Top 15 National Costumes in Miss Grand International 2022

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Top 15 National Costumes in Miss Grand International 2022

Today was the spectacular National Costume competition of Miss Grand International 2022 which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This was a wonderful ceremony where ladies from around the globe showcased their vibrant and colorful costumes to educate the viewers about their rich and unique cultures. Here are our Top 15 Best National Costumes in Miss Grand International 2022.

Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin

Theme - Amélie of Leuchtenberg - Empress of Brazil

Designer - Karlos Amilcar Atelier

Amélie of Leuchtenberg was Empress of Brazil as the wife of Pedro I of Brazil. She was the granddaughter of Josephine de Beauharnais, Empress of the French. Her father, Eugène de Beauharnais, was the only son of Empress Josephine and her first husband Alexandre, Viscount of Beauharnais. At the age of 17, she traveled to Brazil and it was her first meeting with Pedro, it took place on the boat in Guanabara Bay. The emperor was enchanted by the beauty of the new empress and they began a beautiful love story. Rio de Janeiro was decorated in pink with people greeting the newly married Queen "Long Live the Empress"! She lost her husband at the young age of 22 years old to tuberculosis. It inspired her to construct a tuberculosis treatment hospital in Funchal. She was admired by many marriage proposals but she remained faithful to her late husband until her death at age 60. The Imperial Order of the Rose was created in her honor one day after her wedding day. It is decorated with military and civilian and it is recognized for their service to the State. Score — 9.61 Points

Miss Grand Australia Amber Sidney

Theme - The Pink Cockatoo 

Designer - Inggi Indrayana Kendran

The Pink Cockatoo is one of Australia’s most iconic and magnificent birds. The Cockatoo represents the power to guide through the darkness, commitment to partnerships, and the importance of the safety of one’s group. This beautiful bird also represents humor as they are known to be very social, cheeky, and loud! This stunning costume was made here in Indonesia by Inggi Kendran. The bright colors reflect the bird's natural stunning features, the sparkles represent the joy and personality of the bird and the elements of Australian nature represent the beauty of this bird’s home. Score — 9.44 Points

Miss Grand Canada Mildred Rincon

Theme - Canadian Jay Bird

Designer - Jember Costum Industry and DenDeni

The Canadian Jay Bird As known as Grey Jay is the iconic bird of Canada. With dominant white feathers and grey head feathers, Canadian jaybirds look beautiful, gorgeous, and elegant. This costume is crafted from handmade feathers look like and decorate with rinse stones Special designed by an Indonesian costume designer, this national costume represents the serenity, peace, and the snowy winter of Canada. Score — 9.36 Points

Miss Grand Nigeria Damilola Bolarinde

Theme - OYA-ALA

Designer - Adebayo Adegbe

The warrior goddess costume is inspired by the strength and spirituality that we see and feel in two of Nigeria's greatest female deities - OYA and ALA. OYA, also known as oya-Iyansan-an, the mother of nine-- from the southwestern states of Nigeria. OYA is the goddess of weather, intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance, and reincarnation. She is also said to be the guardian of the realm between life and death, her favorite color is the rainbow -- denoting peace. ALA: also known Odinala. She is the earth's mother goddess of morality, fertility, and creativity in the culture of the southeastern people of Nigeria knowns as Odinani. She's considered the highest deity in Odinani, and the name "ALA" translates to "ground" which indicates her powers over the earth. The ensemble is a coalescence of OYA and ALA, which is a combo of different colors of leather, feathers, mesmerizing beads, and detailed mermaid-inspired and arranged feathers on the headgear, wrist bands, ankle bands, and thigh band. The hand is embellished with cowries, feathers, beads, and accessorized short asymmetrical front with a flowing trail leather back skirt. from Nigeria we present to you; OYA-ALA. Score — 9.82 Points

Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong


Designer - Roman Sebastian

This work of art was made to introduce contemporary audiences to the original Pinay beauty queen, who created a new prototype for the modern Filipina. It was a set of diverse elements that were part of her journey to be the first miss manila queen of the carnival. Purificacion Villanueva y Garcia was only 22 years old when she became the first ‘Queen of the Orient in the first Manila Carnival in 1908. This makes her the first Filipina beauty queen in our country. And Roberta is hoping to follow in Pura's footsteps and become the first Filipina to win the Miss Grand International competition and receive the golden crown. Pilipinas, Umpisa pa lang ng laban! This beautiful golden pearl costume reflects the rich culuture of the Philippines. Score — 9.74 Points

