Miss Intercontinental 2022 delegates in white party

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Miss Intercontinental 2022 delegates in white party

Miss Intercontinental 2022 delegates attended a white party where they received their official country sash by the Miss Intercontinental organization at Meraki Resort Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Miss Intercontinental Argentina 2022 – Daiana Stefani Paereyra

Daiana was born in Misiones in the Iguazu Falls, one of the 8 wonders of the world. She is a professional model having 3 community aid organizations in which people are trained to be entrepreneurs of their trades, such as weavers, seamstresses, and kitchen teachers, and in this way, they can maintain their homes. This activity increased due to the economic fluctuations caused by the pandemic. Currently, the organizations are mostly directed by women. That’s why Daiana, through her image and beauty, is inspiring other women and men to be their bosses and pay the expenses needed to support their families. Recently it was convened by other Foundations to make the same effort with retirees since in most Latin countries older adults suffer abandonment with low wages and health problems because they feel useless and without activity that allows them a better old age and better mental health.

Miss Intercontinental Armenia 2022

Miss Intercontinental Australia 2022 – Courtney Tester ‘All of our dreams can come true if we dare to pursue them,’ – Walt Disney Once upon a time I was a young girl with big dreams to take over the world. Little did I know where this journey in life would take me. By being courageous enough to enter the Miss Intercontinental system I have been blessed with the opportunity to represent my country internationally. We can all achieve our goals in life with one courageous step to pursue them. I hail from a small coastal town in Western Australia and moved to Perth as an adolescent with my family for a better education. I studied a double bachelor of business and art at university and entered my first professional role as a Human Resources officer at 21. After only 6 months I realized I had a greater purpose in life and returned to university to complete my master's in education to inspire children to follow their dreams. I am now a primary school educator working with young children from diverse backgrounds with different abilities. Ever since I was young I knew I wanted to help people but never realized the impact that this would have on my life. Every day I get to be a role model for young children, teaching them the importance of respect, resilience, and striving to achieve your goals. My students know how passionate I am about my job, and how dedication and persistence have gotten me to where I am today. As a devoted educator, I value education equality and the importance of ensuring that children have equal opportunities in life despite poverty and marginalization. It is my mission to promote this on the international stage and spread the message of equal education. My power of beauty is spreading the gift of kindness through philanthropy and inspiring young people to dream and achieve anything they set their minds on.

Miss Intercontinental Bahamas 2022 – Marechan Burrows As an island girl at heart, Marechan values the simplicity of life. Growing up in The Bahamas has enabled her to develop a strong sense of cultural identity, confidence, and patriotism. Love for her country led her to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Relations from Syracuse University, where she graduated cum laude in 2021. Now a Foreign Service Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, she is equipped with skills in diplomatic relations in addition to the savvy communications skills of her degree to carry the title of a goodwill ambassador for the country through pageantry. As a self-proclaimed daredevil, she loves to explore the various thrills of life; this can include anything from trying some of the most exotic foods to swimming with ferocious sharks (something she cannot wait to experience) and also writing and directing Public Service Announcements. Marechan is a certified youth leader, who is passionate about the eradication of childhood obesity across the globe. She works with organizations such as HaLt Bahamas and advocates for the promotion of proper health nutrition across the Country. She is very determined to ensure that every child in the public school system receives free healthy breakfast and lunch packages. She lives by the motto that “character is power”, which is why she encourages women, men, girls, and boys alike to use their inner strength as a means of creating change – because the strength of a person is ultimately determined by their character.

Miss Intercontinental Bangladesh 2022 – Zabiba Sazzad Greetings to all of you! I’m Zabiba Sazzad and I’m a runway model in Bangladesh I have done runways and billboard shoots and I’ve been acting for over a year now, I have done music videos and tv shows. I consider myself a dreamer and someone who can achieve things through hard work because I always believed success comes after hard work.

Miss Intercontinental Belgium 2022 – Laurine Remans I am a young woman with a lot of ambitions. I am taking care of the world, people and animals. I want to make a better future for my Children.

Miss Intercontinental Brazil 2022 – Maria Cecília Almeida de Sousa My name is Cecília Almeida, I’m 23 years old, I was born in the city of Teresina in the state of Piauí, located in the northeast of Brazil. The country in which I will have the honor and great opportunity to represent the 50th anniversary of Miss Intercontinental! I have always been involved in the art world, and at the age of 5 I started doing classical ballet, and after 12 years I graduated in dance! Dance for me is one of the most sublime sensations there is, both for the body and the mind. At 12 I started working as a model, and I was able to learn a lot about people, points of view, and believing in my ability! As a result, today I minister workshops to girls who are starting their careers in the field. I also have a degree in physical education, the human body and its aspects have always vaccinated me, as well as sports! Today I use my training to promote health and fullness of life to elderly women in a neighborhood in my city, with classes aimed at this age group. Being a miss was something that happened suddenly, I didn’t dream of it. But it was one of the best surprises of my life because I discovered that I could do more, that I could be the voice of many people, and draw attention to many issues through my platform of influence. And how amazing is the ability we have to touch other people’s lives through our story and the message we share? And because of so much pride and love in representing my people and my country, I am extremely happy and looking forward to being with all the other participants in Sharm el sheik and making it an unforgettable event!

Miss Intercontinental Cambodia 2022 – Sim Sreymom My name’s Sim SreyMom. I am a girl who was born in Kompong Cham province. Riau On Monday 3 April 2000. As a second daughter of 3 children. I graduated from the Royal University of Phnom Penh. My hobby is traveling and reading a book. I am the one who has a big dream.

Miss Intercontinental Cameroon 2022 – Enanga Ndolo Mbesa I am called Enanga Ndolo Mbesa, 28 years of age. I am a model, Teacher, and cosmetic brand owner. I love dancing, singing, and spending time with kids with special needs. I am passionate about pageantry and telling the world more about my country Cameroon. I go by my motto of Assuming my identity because I believe we are all beautiful in different shapes, sizes, and colors. To me, beauty is about the inner appearance and how humble we are towards others not physical appearance. I am honored to represent my country Cameroon in the 50th Edition of Miss intercontinental in Egypt this is an honor as well as a responsibility to carry out the dreams of many in my country. Growing up as a child I came to realize there is beauty in every one of us provided we back it up with a purpose set for us. I have participated in several beauty pageants before such as Miss Tourism International in 2016 and made the top 10 best Talents in Malaysia Miss supermodel international in Thailand and win supermodel Africa Miss Global Charity Queen in Taiwan and won Miss congeniality Queen of Tourism International Miss Lumiere International and won Best National Costume Miss Glam world and won Miss perfect Ten and 3rd Runner up Miss charity international and won Best National Costume and second Runner up. It will be an honor to carry the vision of 26 million Cameroonians to Represent Cameroon in Egypt.

