Top 20 Gala Night in Miss Grand International 2022

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Top 20 Gala Night in Miss Grand International 2022

Last night was the extraordinary Gala Night at Al Nafoura, Le Meridien Jakarta Hotel Indonesia. It was also the first day in Jakarta for all the Miss Grand International 2022 delegates to explore and learn about the Indonesian culture in the capital city. All the delegates wore their best dress to the event and they walked in the golden fashion show. Let’s talk about our Top 20 favorites from Miss Grand International 2022 Gala Night.

Miss Grand Brazil Isabella Menin

Isabella wore this spectacular regal purple evening gown, the only delegate to wear a rare color on the Gala Night. Her radiating beauty was glowing when she walked alongside Miss Grand Bolivia. Isabella has a calm and captivating aura, perfect for the Miss Grand International pageant. She carried herself with class and dignity, Brazil has a high chance to win their first golden crown. Overall, a fantastic performance by this Brazilian beauty. Score — 9.89 Points

Miss Grand Cambodia Pich Votey Saravody

Miss Grand Cambodia looked sexy and breathtaking in his sparkling golden evening gown, she commands everyone’s attention with her energy and endearing personality. She has a great runway walk, a wonderful stage presence, and understands how to carry herself on the stage. Cambodia is very focused to earn its first golden crown and this year, it is possible for this South East Asian country to claim its Miss Grand International title. Excellent Job, Cambodia!

Score — 9.91 Points

Miss Grand Colombia Priscilla Londoño

Miss Grand Colombia wore a black strapless garment with golden embroidery to highlight her beautiful hourglass shape. She walks with grace, poise, and elegance on the runway with Miss Grand Costa Rica. They had good chemistry and teamwork which was showcased in their presentation. Look forward to seeing more of this energy from Miss Grand Colombia Priscilla Londoño. Score — 9.66 Points

Miss Grand Costa Rica Brenda Muñoz

This year we have this stunning and captivating beauty, Brenda Muñoz, to represent the Central American country of Costa Rica. She exudes confidence, and high energy and captivates the audience with her beauty. This was a perfect choice of evening gown for her body type, it complimented her shape and made her look tall and gorgeous. It was nice to see a different hairstyle from Brenda as she has changed her straight hair to sleek back hair for this special Gala Night. Miss Grand Costa Rica has been very consistent with her performance and she can place high on the final night. Score — 9.78 Points

Miss Grand Ecuador Lisseth Naranjo

She runs her own skincare brand, she has maintained a fresh and bright look. She wore a see-through mesh dress with many rhinestones attached to give a colorful and vibrant outlook. Last year, Ecuador’s Andrea Aguilera manage to place 1st Runner Up and there is a high expectation for Lisseth to continue the legacy for Ecuador to place in the Top 5 finalists or even win their first MGI crown. Score — 8.84 Points

Miss Grand Guatemala Andrea Radford

This beautiful and intelligent lady works as a lawyer in the daytime. She has an impressive background and last night, she wore this classic asymmetric neckline golden sequin gown. Her tall statuesque body looks magnificent in this sparkling dress and she made a good appearance. At the moment, Guatemala is a dark horse in the competition but she has strong communication skills. She might surprise everyone in the close-door interview and be placed in the final event. Score — 9.39 Points

Miss Grand Indonesia Andina Julie

This year we have this glamorous Indonesian beauty to represent this year’s host country of Indonesia at the 10th Anniversary Edition of Miss Grand International 2022. Andina stands at 6 feet tall and makes her presence known with her spectacular beauty and stellar presentation. She wore this golden strapless evening gown with lace fabric as details to allow her graceful movement in this exquisite look. Indonesia has managed to perform wonderfully at all the different rounds, this year they are focused to win their second golden crown of Miss Grand International. Score — 9.75 Points

Miss Grand Mexico Laysha Anaili Salazar Ocejo

This exquisite Mexican beauty had a powerful walk in this gorgeous golden evening dress when she walked with Miss Grand Mauritius. She had an effortless beauty and natural flow in her runway walk. This was a fantastic gown choice as it highlighted her toned body and gave her a feminine silhouette. Look forward to seeing her maintain this level of sophistication in the upcoming days. Score — 9.28 Points

Miss Grand Myanmar Kansuda Chanakiri

Mimi wore this golden tango dancer-inspired dress, it had flowy movement which worked for her as Kansuda is a fabulous dancer. Her bubbly and likable personality can be seen in her facial expression as she was truly living in the moment. It was a carefree and natural performance by the adorable Miss Grand Mynamar Kansuda Chanakiri. Score — 9.34 Points