Miss Grand Bolivia Camila Sanabria

Theme - Pachamama (Mother Earth)

Designer - Jhesmani Fernandez

The Pachamama is the highest divinity of the Andean people since she is concerned with fertility, plenty, the feminine, generosity, and ripening crops, besides providing protection. The name Pachamama is translated into English as Mother Earth since Pacha is a word in both Quechua and Aymara that means earth, cosmos, universe, time, space, etc. in English and mama means "mother." The concept of Pachamama is directly related to agricultural wealth since the economy of the indigenous peoples is based on agricultural production. Nevertheless, most of the population in Bolivian cities is indigenous (mainly Aymara and Quechua), including as regards their customs, so their beliefs are still common in modern society. However, there have been some changes as the Catholic faith has become more prevalent. In some ceremonies, the Pachamama is worshipped through the Virgin Mary. This divine costume showcases the Bolivian culture on a global stage. Score — 9.53 Points

Miss Grand Indonesia Andina Julie

Theme - The Mystic Art of Reyong Ponorogo

Designer - Inggi Indrayana Kendran and Grandefyyl

This year's national costume for Indonesia is called The Mystic Art of Reyong Ponorogo made by the talented Indonesian fashion designer Inggi Indrayana Kendran in collaboration with Indonesian artist Grandefyyl. The inspiration behind this elaborate costume is Reog or Reyo, a traditional Indonesian dance performs in an open area that serves as folk entertainment for the people of East Java and Ponorogo. It contains magical elements as the main dancer wears a lion mask with peacock feathers as decoration. It includes several mask dancers and Kuda Lumping. It holds a strong mystical elegance in Indonesian culture. In 2013, the Reog Ponorogo tradition was recognized as the National Intangible Cultural Heritage of Indonesia by the Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture. Score — 9.84 Points

Miss Grand Mexico Laysha Salazar

Theme - Mexico Volador De Papantla

Designer - Esteban Ortiz

“Inspired by the rite of the Voladores De Papantla, a cultural and spiritual manifestation carried out by Mesoamerican people. It has the greatest representation for people living in the northern mountains of Puebla, Totonacapan, Papantla, and Veracruz, which is why it is known as Los Voladores De Papantla. In 2009, this ritual ceremony was announced as part of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. This colorful festival includes people dancing and playing a flute and drums. According to a Mexican myth, this religious ritual was created to ask the gods to end a severe drought. This costume is made using embroidered lace, sequins, beads, gallons, shingles, glass stong fringe, and Korean glass. The white blouse is decored with lace, pleated dutch guipure, and crystal stones with red velvet trousers that have fringes, crystal flowers, and hundreds of Korean crystals. Score — 9.77 Points

Miss Grand Czech Republic Mariana Bečková

Theme - Magical Czech Linden Tree

Designer - Craft Explosion

Idea & Concept & Styled by Sam Dolce

The Linden tree, adored by the ancient Slavic nation, is the Czech national symbol. In addition to the many beautiful lindens planted as the national trees of the Republic, you can also see this type of wood species in many Czech galleries. It is very soft and has been amongst the most popular in Czech carving for centuries. Tea is traditionally made from flowers, which has many medicinal effects that help in the fight against diseases. This magically benevolent symbol appears on the pin of the Czech president and the Czech state seal, but also on military uniforms and banknotes in our picturesque country, which is the heart of Europe. The Linden tree has been attributed to a protective power since time immemorial, people in the Czech kingdom believed that it could ward off evil spirits. It was often planted near their home because it was believed that it would not be struck by lightning. The magical power of the linden appears in Czech legends and stories, and this celebrated magical national tree plays almost the main role in the famous Czech opera. Miss Czech Republic showcased her acrobatic skills and received much positive reception from the live audience in the venue. Score — 9.86 Points

Miss Grand Paraguay Agatha Leon

Theme - Madame Eliza Lynch

Designer - Yeruti Acosta Atelier

The inspiration for this costume is the First Lady of Paraguay during the Paraguayan War had a union with President Francisco Solano López. She accompanied him until his demise and looked after their children because of the great war. She was the one who introduced contemporary European fashion to Paraguay and ballroom dancing. Today she is considered a national heroine, because not only did she know how to carry Paraguayan nationalism but she also defended and managed to save the lives of several prisoners. Her life and testimony are undoubtedly outstanding examples of the resilience and courage of the women of that era. This royal emerald green outfit is suitable for the Miss Grand International pageant as it is the color theme of the golden pageant. Score — 9.57 Points