Miss Intercontinental Canada 2022 – Rachel Arhin I hold a degree in Policy Management and Economics and currently work as a Senior Advisor for the Government of Canada. I speak English and French, and my admiration for different cultures and languages inspired me to pursue a career as a Diplomat. I’m a peacemaker at heart. I believe in the power of compassion. This is why I have dedicated my platform as Miss Canada to giving back to others; from community volunteering to holding mentorship workshops for government hopefuls. I am always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need. In my spare time, I enjoy tennis and painting; I can make a noteworthy cheesecake from scratch, and love spending time spoiling my nieces and nephews. It is an honor to represent Canada at the 50th anniversary of Miss Intercontinental. I am more than ready to show the world that I am an exemplary African-Canadian woman that can influence change and exude the true power of beauty.

Miss Intercontinental Chile 2022 – Kelsey Kohler Rojas I was born and raised in Chile, in Quilpue. I’m a Chilean and Swedish citizen. From the very young age of 3 years old, I began taking ballet classes until I was 11 years old and we decided it was a good idea to try martial arts to learn a new skill that after years became my biggest strength When I was 14 years old we were going through a very tough economical situation with my family, and decided to move to Norway for a year, that year became 2 years. I studied Norwegian and learned English too, it was hard because I could only speak Spanish when we moved but it was such a great experience that helped me grow up and learn from different cultures as Norway is a multicultural country. We got back to Chile and after I finished school I began studying law and participating in regional and national beauty pageants. After years of being bullied and harassed at school when I was 10 I never thought I would get to this, being part of the Miss Chile organization on their 70th anniversary and representing Chile in the 50th Miss intercontinental’s anniversary is a dream come true. I’ve been able to overcome my fears and gain personality and self-confidence through participating in beauty pageants, that’s why they have become a huge part of my life, even as a future lawyer, and that’s why I feel the responsibility of sharing that from this platform It took time but finally, after 4 tries I’m able to represent my country at such an amazing event as Miss Intercontinental.

Miss Intercontinental Colombia 2022 – Estefania Munoz Jaramillo I was born in Medellín, Colombia, a charming and innovative city. I come from a Paisa family full of values ​​that shaped me into the woman I am today. I am a social and educational communicator, I have been a model since I was 15 years old and that has allowed me to open many important doors in my country to lead social projects. My passion is sports and business life, I love and value the connection with nature and animals. Today I have focused my life on meditation and spiritual evolution to build a better version of myself and be an inspiration to other women.

Miss Intercontinental Costa Rica 2022 – Dayanna Watson Marchena I’m that kind of person, that thinks, that if God gives you a dream it’s because you can get it, no matter what. In my life, I had to pass many obstacles that make me believe that if I can you can too because we are our decisions, not our circumstances.

Miss Intercontinental Crimea 2022 – Liliana Galenko My name is Liliana. I was born in Crimea 9th of January. My family is international because my mom is Tatar and my dad is Half Italian and half Russian. When I was a child I took up a lot of hobbies, such as rhythmic gymnastics, ballroom dancing, volleyball, and boxing. I have been doing gymnastics since I was six. Furthermore, I represented Crimea at the World Gymnastics Championships. One of my favorite hobbies is to spend time with dolphins, I adore these amazing creatures and that’s why I am a dolphin trainer. I am fond of modeling, and since childhood, I have been interested in the fashion and beauty sphere. I have some experience and skills in it. I often participate in different photoshoots and commercials. I prefer to wear smart clothes and look nice. As for my education, I am studying to be a judge. I like traveling. I have been to a lot of places Italy, France, German, Israel, Turkey, and Spain. I prefer European cuisine. When I have some free time I usually go to European restaurants and cafes. I can describe myself as an outgoing, friendly, honest, ambitious, competitive, hardworking, creative, reliable, and organized person.

Miss Intercontinental Cuba 2022 – Lourdes Feliu Lourdes Feliu is 21 years old and is representing Cuba at MISS INTERCONTINENTAL in Sharm el Sheik, Egypt. In the morning she works as a Paralegal and at night she teaches modeling to young ladies. From a very young she knew she wanted to work in the fashion industry. Lourdes has walked for NYFW and Paris Fashion Week and even worked with Macy’s. In her spare time, other than modeling, she trains hard at the gym or learns how to cook new foods; she finds it to be a great way to connect with other cultures. She enjoys attending fundraiser events for Autism walks and visiting Cancer patients. After participating in the Miss Cuba pageant, she got out of her comfort zone and prove that she has what it takes to be Miss Cuba and become the next Miss Intercontinental. With hard work, dedication, and passion anything is possible.

Miss Intercontinental Curaçao 2022 – Stepheni Gregoria

Miss Intercontinental Czech Republic 2022 – Karolína Syroťuková Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world – this quote has guided me all my life. Even as early as elementary school I served as a class president and in high school I was part of the school parliament, trying to improve the school through my position. Additionally, During my student vacations, I couldn’t get school out of my head. I decided to be a role model for society and the young generation and spread this message further. Therefore, I decided to study at the toughest university in the Czech Republic, namely Charles University, which is the oldest university in Europe. I am studying Marketing and PR (Public Relations), as I am aware of the power of my voice and this allows me to navigate the media environment, as it is one of the tools through which we can change the world and through which I can connect my beauty with my voice at this beauty pageant and draw people’s attention to topics that are often neglected.  Constant development is a part of my life, so I work every day to be better than the day before. I set high goals that I like to conquer, so in my free time, I also do fitness where I break my limits, and travel where I love to explore new parts of the world and different cultures. My greatest quality is that I think my heart is in the right place and that is the most important thing. I am very grateful that I can represent my beautiful country and show the strength of the Czech nation at this prestigious pageant across all continents.

Miss Intercontinental Denmark 2022 - Clara Sophie Lund My name is Clara Sofie Lund and I am 22 years old. If I were to describe myself, it would be as a kindhearted, strong, ambitious, and humble young woman. I was furthermore taught, to always believe in myself – which is why I now strive to inspire other women, especially younger women, to believe in themselves and to trust in who they are. I am currently studying financial economics and besides that, I work as a model and waitress. I have traveled around the world, including volunteering in South Africa twice, by myself. I think meeting different cultures and traveling by yourself matures you, and adds something to your personality, that nothing else can. You will be inspired, you will understand new and different cultures/people better, and widen your horizon. In South Africa, I worked with animals since that is a big passion of mine. Too many animals are suffering around the world, and I will do mine, to decrease that. My friends would probably describe me as open-minded, outgoing, funny, and silly – since I enjoy meeting new people, and always have a smile on my face! Last but not least, I feel incredibly honored, to represent my country, Denmark, at Miss Intercontinental 2022. I hope I can use this opportunity to spread my message around the world. Thank you!

Miss Intercontinental Dominican Republic 2022 – Maria Felix My name is Maria Felix and I was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. For the past 6 years, I have been living in the USA, New York City. Since I was a child, I always showed interest in the arts of dancing and acting. Besides this, education is very important for me and this is why I am pursuing a degree in business and international relations. Even though I am a young woman, there’s always been an interest in me in always helping the young generations from my community and this is why I decide to open my academy to teach young girls how to dance runway, and the most important thing that I teach these young girls is how to be a leader.

