Top 20 Final Prediction of Miss Grand International 2022

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Top 20 Final Prediction of Miss Grand International 2022

Today was the preliminary competition of Miss Grand International 2022 which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia. This beautiful and outstanding production is a celebration of Indonesian culture to the whole world. We have followed the journey of all the delegates since Day 1 Arrival to Bali and their performance in different activities and close-door interviews. Here are our Top 20 Final Prediction of Miss Grand International 2022

Top 20

Miss Grand Australia Amber Sidney

She has studied at Deakin University and has worked as a Communications Coordinator at Maax Global. Coming from a modest family and continues to help many people through her humanitarian background. Through the Destiny Rescue project, she has provided sponsorship for children on Gigantes Island in the Philippines and worked alongside BullyZero to educate children on how to treat other human beings in schools across Australia.

Miss Grand Dominican Republic Jearmanda Ramos

She has a bachelor's degree in International Business, and she values ​​and is a defender of human rights from an early age. Her dedication to the roots of tourist areas in my country. To the growth of my country, education is the key. Since 2015 I have started a personal and charitable project, to educate orphaned children in different areas such as mental health, teamwork, oral health, and women’s health, among others. I love being in constant personal and professional growth and every step I take into account will be a great learning experience.

Miss Grand Myanmar Kansuda Chanakiri

Mimi has Burmese, Thai, and Karen ethnic backgrounds. She is studying at Chiang Mai Rajabhat University and learning about Thai Dance Education. Her goal is to be a role model for children through her efforts that failure is just the biggest lesson for a successful future.

Miss Grand Netherlands Marit Beets

She is a 22-year-old-girl from a small fishing town called Volendam. A student of Human Resource Management in Amsterdam and working as a Sourcing Consultant. She enjoys traveling, especially when it comes to getting to know cultures from different countries. Her extrovert personality and cheerful attitude made a good impression on the judges during the interview. It shows her ability to handle any difficult situation with ease, Netherlands is a dark horse in this year's competition. She will surprise everyone on the final night.

Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong

Roberta Tamondong is a 20-year-old who started pageants at the age of 13, since then she advocates for the important topics that acquire us to speak from the heart, and the mind and to be the voice of the voiceless. She is an advocate for environmental awareness and an ambassador for the department of natural resources. Self-aware of her surrounding, she has made a global impact through her social project. She has already won the international title of Miss Teen Eco International 2020 which was held in Egypt. It shows her runway ability to capture the attention of the international audience with her personality and beauty.

Miss Grand Vietnam Đoàn Thiên Ân

Đoàn Thiên Ân is a 22-year-old beauty from Long An province. Currently, a student at the Industrial University of Ho Chi Minh City. Đoàn Thiên Ân was bullied throughout high school due to her weight. Recently, she lost weight 15 kilograms before her national contest going from 75kg to 60kg. It surprised the netizens due to her hard work, dedication, and commitment to achieving her dream. In 4 months, she lost 15kg in a short period and she was crowned only 3 days before her arrival in Bali, Indonesia. Despite the short preparations, she did a magnificent job at representing her country Vietnam on the international stage.

Miss Grand Mexico Laysha Salazar

She is 20 years old and currently studying business administration, she considers herself a strong and brave woman, afraid of nothing, and dedicated to her dreams and goals. She loves to be an agent of change for the world with small and big actions through the Un día especial Fonsi foundation. They help people who are going through cancer treatment, giving them a home where they can reach rest, eat, receive psychological help, and spend a pleasant time with their family. Laysha is an activist and a huge animal lover. Miss Grand Mexico, is a woman with a voice and a hunger to change the world with the power of the Miss Grand family.

Miss Grand Costa Rica Brenda Muñoz

Her background is in Chemical Engineering, acting, animation, and modeling student. Brenda has many years of pageantry experience, including Miss Continentes Unidos 2013, Miss Tourism Queen of the Year 2015, Hispano-American Queen 2015, Miss Pacific and Caribbean 2015, and Latin American Universal Costa Rica 2020 (Designated). As a pageant veteran, she feels comfortable performing in front of a big audience with her stellar runway presentation.

