Top 20 Best in Swimsuit at Miss Grand International 2022

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Yesterday was a beautiful and spectacular Balinese cultural show by Balinese production showcasing the rich culture and heritage of Bali. Thank you, Indonesia for making all the delegates look like goddesses in the traditional Balinese costume. Look forward to watching the grand final night of Miss Grand International 2022 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Before the swimsuit competition started, all the delegates modeled the colorful and vibrant Scarf by Sroja which is designed and manufactured in Indonesia. In this video, I will talk about the Top 20 delegates who stand out during today's swimsuit competition which was held on the sunny beach of Bali, Indonesia. We saw all the girls wear stunning golden swimsuits as they modeled in front of the breathtaking view. I love the diverse range of swimsuit designs to compliment each girl's body type and skin tone to highlight them in this round.

Miss Grand Angola Teresa Sara.

She was the show started in this round and she wore a beautiful snake print one-piece swimsuit. She did a fantastic job with confidence and poise. She stumbled on the runway but she had an excellent recovery. Angola had great energy and attitude as the first girl to perform in the swimsuit competition. 8.90 Points

Miss Grand Argentina Camila Barraza

I love her ponytail hairstyle as it allowed us to look at her beautiful face without any distractions. The design of her swimsuit was a perfect choice for her. She was calm and collected, her poses were natural, and overall, she delivered an excellent performance. 9.25 Points

Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin

Isabella delivered such a stellar performance, I love her turns were graceful and effortless. The camera loves her, she had great eye contact with captivating facial expressions. She is giving me winner vibes with her stunning performance throughout different challenges. I want Brazil to continue to perform at this level, I can see Brazil win its first golden crown. She has tons of potential and a great personality. I am impressed with her performance. 9.99 Points

Miss Grand Cambodia Pich Votey Saravody

This year Miss Cambodia is the best delegate they have to send to Miss Grand International. Her walk was professional, she had a captivating walk, variations of expressions, and her poses had versatility. Cambodia is a front-runner in this competition and I can see her reaching high placement on the final night, I am keeping my eyes on Miss Cambodia. 9.75 Points

Miss Grand Colombia Priscilla Londoño

Miss Colombia has classic Latina beauty with great hair movements, it had personality, and great energy. I can feel her passion to win the golden crown for her country. She has a fantastic National Director who has done an excellent job, training her runway walk. 9.15 Points

Miss Grand Costa Rica Brenda Muñoz

She has gorgeous beauty, and a long luscious hairstyle perfect for the swimsuit competition. She was being playful with the camera, showing a flirty personality and she had a great stage presence. Costa Rica is a front-runner in this competition, she has one of the best runway walks. I can see her make the semi-finalists as she exudes confidence and pulls everyone's attention. 9.85 Points

Miss Grand Curaçao Kanisha Sluis

She has an amazing body, very swimsuit ready. She was having fun on the runway which is very important to feel comfortable in your own body for this particular round. She stumbled at the end of the runway but overall, she did a good job. 8.65 Points

Miss Grand Czech Republic Mariana Bečková

Mariana has a charming personality with a fantastic attitude, I like how she was able to present that in her performance today. She was being playful and enjoying herself. She is the strongest European delegate in Miss Grand International. Her hard work and dedication to training her to walk in Bangkok are showing in her execution. Her blonde hair was shining in this sunny weather and it was a perfect balance to her two-piece swimsuit. 9.55 Points

Miss Grand Dominican Republic Jearmanda Ramos

She looked like an island girl in her natural habitat, it felt very natural to her in this round. I like the white flower on her hair, she has high energy and strong leg movement. The Dominican Republic is one of my favorite delegates, she knows how to perform and always gives us a wow moment on the stage. This is the level of professionalism, I expect to see from other delegates, Miss Dominican Republic has a graceful walk. 9.80 Points

Miss Grand Ghana Zahara-Imani Bossman

Miss Ghana always brings something new and fresh to every single round. I admire she is willing to take a risk and show us her Ghanaian culture, the big cape had good movement against the strong wind at the beach. She gave us a cute dance routine with her signature pose, it made her stand out among the group. I appreciate, her consistently bringing new and fresh ideas to the runway. 9.65 Points