Miss Intercontinental Egypt 2022 – Mohra Tantawy My name’s Mohra Tantawy, I’m a 20-year-old fresh graduate and model. I studied business Marketing and spend most of my time living life to the fullest! I was born and raised in beautiful Cairo, Egypt, and have always loved Fashion and Travel, so my spare time is usually dedicated to those two Interests or spending time with my Pets. My friends would describe me as a positive and easy-going person and hope to bring the same energy to Miss Intercontinental 2022.

Miss Intercontinental El Salvador 2022 – Andrea Aguilar “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”Growing up, I knew we were capable of achieving our goals if we push ourselves and never set boundaries. With education and hard work, anyone can achieve their dreams – this is how I did it. Born and raised in the country of the eternal smile, El Salvador, my parents have been strong pillars of my character development. They have pushed me to perform at my best regardless of any given situation. I am grateful to have them in my life. Spending my formidable years in El Salvador taught me so much about perseverance and dedication. This is the true spirit of Salvadorans. We always find ways to provide for our families and move forward to achieve a better quality of life. At fourteen, my family decided to move to the United States. It was an unexpected yet unprecedented turn of events. I was terrified of the idea of it because I did not want to leave my family and friends behind. In the beginning, I had challenges in adapting and adjusting to a new culture. Living in a foreign land for the first time, it took a while for me to overcome my hesitations. Eventually, I became comfortable and felt safe and secure in pursuing the American dream without forgetting my beloved Salvadoran heritage. As a student in high school, I was a varsity soccer player and a member of the Latin America Student Association. Here, I learned to be a team player and a leader. In addition, I took better care of myself and made friends from many different backgrounds. I was on Principal Honor Roll with Distinctions when I graduated high school. Currently, I am studying to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management. Being hailed as Miss Intercontinental El Salvador 2022, I am beyond blessed for this role and responsibility. Working with ‘The School of Special Education in Mejicanos’, I immersed myself with children experiencing learning disabilities. It’s a privilege and an eye-opener to be aware of the educational processes that they have to go through and it has inspired me to help others selflessly. I strive to be an example for the youth. I want them to know that when you pour your heart out and see through your soul, you’ll be surprised where the roads take you. Our abilities are endless when we are passionate and brave and when we are not afraid to dream.

Miss Intercontinental England 2022 – Brooke Nicola Smith I am currently working as a neonatal intensive care nurse after studying at university for the past 3 years. I believe that education is extremely important, and in an ever-evolving world where we as women must continue to redefine our generation and raise our voices to be heard we can make a difference by helping and educating others, as I believe education empowers. As a title holder, I set out to make my reign purposeful, creating my platform to provide accessible and beneficial information surrounding women's and children’s health as well as continuing my volunteer and humanitarian work. I am committed to being a leader and a role model for the younger generation, and showing the world just what it means to be a woman of power, intelligence, substance, and grace.

Miss Intercontinental Estonia 2022 – Annika Vendla

Miss Intercontinental Finland 2022 – Roosa Alexandra Kaarina Tuominen My name is Roosa Tuominen, 21 years old and from Finland! I am a professional footballer of twelve years. After I had no choice but to quit playing I remembered something that has been a calling to me since I was a little girl and now I get to set my mind to it! The whole pageant world was all new to me and I was eager to know more about it look at me now; pursuing my dreams of pageants and international contests! This has been a journey, a journey of really finding myself and finding what I wanna do. And I´m so lucky, grateful, and happy that I can call myself Miss Intercontinental Finland 2022 and I´m so honored to represent my beautiful country in Egypt! My motto comes from the football world: after my third knee surgery I did everything the best way possible to come back stronger, but my knee didn´t feel the same way. So I saw that everything happens for a reason and at least I have done my everything, now let us wait and see what comes next! So as a former professional athlete I know what it takes to be successful and I´m more than ready to show it! I participated in one smaller competition in Finland before Miss Intercontinental. Miss Tampere 2022 and I placed as a 1st. runner up! My top three values are equality, love, and health. These values guide me through my everyday life and the choices that I make. I want to make a difference and make the world a better place. I wanna take the opportunity to use these platforms really to raise my voice and use it to make good! I wanna be a good role model, somebody that people can look up to and show everyone that you can be whatever you want, hard work pays off and you just need to believe in yourself!

Miss Intercontinental France 2022 – Pauline Thimon Good day, I am Pauline, your Miss Intercontinental France 2022. Ever since I was a little child, I have always been very curious about the world. I loved learning about new cultures, new foods, and new ways of doing things and this part of me remains! It thus made sense that at 18, following my heart, I decided to study applied languages as well as international trade at university. During that time, it became increasingly clear I was not only a French citizen, but a citizen of the world; and as such, I needed to connect with people from all over the globe. One of the best periods of my life was when I had the opportunity to study abroad in South Korea. It felt amazing going to a foreign place and being greeted with kindness, love, and understanding that transcended language barriers and cultural differences. As I was about to graduate, I had this growing impression of being stuck. It seemed people around me were on their way to having an amazing life, but I wasn’t. This made me realize I wanted more for my future and had no choice but to become a better version of myself. I started watching videos, reading books, and analyzing my patterns. Little by little, I saw myself flourish into a beautiful, confident, feminine, loving woman. I eventually was able to let go of many insecurities, such as the fear to be seen. This updated version of me one day decided to apply for a pageant, instead of only daydreaming about it. This version of me stood on the stage of Miss Intercontinental France 2022. That version of me will meet all of you this October in Sharm el Sheikh, proudly representing her country. During that time, I wish to be the true embodiment of positivity, sisterhood, and cross-cultural communication. I want to touch peoples’ hearts and make them see how it is possible to go after our dreams. I want to be a source of hope for those that are currently struggling and feeling unsure about their future – just like I did. Thank you for supporting me, and see you soon, Pauline

