carrying hope, victory, and pride to millions of Brazilians who have long awaited a grand slam crown, and this year we witness Isabella Menin as the first Brazilian woman to win the Miss Grand International crown.

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