Miss Grand Guatemala Andrea Radford

As a lawyer and as a professional model who speaks Spanish and English languages. During her interview, she mentioned she is into sports like Olympic gymnastics, volleyball, MMA (Mixed martial arts), and karate. She enjoys living life on the edge as she has recently started motocross. Despite her challenging past, she wants to inspire other people through her journey. I enjoyed listening to her interview as she has a clear vision with an abundance of mindset, innovative ideas for the future, and a stable career as a lawyer. Overall, a prominent candidate for Miss Grand International.

Miss Grand Nigeria Damilola Bolarinde

She is an entrepreneur and works as a professional commercial and fashion international model. Besides that, she is studying for a fashion degree. Fashion enthusiast who expresses herself through stylish looks to embrace her African heritage on a global scale, at every event Damilola carries herself with class, and diligence has helped her win a runway challenge. Damilola maintains a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. Describe herself as an energetic, determined, goal-oriented person and a spokesperson for positive change. She loves traveling, swimming, and spending time with friends and family. Nigeria continues to give delightful performances at different challenges throughout the competition.

5th Runner Up - Spain Hirisley Jimenez

She is a child educator who loves working with children, being part of their growth, the seed of their knowledge, which we water day by day.  Hirisley considers herself a strong, persistent person who fights for what she wants. As she works with children, she has compassion and empathy which are two important qualities to have in a beauty queen as the winner will require to travel to different countries and experience poverty in impoverished communities.

5th Runner Up - Colombia Priscilla Londoño

Priscilla is 28 years of age with a degree in Associate in Communications and Public Relations. Standing 176 cm tall, Priscilla spends her time helping the youth in her community. She is the leader of the project ‘Armed conflict in Colombia and process of Peace’. Her purpose in life is to impact the women in the world by inspiring them to go after their dreams. After watching her closed-door interview with the judges, she shined with her smooth delivery, eloquence, and social personality. In recent days, Colombia is growing more and more with her friendly interactions with the fans waiting outside the rehearsals. Her National Director is doing a marvelous job at providing her with insightful training that is helping her stand out in this international pageant.

5th Runner Up - Mauritius Yuvna Rinishta (Miss Popular Vote)

At the moment Mauritius is leading the Popular Vote on the official Miss Grand International website, this subtitle winner gets a direct entry to the Top 10 finalists. Yuvna is currently pursuing LLB Law Hons degree at the University of Middlesex Mauritius. Growing up on the small and peaceful island of Mauritius has taught her about clarity, self-awareness, and living with a positive mindset. These qualities are shown in her preparation for the international pageant as moved to Thailand to improve her runway walk, communication skills, and overall presentation. It has been a wonderful journey for her from a studious girl to now a beauty queen. Her vision is to empower and educate society through her NGO which caters to providing education for underprivileged children from the grass root level. She has been continuously helping women in her community and wants to reach a global audience to spread her message. It is nice to see small nations like Mauritius showing attention to beauty pageants.

5th Runner Up - Peru Janet Leyva

An international model with many achievements and accomplishments. Top Model of the World 2018 and traveling the world working for many brands. Her glamorous beauty and towering height of 6 feet 1 inch tall make her stand out on the stage. Her outstanding runway, splendid presence, and cheerful personality have made her a front-runner in this competition. She has excelled at all the different pre-activities and challenges with high-standard performance. In 2017, Peru has already earned the Miss Grand International crown with the outgoing María José Lora. Janet has the big responsibility to carry out Maria's legacy and become the second Peruvian winner of the golden pageant.

5th Runner Up - Miss Grand Cambodia Pich Votey Saravody

Pich hails comes from Sihanouk and stands at a height of 177cm 5 feet 9 inches tall. She works as a professional actress and a fashion model, she is fluent in four languages including Khmer, Thai, English, and Mandarin Chinese. She believes that beauty pageants are a prestigious platform to encourage and empowered to be on stage and represent their country on the international stage. Pich has an enduring personality, a great stage presence, and gorgeous beauty. She is the strongest Cambodian delegate to be sent to Miss Grand International, and the support of her people reflects the power of social media in Cambodia among the Khmer people.