Miss Intercontinental Georgia 2022 – Tiko Svanidze Hello world, I am Tiko Svanidze from Georgia. A person whose purpose in life is to create something very important, to be helpful to people in any situation, and to get the most out of life. My most important qualities are hard work, determination, independence, patience, and strength to deal with life’s obstacles… I am a very active person, the most important thing for me is time and to use it correctly. So I try to use it as productively as possible for my life and personal development. I am independent and self-motivated, I have been working, studying, and living alone since I was an adult. I am trying to find my way in life alone and achieve everything with my strength…. My biggest dream is to travel. I have never been abroad. But I want to see the world, create lots of memories and adventures, and experience life to the fullest. I am a dreamer, a romantic. Since childhood, I loved to write and put my feelings, emotions, and dreams on paper. This is my favorite activity and hobby. I am a journalist by profession because of my love of writing, I want to do my favorite job in the future. I also learn fashion modeling and design. My favorite thing is clothes, I love shopping and creating looks. I’m always helping people around me to find their style and help them with shopping, which gives me so much pleasure. I plan to create my brand in the future, but I know to study and work hard for this. And now about modeling, my first interest came at the age of 5, when I first saw a fashion show on TV. From that day it became my biggest dream, although I never took a step because of my low self-esteem, at the age of 24 I decided to take action for the first time and fight for my dream. My first step brought me success and now I am here among the most beautiful, special girls in the world and this is the biggest achievement of my life. I am proud of myself and that I was able to make my dream come true. I want to be an example to other girls who have low self-esteem and think that it is impossible to achieve their dreams. I thought the same too and I was wrong because dreams do happen – one day you may wake up in your dream life and you will realize that this is reality. Life is wonderful and gives us thousands of chances, the main thing is to see it from the right side and use it correctly. I am a person who was born for a specific purpose. Since childhood, the question of why I was born and what I should do in life bothered me. I think my mission is to help people and help them cope with life, and find themselves and their strengths. I am happy when people have hope in me when they know that they can talk to me, make them feel comfortable around me, and know that I will help them. I hope I fulfill my function for the people around me. I am a woman who deals with life alone and independently fights many difficulties and pains, despite this she never gives up and takes a step forward towards dreams, goals, and a better life, and for this, she gives strength to the hope that tomorrow will be better. And now I’m taking another step towards success.

Miss Intercontinental Germany 2022 – Tatjana Genrich For 20 years I live in Germany, I have German ancestors, but I was born in Russia. Here I work as a model and am an entrepreneur. In the course of my modeling work, I had the opportunity to explore the world and have already celebrated numerous successes, such as Miss Saxony-Anhalt, Miss Germany MGO, Queen of Europe WBO, and other international titles. Based on my experience, I decided to set up a company in Magdeburg & Berlin that specializes in model training and management. Children, young people, and adults attend regular weekly classes. Thus, they can be trained to become professional models. Not only theory and practice are practiced, but the first steps in the modeling industry are also accompanied. Since I have to work with children and young people, I also studied psychology, so that I can teach them better. I spent my child time in competitive sports, I was at the Olympic boxing base at a sports boarding school and I was also a three-time state champion in boxing in 2007/08/09. Until now I still train but no longer participate in fights. Modeling is my passion. From my hobby, I came into my job and I’m super happy about it.

Miss Intercontinental Ghana 2022 – Rebecca Otcherewaa Ohene Your biography (fill in or send it per mail) I am Miss Rebecca OTCHEREWAA Ohene 23 years old and a student at the university of education studying graphic design. I am a model by profession and I love to read, sing and design.

Miss Intercontinental Greece 2022 – Chrysi Kavraki Hello, my name is Chrysa and I’m 22 years old. I was born and grew up in Crete, a beautiful island in Greece. I currently live in Athens, where I study Communication and Media at National Kapodistrian University. Also, I’m a model. I love fashion and photoshoots. My spare time is all about dance, in specific aerial dance. I like swimming too. I grew up in the sea and I feel like it’s a part of me. It’s also a very significant part of my country and I’m so happy that I have the opportunity to represent Greece in this amazing pageant, Miss Intercontinental 2022. Can’t wait to meet all these beautiful girls and share with them this unforgettable experience.

Miss Intercontinental Honduras 2022 – Sandra Johnnyxa Hinds My name is Sandra, I am 20 years old I was born on April 23, 2002, and I am from the Republic of Honduras, I am the youngest of 4 brothers, and since I was little I have liked business and laws, at age 13 I started my microenterprise, I love to decorate and create. I am passionate about law, I am a lawyer, and I want to dedicate myself to Labor Law. I enjoy reading, traveling, and watching the sunsets from anywhere I am. I love my family, my mom and my siblings are the most valuable thing to me. I like simple things, and quiet places and I like to spend time with myself. I have been through many difficult things, but I like to give the message that everything we set our minds to, can be fulfilled, with effort and dedication.

Miss Intercontinental Hungary 2022 – Patricia Perger

Miss Intercontinental India 2022 – Shreya Verma Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving you happier. – Mother Teresa This is one of the very life mottos that I live by. Namaste, I’m Shreya Verma proudly representing one of the most beautiful nations with its rich culture and heritage – India. I believe everything falls in place when the time is right, every moment in my life happened the way it should just to make this present moment. It was my mom’s dream for me to represent my country with honor and pride which is what brought me to this magnificent land of Egypt for Miss Intercontinental 2022. Coming from a family of doctors and engineers I chose to break the pattern and pursue what my heart says. I graduated with Bachelor’s in Business Administration and now I’m pursuing my Master’s in Business Administration with Law. I also started modeling during my college years which made me understand my love for the camera. Besides modeling, I’m an entrepreneur who has a consultancy firm and I’m working towards my start-up too. My parents have been my constant inspiration and have motivated me to add value to others' lives through knowledge. This is why one of the causes special to my heart is education. For me, knowledge is invaluable and helps to shape a person. Apart from working on these causes, I also enjoy expressing myself through art which is why I chose to be an actor as well. Nothing makes me happier than performing. I feel like it’s a different world that I get to experience and immerse myself in. I truly feel the reason I stand here is for all the good that is still left in the world. Participating in pageants gives my ideas a stage to be heard and bring a difference in the world. One of my biggest ambition is to inspire, empower and grow with everyone around me.

Miss Intercontinental Indonesia 2022 – Dita Fatimatuzzahra TV Presenter & Singer, Dita also still studies at a University in Indonesia. Dita has had a long journey in the pageantry world, starting to win a Regional Pageant in her Province and going to the next National Pageant, and becoming the Grand Winner in National. And now she’s representing her Country Indonesia at the 50th Miss Intercontinental 2022. She brings Power of Beauty, a Project, Campaign about Epilepsy. We have an Application downloadable on Apps Store & Playstore to help people with Epilepsy from mishandling when seizures come. There are over 50 Million People with Epilepsy in the world and many of them are now dead due to mishandling. This application is made from true stories and we made this to share and help because we want a better world for people with epilepsy. And together with the Miss Intercontinental platform, Dita believes, that she can raise her voice not only in Indonesia but all around the world.