Miss Grand Honduras Saira Cacho

She is a dark horse in this competition, I love her runway walk, she reminds me of Naomi Campbell with her confidence, flawless turns, and her strong poses which work for the swimsuit competition. Excellent performance and a good attitude, she has her signature walk and she continues to deliver it on the runway. Honduras has one of the strongest walks and I want her to continue to show it during the preliminary and final nights. 9.90 Points

Miss Grand Indonesia Andina Julie

I like her swimsuit choice, it was one piece with curve cut-outs which gave her a beautiful shape to her body. It was a smart choice, her runway walk was simple and polished. She did not do too many turns but it works for her as it is important to stay true to yourself. As a host delegate, Indonesia has been doing a brilliant job in different rounds. 9.45 Points

Miss Grand Netherlands Marit Beets

Marit has enchanting beauty, the sleek back hairstyle was a good choice for her facial features as it highlighted her beauty. Her close-up shots were incredible with her facial expressions, walk needs to be more smooth, especially her hand movements need to be more relaxed. She did not try to force herself to be like other girls and I admire that, she showed her authenticity during the swimsuit round. 8.75 Points

Miss Grand Nigeria Damilola Bolarinde

Her statuesque tall frame and dark brown skin tone looked stunning in her golden swimsuit. Nigeria is a professional fashion model with many years of experience and it is reflected in her runway walk. She keeps it classy yet sexy and I enjoyed watching her performance. The giant of Africa is making her mark at Miss Grand International. 9.55 Points

Miss Grand Peru Janet Leyva

Miss Peru is a professional international supermodel who started her career as a teenager. Peru has established herself to be a runway diva who feels comfortable performing on the runway. I love her walk, it has strength, and power and her captivating energy are perfect for this competition. Janet has good variations of facial expressions with smooth transitions between her poses. Great job Peru! 9.83 Points

Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong

She is one of the youngest delegates in this year's contest but she has an excellent stage presence with powerful poses. This one-piece golden swimsuit complimented her body and she gave us a wonderful runway presentation. Curly hair suits her facial shape and I will like to see it in the preliminary and final nights. 9.45 Points

Miss Grand Puerto Rico Oxana Rivera

Oxana looked like Cleopatra in this golden embellished swimsuit, she looked magnificent. It was a simple and elegant runway walk, it made her notice. I want her to take her time to pose at the end of the runway so we can all admire and appreciate her beautiful oceanic blue eyes. Oxana has consistently proven to everyone that she is a front-runner in this competition. 9.55 Points

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa Waraha

Engfa looked so adorable in this curly hairstyle like a little mermaid in this sparkly gold swimsuit. This is a new look for her as she usually has straight hair and I like that she experimented and bring us a fresh look. Her abs were showing, with her amazing toned body. I love her playful personality, one of the best Asian delegates. This is one of her best performances in Miss Grand International. 9.88 Points

Miss Grand Venezuela Luiseth Materán

Venezuela is Venezuela, she had calm and confident. I wish she walked a little slow but she had a good presence and she knew her angles to show her beautiful face. Great energy and a wonderful presentation by Miss Venezuela. 9.45 Points

Miss Grand Vietnam Đoàn Thiên Ân

She only had three days to prepare for the international pageant as Miss Grand Vietnam was the last national pageant. I admire that she continues to deliver a warm attitude and personality. The current reigning winner Miss Tien is also from Vietnam so, Vietnam Đoàn Thiên Ân has a high expectation to bring back to back win for her country. Doan is different from Tien and she is bringing her style to the runway. 9.40 points

In the end, Queen Tien gave a marvelous presentation to show everyone why she won the last edition of Miss Grand International 2021. She was so bubbly and charismatic. Overall it was a great and fun swimsuit competition, especially since the view was beautiful. Great job to Indonesia and the Miss Grand International team once again for always being innovative and bringing fresh ideas to the table. Last year swimsuit competition was held on a pier, 2020 was on top of a big building, and this year on the sunny beach of Bali, Indonesia.

Team Asia Pacific

Team Europe

Team Africa

For improvements, I noticed one of the cameras had some black spots on the sides and it was distracting when the girls first started walking. I hope they check the camera lenses for the next round for the audience to get a smooth viewing experience. Except for that everything else was wonderful and I had a great viewing experience as an audience. These were my Top 20 Best in Swimsuit at Miss Grand International 2022. Let me know in the comment section, who are your favorites.

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