Miss Universe 2022 National Costumes from Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico and Japan

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 Here are some of the beautiful and creative National Costumes of the Miss Universe 2022 delegates that will be showcased during the international pageant which will be held in New Orleans, United States.

Nicaragua - Volcanic Woman, Sovereign of the Nation.

Designer - Jorge Salazar Caliz.

Miss Universe Nicaragua Norma Huembes Salazar National Costume is a detailed piece of art turned into a national costume is the personification of a Nicaragua-made woman, exalting Nicaragua’s wonderful national flower Sacuanjoche as a symbol of patriotism and struggle that reflects female empowerment. Dressed in the colors of our blue and white flag, raises her cloak an abstract representation of the shield of her nation inviting fraternity and brotherhood among Nicaraguans.

Panama - Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe.

Designer - Virgilio Batista.

Miss Universe Panama Solaris Barba National Costume will be wearing this artistic representation full of fantasy designed by Virgilio Batista. This national costume is inspired by the concept of haute couture in colors: (golden, red, blue, black, yellow, and green). We implement foam carving, the embroidery technique, the feathering, and the molding technique with metals and Swarovski crystals as elements that highlight our culture, dances, and traditions, as well as our historical legacy. All this process of design and confection has been elaborated in an artisanal way. The national costume: Panama: Bridge of the World, Heart of the Universe, allows us to appreciate pre-Columbian figures, body painting as a tradition of our indigenous peoples, as well as symbols that have been implemented as a representation of nature. On the back, a heart symbolizes the love of Panamanians for all people who visit our country.

Puerto Rico - Homage to the Arecibo Radiotelescope.

Designer - DJ King Arthur.

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Ashley Cariรฑo will be wearing this national costume as an homage to the Arecibo Radiotelescope. It also features Puerto Rico’s 5 Miss Universe winners - Marisol Malaret, Deborah Carthy Deu, Dayanara Torres, Denise Quiรฑones, and Zuleyka Rivera as well as other notable personalities such as Roberto Clemente, Tito Trinidad, Monica Puig, and coquรญ. “When we started the selection process, it was clear that I wanted to integrate my passion for science and astronomy with something distinctive about my country. The Radio Telescope made great contributions to science and, for me, it is very important to be able to capture the history and that the universe knows that our island continues to work for more astronomical advances. This is a way to honor what the Radio Telescope represents not only for Puerto Rico but for the universe,” said Ashley. This costume was designed and built by Puerto Rican artist and mechanical engineer DJ King Arthur. It has 42 biodegradable plastic pieces designed and printed in 3D format. The pieces specifically form and represent the main reflector and the Gregorian dome of the Arecibo Radio Telescope. The locker room also has a small screen on the chest from which an image of the Puerto Rican flag can be seen. On the back, it has a hologram that projects images related to the Radio Telescope and the universe such as the galaxy and the first message transmitted. Similarly, it includes personalities from differenHere are some of the beautiful and creative National Costumes of the Miss Universe 2022 delegates that will be showcased during the international pageant which will be held in New Orleans, United States.

Japan - Origami message of Peace from Japan.

Miss Universe Japan Marybelen Sakamoto is wearing this design that features origami cranes as a motif to send a message of peace from Japan, the only country in the world to have suffered atomic bombings. Many people, including the governor of Nagasaki Prefecture, cooperated with the paper cranes aiming for sustainability by reusing old kimonos. A crane folded by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who the queen met with on the 13th of December, was also used in the costume. Sakamoto said, "The theme of the costume is 1,000 paper cranes. I can feel the weight of the cranes that everyone has folded. The world is unstable, but I hope that the cranes, which are the symbol of peace, will give people an opportunity to reconsider peace."

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