Miss Intercontinental Jamaica 2022 – Chavelle Kavanaugh

Miss Intercontinental Japan 2022 – Sarah Kawamura I am fond of jumping into a new world and expanding my world. I feel happiest when my perspectives are changing due to a new environment that I could not imagine. I have an amazing passion and energy to move to expand my world. At a such moment, I can vividly feel being alive. That is why for example I love diving in the sea, especially the sea in Okinawa which is a beautiful tropical island located in the southern part of Japan. When we are surrounded by such a fantastic Atlantic world which is completely different from the ground, colorful corals and fish show us different expressions every time. They always impress me and I never get bored.     In Japan, we can live with a beauty that is both graceful and strong. I am proud of having grown up in such environments. Japan has four distinctive seasons and each one has its charm.  There are countless attractions of gorgeous nature such as cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji, delicious and healthy foods, and dynamic fireworks coloring the night with bright lightening. The fact that all things can exist and have their meaning is a miracle. Japanese people have a mind that gods exist in all things and this mindset has nurtured my heart that can be moved by and grateful for everything. I started practicing ballet at the age of 4.  Through dancing ballet, I came to have the foundation of who I am today. I always tried to impress the audience by conveying messages and power to them through my dancing. Sometimes I felt so touched to see people be moved to tears.  From such an experience, I learned how special and significant it is to inspire others.   I am very honored to participate in this prestigious pageant in its 50th anniversary year. It is quite sure that in Egypt, I will be moved and inspired at any moment.  Needless to say, it will be another precious first step for me toward the new world.    I sincerely hope that in the future we will live in a world where more and more women are actively working at the forefront, staying the way they are without being stressed by any oppressions. I wish to be a woman who can please, inspire, and stimulate people with my presence, and also try to act to be a guideline for their lives which contribute to expanding the possibilities of women in the world. See you in Egypt Shukran!

Miss Intercontinental Kenya 2022 – Eulene Vulegani I am a 24-year-old model from beautiful Kenya. I studied Civil Engineering at The Technical University of Kenya and am the founder of a sustainable skincare line, Miskka Organics. Kindness is vital virtue to me and the core of everything I do. I believe that any random act of kindness, no matter how small, can have a tremendous effect on someone else’s life. I have been involved in several humanitarian and environmental projects. Currently, I volunteer with Global Peace Foundation, a global non-profit organization that promotes innovative and value-based approaches to peacebuilding. I dream of a more kind and compassionate world and aspire to inspire positive change throughout my life journey.

Miss Intercontinental Mauritius 2022 – Mahamoodally Zakiyyah I’m Zakiyyah Mahamoodally, a student at Honoris United University MANCOSA doing my second year. I’m 21 years old and I aim to inspire people around me to believe in themselves and to use my platform to bring newness and change. I want to use my voice to influence youngsters to bring forward their innovative ideas and to help them bring these projects to life, we have so much to offer to this world and we should not forget that youngsters are the future of tomorrow. I want to show the world that being a miss and having a big platform empowers women and helps to show that beauty is not only physical but also mental. True beauty lies in the heart and mind.

Miss Intercontinental Malaysia 2022 – Jeevasheny Anang Kodiappan A little girl with dreams who then become a woman with vision. Jeeva is born and raised in their homeland Malaysia, with Tamilian roots originating from Indian heritage. She is professionally a project engineer & passionately a beauty queen to serve the people with passion and purpose. Currently, Jeeva is working closely with government bodies to help with basic needs and education for underprivileged kids. Apart from this, she truly loves cooking and is a specialist when it comes to Indian cuisine. Jeeva also enjoys hunting for cafés in town during their leisure time and has been passionate about dancing. Jeeva lives by the motto that you become what you believe. Thoughts are very powerful & life is the reflection of our thoughts and actions.

Miss Intercontinental México 2022 – Michelle Luna Since I was a little girl I knew that I wanted to make a change in this world, I always knew my voice was the instrument that God send to me to fulfill my purpose in life. At first, I thought I was going to do it by being a teacher, but I ended up being an engineer, then I discover beauty pageants and I realized that was the right way to make that change, using my voice. When I enter college I started to do social work in my community by organizing collections of clothes, candies, and toys for little children that don’t have the chance to enjoy holidays as we do. Then I was invited to have a talk with teen girls in a small pageant in my city about my story and discover another passion, the power of my voice. I began to have talks with teenagers about mental health, insecurities, and low self-esteem, and I was so impressed by how we can impact somebody else’s life by just telling our stories. Now I’m representing my beautiful México on this amazing platform and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m a 22-year-old woman with hopes and dreams, a woman that cares about the people around me, a woman who wants to make a change in this world, maybe not by changing 7 billion people’s minds, just by changing one person’s mind at a time using the power of my beauty.

Miss Intercontinental Montenegro 2022 – Viktorija Stojiljkovic My name is Viktorija Stojiljkovic, I am 18 years old, I come from Montenegro and I have always believed that dreams do come true. I am studying German at the Faculty of Philosophy in Nis. I am a young girl with big goals and big dreams! From a young age, I was told that I was made for the public stage. My passion is sports and modeling. The range of my activities and interests is wide. I was declared the athlete of the generation at school. The sport I am actively involved in is athletics, specifically 100m, and high jump. Recreationally, I play volleyball, basketball, soccer, handball, swim, and ski. Let me mention that I won 1st place in the national chess competition, which means that I am always one step ahead of the competition. My hobby is modeling (hopefully soon as a profession) and photography. I am a model at fashion weeks and various other fashion events… I have been a member of the organization “Young Ambassadors” for four years. I am a volunteer in the organization “stop violence against animals”, and “let’s protect our environment”. I am ambitious, energetic, persistent, and humane …A day of 24 hours is short for me, because I like socializing and going out, and I have many obligations. My name means victory, so nothing less should be expected from me. I will make my dream come true because you allowed me to participate in this competition and show the best version of myself. I will prove that we women are more than a pretty face and that we should strengthen ourselves as self-confident women with innovative ideas and a love for social work. I am very proud to participate in this event because it is an excellent example of how the combination of various cultures, religions, and interests comes together in a common goal… that we are all first and foremost good people.

Miss Intercontinental Morocco 2022 – Jihane Ait el Ghari I am from Morocco, Afrika. I live in Berlin. Since I was a little girl I dreamed of being a beauty queen, for me, a dream has come true. I’m glad to be a part of that!

Miss Intercontinental Nepal 2022 – Bipana Adhikari My name is Bipana Adhikari. I am 23 years old. I was born in Dhading, Nepal—in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, where my childhood days were spent nestled amongst the ever-changing waterfalls. My heritage stems from a humble background with diverse roots, and at this moment, I’m working as a Finance Operation Representative for an Australian company. The privilege of representing this beautiful country internationally is a great honor for me.

Miss Intercontinental Netherlands 2022 – Melissa Tjemma Janneke Bottema Since 2020 I focus on normalizing talking about mental health issues. When I was younger I had severe depression, but I never dared to talk about it. I was afraid that people would see me as less worthy or weak if I expressed my emotions. I give people advice on social media for over more than 2 years now. I talk about how you can be there for someone with mental health issues, how to start a conversation about this sensitive subject, and motivate people to keep going. Because it does get better! This is also the reason my life motto is “I am still me, no matter my mental health”. And it’s true, having mental health issues doesn’t make you weak or less worthy, it makes you human. Besides that, there is one more thing that makes my heart beat faster. I have had a big passion for gymnastics from an early age. I always did gymnastics at a high level and for a few years now I have been coaching young women and children in this beautiful sport. Gymnastics has taught me discipline, elegance, and to always work hard for the things you want in life.