4th Runner Up - Indonesia Andina Julie

She is an Economics student at Indo Global Mandiri University. As the host delegate, Andina is doing excellent presentations in different competitions. Miss Indonesia has a fantastic stage performance as she captures the audience's attraction during National Costume and Balinese Cultural show. I admire the loyal fan following of Indonesian pageant lovers who have been supporting Miss Grand International since the beginning of the pageant. Indonesia has done a remarkable job as the host country for the 10th Anniversary edition of Miss Grand International. Mr. Ivan and his team have been very successful to present Indonesia's rich culture, prestigious tradition, and artistry. Looking at this year's batch Andina Julie has a high chance to place as a Top 5 finalist and even make it further on her own merits.

3rd Runner Up - Puerto Rico Oxana Rivera

Oxana was born in Russia where she lived in an orphanage for 13 years with her twin brother until a Puerto Rican family adopted them. It was in Puerto Rico, living as an adoptee where she learned the meaning of unconditional love. Oxana has earned a degree in advertising and marketing communications from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, United States. Her work experiences include modeling and Marketing Manager for a retail company. Her ability to speak Spanish, English, and Russian fluently, as her communication skills during the close door interview was exceptional. She has made a good impression among international fans with her spectacular beauty, refinement, and queenly aura. She is actively sharing her love for Miss Grand International and she is learning about Indonesian culture to expand her knowledge about different traditions. In her interview with Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova showcased her intelligent capability with her soft-spoken voice. Puerto Rico has already won the first edition of Miss Grand International 2013 with Janelle Chaparro. There is a big possibility for Puerto Rico to earn their second crown on the 10th anniversary of Miss Grand International.

2nd Runner Up - Thailand Engfa Waraha

Engfa Waraha was born in Uthai Thani, Thailand. She completed her higher education at Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University under the Royal Patronage. Since six years old, she has been performing on the stage while growing up in a musician family. After she lost her father at seventeen years old, she started to work as a singer and actress financially support as the breadwinner of her family. She had to grow up quickly as she had so many responsibilities placed on her shoulder. Despite all the hard challenges she faced she always had a positive outlook and a radiating smile. In 2018, she enter The Voice Thailand, a singing competition where her adorable and charismatic personality and her relatability shined attracting millions of supporters and becoming a household name. Thailand has never won the Miss Grand International crown yet, Engfa is the most commercially successful Thai national winner who can help the brand reach more popularity with a big range audience as she has over 7 million followers on her social media profiles. She fits the requirements of Miss Grand International which are three B's Beauty, Body, and Brain.

1st Runner Up - Miss Grand Czech Republic Mariana Bečková

A graduate with Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and I am currently studying for a Master’s Degree in this field, specializing in Child Psychology and Trauma. She loves working with children and wants to provide quality education for a better future. She has organized institutions for traumatized children, trying to find ways to make their lives better. She has opened a Montessori preschool in Bangladesh and she plans to build more schools for children around the globe. As a certified Yoga instructor, she frequently organizes charity yoga events called “Yoga for a Good Cause”, where she has raised money to build schools, and recently she had raised money for Ukrainian refugees to help them. As part of her preparations, she traveled to Thailand to improve her runway presentation and she also learned to speak Thai and Bahasa Indonesia to communicate with the local people. It shows her ability to adapt to a new location and learn about other people's cultures which is a great quality to have in a beauty queen. Previously, Mariana had traveled to Bali, Indonesia where she helped teach Yoga and live a healthy lifestyle among Indonesian people. Her vision, consistency, and clear mindset would be her strongest asset which can help her win Miss Grand International becoming the first-ever European Winner of this pageant.

Miss Grand International 2022 - Brazil Isabella Menin

Isabella has a passion for experiencing different cultures and traveling around the world. Isabella was born in Marília, the state of São Paulo, and she has a Bachelor's in Economics from Westminster University and a Master's degree in Finance from the University College London. An intellectual beauty with strong communication skills, she has also worked as an international model who lived and worked in several countries. Isabella is also the founder of the Beyond Project which supports associations for people with disabilities. This project spreads global awareness to help improve infrastructure and provide essential equipment for the disabled, in addition to contributing to their basic needs, all for the benefit of the assisted institutions. She has organized events for people with disabilities that will offer speeches of influential guests, self-knowledge teachers, and practice meditation techniques. Her grandfather motivated her to follow his humanitarian work, this shows that Isabella has a cause close to her heart and she feels passionate about helping the less fortunate. Her incredible exquisite beauty, outstanding stage performance, and her compassion make her the perfect delegate to win the first-ever golden crown for Brazil in Miss Grand International 2022.

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