Miss Grand Netherlands Marit Beets

This gorgeous dutch beauty is being noticed in different challenges due to her beauty and charm. Last night, she wore a gold dress with white lace details, it made her shine and stand out in the pool of attractive women. I will like to see more energy in her walk, as at the moment it seems too casual and lacks power on the stage. Score — 8.82 Points

Miss Grand Nicaragua Maycrin Jáenz

She had good energy and manage to walk flawlessly next to Miss Grand Netherlands. Her classic Latina beauty and effective walk were shining in her incredible dress. Score — 8.93 Points

Miss Grand Nigeria Damilola Bolarinde

This stunning African queen has made her presence known, she arrived last night to conquer. Miss Nigeria looked exquisite and outstanding in this ravishing golden dress with feather details and white embellishments. This was the perfect styling choice for her as it was suitable for her dark brown skin tone and made her look royalty. I am extremely impressed with Nigeria’s performance and there are high expectations from her to continue to bring this energy to the preliminary and final events. Score — 9.98 Points

Miss Grand Pakistan Aneesa Sheikh

This creative and talented Pakistani beauty with her majestic green eyes impressed the audience with her outfit inspired by her heritage. She maintains to keep calm composure alongside Miss Nigeria. Score — 8.93 Points

Miss Grand Paraguay Agatha Leon

She wore a princess-style pastel a-line dress which was perfect for the Gala Night. It complimented her beauty and essence. Score — 8.86 Points

Miss Grand Peru Janet Leyva

Due to Miss Grand Philippines Roberta Tamondong falling ill yesterday, she was unable to walk alongside Miss Peru. However, Miss Grand Peru did a terrific job of presenting herself in this mesmerizing gold gown with a big dramatic cape which looked beautiful next to her glowing tanned skin. Miss Peru looked extravagant with a powerful stage presence. Score — 9.76 Points

Miss Grand Puerto Rico Oxana Rivera

Miss Puerto Rico looked incredible in this glass dress, she looked majestic and regal. She carried herself with professionalism, elegantly and poised. Oxana is well aware of herself and her surrounding, she was one of the few delegates who thanked the assistant who help her walk down the stairs. It shows her kind attitude which is an important quality Mr. Nawat is looking for in his winner. Overall, Puerto Rico continues to give an outstanding presentation. Score — 9.93 Points

Miss Grand Spain Hirisley Jimenez

This Spanish beauty stands out in last night’s event due to her towering height and compelling aura. As she was walking next to Miss Sri Lanka, Hirisley showcased her outgoing personality. Score — 9.25 Points

Miss Grand Thailand Engfa Waraha

Representing the land of Smiles — Thailand! Engfa has a radiant and captivating genuine smile. She looked breathtaking in this marvelous dress, rose gold was the perfect color choice for her fair complexion. Engfa has star quality, is talented, charming, and ready to work with Miss Grand International. Score — 9.89 Points

Miss Grand Venezuela Luiseth Materán

Miss Venezuela wore a sunny bright yellow strapless flowy dress similar to Dayana Mendoza’s winning dress in Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. Luiseth was self-aware of herself and gave a fantastic presentation in this flowy dress. Her previous pageant and modeling experience was showcased in her runway walk. She is professional and exudes confidence on the stage. Score — 9.43 Points

Miss Grand Vietnam Đoàn Thiên Ân

Miss Vietnam has a great figure which was highlighted in this glorious beautiful yellow dress. Vietnam is known for its refined craftsmanship which was reflected in this fabulous dress worn by Đoàn Thiên Ân. She had good chemistry with Miss Venezuela and maintain to keep her confidence on the runway. She has a high expectations to win back-to-back and she has continuously performed well in all the different activities at Miss Grand International. Score — 9.44 points

In the end, Queen Tien Miss Grand International 2021 gave a magnificent presentation wearing this expensive gold dress. She carried herself with the utmost professionalism like the true queen she is. Overall it was a luxurious and expensive Gala Night event, especially since the venue was spectacular and suitable for the golden pageant. Every single day, Indonesia has been delivering such fun and entertaining activities for the delegates to enjoy and also letting us fans have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have 10 days left until the Grand Coronation night of Miss Grand International 2022 which will be held on October 25 at Sentul International Convention Center, West Java, Indonesia. Who are your favorites for Miss Grand International 2022? Comment below

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