Miss Intercontinental New Zealand – Rovelyn Milford “If you believe in something, believe it all the way” is a quote that was instilled in me at a young age by my parents. Throughout my life, I have been committed to living a life filled with self-awareness, passion, and compassion. After completing my tertiary education in Security studies at Massey University, I’ve been fortunate enough to use my passion, knowledge, and skills to have a flourishing career as a Security Officer. It has allowed me to travel around New Zealand, protecting the interest of my country and its citizens. Through this career, I have been fortunate enough to interact with people from all walks of life – to hear people’s stories, opinions, and values. Communicating with people has taught me the importance of empathy – understanding people’s feelings and perspectives and using my understanding to respond to a situation appropriately. In June 2021, “Be Uniquely You” was formed. It is a passion project emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance and empowerment. As a woman who has experience with body image and mental health issues, it is vital to create a safe space for individuals to share stories and be a place to support and empower each other. I have shared this message and my story on social media and at community events in New Zealand. I believe my time is now to represent New Zealand at the 50th edition of Miss Intercontinental in Egypt. Being part of this prestigious pageant during its golden year is an honor and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I am excited to absorb and enjoy every moment I have exploring new places, and new people and further discovering myself. I would represent a modern Kiwi woman willing to bring kindness, change, and empowerment.

Miss Intercontinental Nigeria 2022 – Joy Raimi Mojisola Joy Raimi Mojisola also known as Tiwa is a 22-year-old Nigerian model/actress and pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss port Harcourt city international 2021 and now Miss Intercontinental Nigeria 2022, hails from Boripe L.G.A in Osun state Nigeria, born and raised in Rivers State Nigeria. I advocate for period poverty and my philosophy about life is anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Miss Intercontinental Peru 2022 – Alexandra Paredes Picón Communicator and model. In the national contest “Nuestra Belleza Peruana 2021” she was one of the five winners and was crowned “Miss Intercontinental Peru 2022”. This year, she will represent Peru in the 50th edition of the international pageant “Miss Intercontinental 2022”, which will take place in Egypt in October. Together with their organization @nuestrabellezaperuana, they will leave the name of Peru high.

Miss Intercontinental Philippines 2022 – Gabrielle Camille Basiano Gabrielle Camille Basiano is a 24-year-old professional model from the Philippines. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management. Currently, she is a tourism ambassador in her hometown, Borongan City, Eastern Samar. She is also a member of Junior Chamber International, which aims to build relationships and help the community through projects and seminars, and has been doing charitable works in the past years. She is also an advocate for Mental Health, focusing on grief support which can all be traced back to when she lost her mother and brother in one year. She received international recognition in Thailand called the “Shiva Naga Award” for her advocacy and for being one of the most inspiring beauty queens. She describes herself as a risk taker because she believes that nothing in this world can be achieved if you will just get stuck in your comfort zone.

Miss Intercontinental Poland 2022 – Klaudia Andrzejewska

Miss Intercontinental Portugal 2022 – Nadiuska Martin Gutierrez I believe that love is the way to a better world, when we practice it we are beings of light and this light is perceptible to others, it illuminates and causes the desire for reciprocity. Love breeds love, and if we all had it, we would care for and value the world around us. Mother Earth is our home, let us respect and care for her without discrimination against one another. I was born in Venezuela and my heart is called Portugal.

Miss Intercontinental Puerto Rico 2022 – Mariela Pepin Mariela “Mari” Pepin grew up traveling the world due to her family’s military career. Exposure to many countries and cultures ignited in Mariela a passion for embracing differences and learning new languages. She furthered this passion through her studies; learning French and ASL, mastering public speaking, and completing her tertiary education in Communications. Mariela recently began learning German so she can communicate with people when she visits her mother, who currently resides in Germany. Since graduating from Towson University, Mariela has continued her studies in pursuit of a Master’s Degree, launched various humanitarian initiatives, and founded her own digital marketing business. She strives to serve as an example that women have the power to do anything they dream of. From childhood, Mariela’s parents instilled in her the importance of using her voice and the power of making a difference. As the eldest of five siblings, Mariela has always been a natural leader with the ability to communicate effectively and adapt to all kinds of situations. She is very proud to utilize the power of her voice to create change and lead by example. Mariela believes it is her duty and her purpose to continue uplifting others, influencing change, and sharing a message of positivity.

Miss Intercontinental Romania 2022 – Denisa Andreea Malacu My name is Denisa Andreea Malacu, Miss Intercontinental Romania 2022. To tell you something about myself, I study Business and Tourism in Bucharest and I aspire to start my own business in the fashion and beauty industry. I am a fashion enthusiast, I enjoy attending fashion shows as they are a good start to learning from famous designers and getting inspired by their styling skills. My modeling career started in 2016, when I was 15 and I signed a contract with a small agency in my hometown, Braila, which led me to appear in some magazines, attend some local events and even win my first national beauty pageant in 2018. From there I realized that I wanted more for myself and I started taking manners into my own hands. I can say that, by being persistent and with a really big wish of becoming the best version of myself, I managed to get to where I am today. I consider myself a hard-working, open-minded, sociable, and caring person. Another big passion of mine is traveling to new places and meeting new people. My motto is “ Live like there’s no tomorrow! “ and I believe we should all make the most out of every opportunity and create unforgettable memories. I am proud to represent my country, Romania in this amazing beauty pageant and I am looking forward to fostering intercultural connections and friendships!

Miss Intercontinental Russia 2022 – Anastasia Boslovyak Hello, my name is Anastasia Boslovyak, I’m 22 years old. I’m representing Russia in the Miss Intercontinental 2022 beauty pageant. I was born in the city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur, in the Far East. A place of mixing many nationalities brought up in me a great love of different cultures and languages.  From an early age, I was fond of swimming. And achieved many athletic accomplishments in this field. In winter I enjoy skiing and other seasonal sports. In my free time, I love to read classical literature and nonfiction psychology books.  Now I am studying at The People’s Friendship University of Russia, in the department of “Advertising and Public Relations” in Moscow. At the same time, I work as a model and a make-up artist.  In my opinion, the most important quality in people is kindness and sincerity. This contest is an opportunity for me to show the significance of not only external but also internal beauty. After all, Miss Intercontinental will become a beacon of hope and love.

Miss Intercontinental Scotland 2022 – Melissa Douglas My name is Melissa Douglas, I am 24 years old and will be representing the beautiful country of Scotland. I currently work at a private hospital and also as a children's entertainer as a Disney Princess. I would love to show the beauty of Scotland and how we as a nation are strong.

Miss Intercontinental Serbia 2022 – Jovana Lisanin My name is Jovana Lisanin. I am 20 years old. I am from Serbia. I am 172 cm tall, and I have 57 kg. I am a student of faculty Project management. In my free time, I like reading books.