Miss Grand Nicaragua Maycrin Jáenz

Theme - Beisbol Nicaraguense (Nicaraguan Baseball)

Designer - Bismarck Martinez

Nicaragua national baseball team. Baseball is the most popular and loved sport in Nicaragua - Nicaragua has a long history at the Baseball World Cup, hosting it five times and earning five second-place finishes, the last in 1990. 30 Nicaraguans have signed professional contracts in Major League Baseball. Nicaragua qualified for the World Baseball Classic for the first time in 2023. This costume shows the passion and love for the Nicaraguan people and Maycrin 's determination to win the first golden crown for their country. Score — 9.35 Points

Miss Grand Puerto Rico Oxana Rivera

Theme - El Yunque National Forest

Designer - Raymond Rodriguez and Nicole Rodriguez Rivera

It represents El Yunque, a national forest that is considered one of the few Natural Wonders of the World. The Flamboyan Tree recreated in this dress is celebrated as a major iconic image of Puerto Rico, the intense red color of its flowers fills the mountains with splendor, sidewalks, and fields in the summer months. Among the greatest riches of the fauna that inhabit the forest, you will see the Puerto Rican parrot, which is unique to the archipelago of Puerto Rico and critically endangered. You will also find our small coquí which is a very popular creature throughout the island. When Puerto Ricans want to express their nationality, they say: "Yo soy de aquí como el coquí" (I'm from here like the coquí). This is a perfect way for Oxana to proudly represent the natural beauty of Puerto Rico on the grand stage of Miss Grand International 2022. Score — 9.96 Points

Miss Grand Spain Hirisley Jimenez

Theme - Butterfly Drag Queen

Designer - Masbe Creacioness

Inspired by the Drag Queens from the Carnival of Gran Canaria Islands which is the hometown of Miss Grand Spain Hirisley Jimenez. This dress represents the prettiest of the metamorphosis that exists in nature, one of the butterflies, same as the one of a Drag Queen when she transforms themself and spreads her wings on the stage to shine bright. This explosion of colors brings the culture of Spain and the beauty of the Spanish islands for celebration on the Miss Grand International stage. Score — 9.79 Points

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa Waraha

Theme - Hanuman Thai Boxing Costume

Designer - Art Akarach

This was a provincial costume created by Art Akarach for Miss Grand Lopburi during her participation in Miss Grand Thailand 2022 National Costume Competition on April 24th. This stunning costume was selected for Engfa Waraha as National Costume in Miss Grand International. Hanuman Thai Boxing Costume is inspired by Muay Lopburi Thai ancient boxing presented by Hanuman, the monkey god to represents monkeys in Lopburi province and Khon the national masked dance of Thailand. The courage and fearless attitude of Thai Boxing represent Engfa's personality, as she has always been brave as looked after her family as the breadwinner. She started working at an early age after she lost her father, this is a perfect costume for Thailand to promote Thai Boxing to international audience. Score — 9.89 Points

Miss Grand Vietnam Đoàn Thiên Ân

Theme - Truc Ch (Trucchigraphy)

Designer - Trần Thanh Tâm

The costume "Truc Chi" is inspired by the line of art paintings from the poetic land of Huế, Vietnam. Truc Painting is just a type of paper art by the Vietnamese people, using water pressure on the bamboo paper to create a sophisticated masterpiece. Along with light penetration creates a unique visual effect. The harmonious combination of traditional materials and modern art knowledge has made Truc Chi art popular thanks to its proximity to folklore, meticulous processing, and creativity but also very noble. The artist helped the paper escape from its status as a background, becoming an independent work of art with the concept of using bamboo and bamboo images - a symbol of the indomitable will of the Vietnamese people. Besides, contributes new cultural values ​​to Hue in particular and Vietnam in general. This majestic golden masterpiece represents the talent of Vietnamese craftsmanship and the rich tradition of Vietnam. Score — 9.99 Points

Top 15 National Costumes in Miss Grand International 2022. Overall, the production quality of Miss Grand International has improved better and better every year. Indonesia improved the high standard and gave a spectacular show as a host country. All the delegates enjoy and also let us the fans have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have 5 days left until the Grand Coronation night of Miss Grand International 2022 which will be held on October 25 at Sentul International Convention Center, West Java, Indonesia.

Who are your favorites for Miss Grand International 2022? Comment below If you enjoyed reading this article then make sure to share this article and follow us on social media platforms @pageantempress for the latest pageant news. Thank you for reading this article.

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