Miss Intercontinental Seychelles 2022 – Shannen Henrie Bonjour to all the continents of the world from the Seychelles Islands! An island girl coming from a beautiful kaleidoscope of cultures, I am as diverse as my people and see the world in all its splendid colors. Life is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. We live and we learn, we laugh and we cry. Moments are meant to be cherished and memories created. During my Miss Intercontinental journey, I am willing and able to give my best in all moments and hope to have the privilege to look back one day to say I gave the best of me in this lifetime. At 27 years of age, I currently hold an ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business and work as a Senior Audit Executive at ACM and Associates; a professional firm offering assurance services. Whilst working full-time, I am actively working towards finishing my ACCA studies and becoming an Affiliate member, as well as pursuing a bachelor's Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. When I am not busy preparing financial statements, I enjoy socializing, singing, and attending weekly dance classes. Dance has been a passion of mine since I have been a child. Whatever emotion you harbor can be expressed through movement and can bring about unity. Moreover, I have recently broadened my creativity by bringing to life animated characters through arts & crafts for children’s party décor and mementos. There’s nothing more precious than a child’s smile, which is why I have been volunteering with the Seychelles National Library to assist with reading and arts & crafts sessions with children of all ages at reading centers in different districts. One way of giving back to the community is doing something I love, which is bringing a smile to a child’s face. I am a firm believer that coming from an island developing state, whilst small, Seychelles has much to offer the world!

Miss Intercontinental Singapore 2022 – Gerlyn Cheah Gerlyn Cheah. A full-time environment, health, and safety specialist, and a part-time dance instructor. A fun fact about her is she can converse in Sign Language. In her free time, she enjoys reading, dancing, and volunteering. In the year 2022 alone, she has worked with various charities supporting cancer patients, migrant workers, and people with disabilities. Join her in raising awareness, advocacy, and support in the fight against breast cancer. Early Detection, Saves Lives.

Miss Intercontinental Slovak Republic – Sylvia Šulíková Since early childhood I have known what I wanted to do in life and I have had a clear vision – helping people feel more beautiful. I had always looked up to the beauty world until my dream became a reality. I graduated from a cosmetology school, as a make-up artist, and today I am proud of my beauty salon, which has been successfully operating for two years. I love my work and feel that it is my mission. I am always genuinely happy when women thank me for solving their long-term cosmetic problems. My name is Sylvia Šulíková. I am 25 years old and I come from Bratislava – the capital of the Slovak Republic. My country is special. In a small area, you can find almost everything from picturesque natural gems, historical monuments, rich folk culture, and folklore, to nice people on the streets of our towns and villages. I believe in one thing in life – having dreams, believing in them, and following them. That’s why my life motto is: “If people change their thoughts, they change their lives”. Being the 1st Vice Miss of Slovakia brought me many experiences, I met great people and it has opened up many new opportunities. Thanks to Miss, I can fulfill my other dreams and work on myself even more. I am proud that I can represent my country this year at Miss INTERCONTINENTAL 2022 in beautiful Egypt in Sharm El Sheikh.

Miss Intercontinental South Africa 2022 – Taahirah Zungu Greetings. I am a sports graduate, sports fanatic, and entrepreneur who is passionate about helping others. I am a youth advocate driven by perseverance, being humble, and determination.

Miss Intercontinental Spain 2022 – Laia Gutiérrez Sanz I am Laia Gutiérrez Sanz, I am 18 years old and I was born in Barcelona, I just finished second in high school. From a very young age, I have been a fighter and faithful to my thoughts. Shortly I would love to start a law degree and specialize in criminal justice, the result of a dream I have had since I was 8 years old. I started competing in beauty contests when I was 16 years old, and I could see that beauty contests bring empowerment, courage, and that which defines a unique, fighter, and determined woman. Thanks to the beauty contests I have been able to grow as a person and above all as a woman, leaving behind the insecurities and reflecting a society that with enthusiasm, perseverance, passion, and effort everything can be accomplished. My goal as Miss Intercontinental Spain 2022 is to be an inspiration to women who are afraid, afraid of being excluded by the stereotype inculcated in society, afraid of facing their insecurities, and afraid to pursue their dreams by instilled obstacles from outside thus showing that we women are strong, fighters, courageous, beautiful and natural in all respects.

Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2022 – Ria Raj Hello, My name is Ria. I am from a country with breathtaking nature, pop music, and coffee culture. I am proud to represent the most beautiful country on our continents – Sweden! Professionally I am a Robotics Engineer in Artificial intelligence. I love to write, and my love for lyrics expands even to the musical realm. I love music that touches my soul – an interest that has led me to learn beautiful instruments like piano and violin. Since my childhood, I have been swimming and training judo. I also really enjoy walking in nature and hiking. This interest led me to climb the highest mountain in Sweden – Kebenekaise – a 2 100 meters long hike. This experience taught me a really important lesson. That the one thing you need to win over is your mind because your body can handle much more than you can ever imagine. I have always believed in growth and involving myself in different activities that give me new experiences and new perspectives on life. Traveling has been one of those activities that have allowed me to unfold new adventures, but during the pandemic, I was required to be creative. Hence I went ’back to basics. I spent three days in the woods with no shelter, no food, and no access to water with the sole purpose of learning how to survive. It was a very unique experience! Now I am truly excited and looking forward to embarking on this journey of power, beauty, and discovery as Miss Intercontinental Sweden 2022!

Miss Intercontinental Sri Lanka 2022 – Anna-Marie Suzanne Quint Ondaatje My name is Anna-Marie Suzanne Quint Ondaatje. I would like to introduce myself as a Senior International Level Rhythmic Gymnast, Entrepreneur, and Goodwill Ambassador for the A Quint Ondaatje Foundation Sri Lanka, Director for AQO Sports & Entertainment, as well as AnnaQuintO. “Anna-Marie Ondaatje is only 19, but her athletic  legacy is already secure: as the first Rhythmic gymnast to represent Sri Lanka on the international stage, Ondaatje is already both pioneer and ambassador for her sport.” (Quoted from Official FIG Website https://www.gymnastics.sport/site/) I was born on September 1, 2000, and hold dual citizenship for Sri Lanka and Canada. My parents were born in Sri Lanka and still hold Sri Lankan nationality.

Miss Intercontinental Thailand 2022 – Amanda Heidi Jensen, I was born in Phuket. The most beautiful island in the southern part of Thailand, I love every minute on the beach, being a beach girl made me an extremely optimistic and playful person, I always have a smile on my face. And people know me for my super energetic personality.

Miss Intercontinental Turkey 2022 – Silan Torun

Miss Intercontinental UAE 2022 – Azarel Hevia Every little girl wished to be a Princess and a Queen. We remember the story of Cinderella singing: “A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes” where in the end she saw herself becoming a Princess. Growing up with a very simple life where material possessions are not overvalued. Where pleasure and convenience are not emphasized and where a person’s values and character are the main focus of a meaningful life. She was instead grateful for what she had. Where she grew up getting everything she wants, developed a sense of entitlement. She dreamed to become a model, which she discovered when she and her friend auditioned. Her confidence, creativity, and endless imagination developed with her work. Being in an industry that is all about perfection, fantasy and aesthetics can affect self-confidence. She believes that we are all worthy of representation, and beauty is never one-dimensional. She applied for the position of Flight Attendant and saw herself traveling around the world after she left Spain. She moved out of Dubai after Emirates Airlines hired her. “Professionally, Dubai is the best country for her, talking only on a professional basis. It’s now my country, it’s people appreciate me.” Aza was so very comfortable in discussing the pause in her career during the Pandemic, and it taught us that a taking break from our career path doesn’t mean that it has ended.” She spoke about living life in a way where you can make adjustments rather than sacrifices. As an avid health-conscious person, she believed that “This isn’t just about the pandemic. Your health is directly related to lifestyle — nutrition, physical activity, a healthy weight, and restorative sleep.” Despite all that has gone on, there have been some positives to the world coming to a stop. It’s forced us to take a step back, think, understand and appreciate what it means to live and not just survive. And that’s something I’m going to try to hold onto for a long time to come. As a representative of UAE, I celebrate the power of Arab women and foster sisterhood in every nation. I am driven by the potential and capacity of the empowered women around the world, she is a leader, she is ambitious and she is very savvy, ready to take on responsibilities, and focused on changing the world around her.

Miss Intercontinental Ukraine 2022 – Valevska Valeriia My name is Valeriia. I’m from Ukraine. I’m 25 years old and I live in Dnipro. My parameters are 85-60-88 171cm, foot size 37. I do not have any bad habits, lead a healthy lifestyle and I have been in business for 5 years. I have my own cleaning company. I plan to open a branch in Kyiv. I have been modeling since I was 15 years old. Represented Ukraine on the Top Model of the World. I love animals, I help plan shelters to open a charitable foundation. I have beauty, charisma, and intellect. For me, great merit is my country in one of the best competitions in the world.

Miss Intercontinental USA 2022 – Michelle Charlotte Thorlund My name is Michelle Charlotte Thorlund, I am a 25-year-old model from Orange County, California and I am representing the United States of America. I am the first in my family to be born in the United States of America. My father is from Denmark and my mother is from the Philippines. As the first and only of my family to be born in the USA, I have always shown pride in my heritage as well as my nationality. To me, it is so beautiful to represent the United States of America where people from all backgrounds and cultures live together while also celebrating their roots. I studied UI/UX Development at the University of California, Irvine. I believe that the future is female, and as one of the few female students in my class, I choose to lead by example so that women can also take part in male-dominated workforces. I am a lover of classical music. A special talent I possess is playing classical piano and I have been a pianist since I was 13 years old. I love expressing my joy for classical music and my two favorite composers are Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Throughout my life, I have been extremely fortunate to pursue my dream of modeling. At the age of 18, I began modeling in Los Angeles and since then, my career has exceeded the dreams I once had for myself. I have traveled throughout the Philippines for my modeling career as well as throughout the United States of America. Recently, I have been modeling as an ambassador for Pinay Magazine which showcases Filipina models to the world. My achievements in my modeling career have brought me to be featured across multiple of the largest US billboards in Times Square, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles representing Asian American beauty to the masses. I am so honored and proud to represent the United States of America at the 50th Miss Intercontinental pageant.

Miss Intercontinental Venezuela 2022 – Emmy Marianne Carrero Mora I am a resilient woman, charismatic, persevering, and hard-working. I like to feel close to people and to be able to help others That is why T.S.H.V was born in 2018, a foundation -a non-profit- to be able to help children and low-income girls. Miss Intercontinental is a dream come true reality; I am sure we can continue working together and thus build new goals that can be executed in the future.

Miss Intercontinental Vietnam 2022 – Le Nguyen Bao Ngoc To be the most beautiful woman of all continents means to be a woman who possesses all qualities of a modern-day queen and who is committed to being an ambassador for her community. I was born in the heart of the Mekong Delta – Can Tho city, Vietnam. Growing up, I was taught to be proud of who I am and that consisted of where I came from. On my 18th birthday, I decided to start exploring Vietnam on my own. That was also the day that I realized how much I love my country and I wish to be the voice for my people. To compete in Miss Intercontinental is also my first time going abroad, therefore, I am determined to bring the brightest values and most authentic version of a modern Vietnamese woman, myself. It is my goal to represent my roots and connect across cultures and make new friends with all other contestants.

Miss Intercontinental Wales 2022 – Nadia King Has a passion for people and knowledge. I tackle the norm by working full-time within the security industry whilst studying for an Economics degree. Aiming to show all that women are strong, independent, beautiful, and an example of great leaders. As an advocate for healthy living, I have created my non-profit charitable organization ‘The Outdoor Avengers’, with the ultimate dream to inspire, encourage and equip people with the skills and confidence to enjoy the outdoors. In my spare time, I love to explore the world and have visited over 24 different countries. I have learned the value of experiencing other cultures. When at home I spend my time cooking for my friends and family, enjoying a tough climb in Snowdonia, and pursuing my enthusiasm for modeling. As I represent my beautiful country Wales, I am honored to share the stage with many other women dedicated to the Power of Beauty. See you soon Egypt!

Miss Intercontinental Zimbabwe – Yollanda Elizabeth Chimbarami MAKADINI! SALIBONANI! My name is Yollanda Elizabeth Chimbarami and I hail from the epitome of African beauty and home of Victoria Falls one of the seven wonders of the world, Zimbabwe. I am an Economist, model, voice-over artist, and actress aged 25 years. I was born in the eastern highlands of Zimbabwe – Mutare and bred in the capital city, Harare. Generally, I have lived my life taking up responsibilities thus I have groomed and nurtured my ways and in doing so I have acquired particular organizing and management skills. I see the Miss Intercontinental platform as a great honor to enhance these skills, hence it will positively impact the lives of my fellow peers too. I am also a selfless nurturer thus prioritizing my duties before my wishes. This has been one of my greatest drives in life and it made me more effective in any line of duty or work, being a model by profession stimulated the mindset that the true nurture of a model is to stand for something, and *this**opportunity will allow me to* *stand for a greater good.* I believe that the best smile is not the one you put on your face but on someone’s else faces. I am a co-founder of a non-profit making organization called Help A Child Save A Nation (HACSAN) it helps vulnerable children in my community. It aims to see children in our community restored to their rightful place in society, to a place of honor in their families through sustainable economic, spiritual, emotional, and social development, which permanently breaks the cycle of poverty and drug abuse. Since 2015 we have partnered with over 15 nonprofit organizations and run different subprojects. In February 2022 I was honored to be a guest speaker at the United Nations Global Disability Summit side panel hosted by the Rick Hansen Foundation in Winnipeg, Canada.

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