Top 20 Miss Universe 2022 Final Prediction: Who Will Reign as the Ultimate Queen?

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As the highly anticipated Miss Universe 2022 pageant draws near, the excitement and speculation reach new heights. Join us as we delve into the world of beauty and intelligence to present our top 20 final prediction for Miss Universe 2022.

Here are the Top 20 Performance from Miss Universe 2022 Preliminary Competition. I have given scores from 7 to 10 points based on their performance in both swimsuit and evening gown competitions. Make sure to follow us on social media @pageantempress to get the latest pageant news and updates. Here are the Top 20 Miss Universe 2022 Final Prediction

Top 20

20th Place - Miss Universe Cambodia - Manita Hang

She looks like a pop singer with a modern vibe with her youthful beauty and charming personality in the swimsuit round. I liked her opening dress over the evening gown which was too mature for her age. I hope she changes her gown at the final event, she needs a fun and outgoing dress similar to her opening round. 8.20 Points

19th Place - Miss Universe Italy - Virginia Stablum

Italy - Representing the fashion-conscious country of Italy, Virginia looked beautiful during the opening round and evening gown competition. She lacked energy and looked stiff while walking on the stage, I had expected more from Miss Italy as she was one of the front runners prearrival to New Orleans. She needs to improve her walk and bring the vibrant Italian flare to the stage. 8.25 Points

18th Place - Miss Universe India - Divita Rai

She has a lot of pressure to bring back-to-back victories for her country. India is trying to keep up the momentum. Her evening gown was disappointing as I had expected a better gown design from India after winning last year's Miss Universe pageant. 8.40 Points

17th Place - Miss Universe Aruba - Kiara Arends

She has a youthful aura, and she was one of the best performers from the first group of delegates. A pink swimsuit was the perfect choice for her brown skin tone. She was charismatic and showed her lively personality. Her evening gown was a strange choice with a fuchsia pink cape and the black and white dress did not go together. 8.45 Points

16th Place - Miss Universe Panama - Solaris Barba

Panama - I had high expectations from Solaris after winning the Miss World Americas title, she managed to reach my expectations and gave a wonderful performance. For the gown, some color would be a better choice for her skin tone than just a white dress. 8.60 Points

15th Place - Miss Universe France - Floriane Bascou

France looked impressive during the swimsuit competition where she was having fun being delightful, endearing, and bubbly. One of the darkhorse in this year's competition. Pearl theme evening gown looks good for a photoshoot but it did not help her showcase her walk. 8.66 Points

14th Place - Miss Universe Indonesia - Laksmi De-Neefe Suardana

Laksmi looked poised and elegant, this is the best she has looked and it was great to see her transformation from her national pageant until now. There has been a big improvement in her runway skill and overall presentation. Her evening gown was elegant and she did a serene walk on the stage. 8.75 Points

13th Place - South Africa - Ndavi has cool confidence about her which makes her mysterious and magnetic. For the evening gown, she looked beautiful but the color blended into the background. I had higher expectations from South Africa and I did not like the gown's color. 8.77 Points

12th Place - Miss Universe Peru - Alessia Rovegno

Alessia has one of the best runways walk pre-arrivals, she looked like a supermodel in the preliminary competition. Her evening gown was similar to Jessica Rabita, she walks more like a runway model than a beauty queen. Hope to see her change her evening gown for the final night. 8.99 Points

11th Place - Miss Universe Germany - Soraya Kohlmann

She looked refreshed and radiation on the stage. It was breath of fresh air to see Germany excelling in Miss Universe as it is rare to see European girls give strong performances at this pageant. One of the biggest game changers for this year's competition is Miss Germany. 9.15 Points

We are way half through my Top 20 best performers in the preliminary competition. If you are enjoying reading this article then make sure to click the follow button.

10th Place - Miss Universe Dominican Republic - Andreína Martínez

Her tall statuesque figure made her stand out on the stage with her towering height of 6 feet tall. She had smooth turns and beautiful expressions in the swimsuit round. She looked exquisite in her evening gown, it was an excellent choice for her body type. 9.18 Points

9th Place - Miss Universe Thailand - Anna Sueangam-iam

She has intense eye contact with a powerful runway presentation in a swimsuit. I love her turns and she has a fascinating presentation on the stage. The inspiration behind her gown using recycled materials was amazing but the design itself was too simple for Miss Universe. She looked confident and carried off the dress beautifully however she had looked better in her national pageant. Hope she changes the evening gown for the final night. 9.21 Points

8th Place - Miss Universe Colombia - María Fernanda Aristizábal

Maria looked fabulous during the opening introduction with her hair down and she looked confident. She looked gorgeous in the lime green swimsuit, she radiates energy and positivity. I like her performance during the swimsuit competition and she gave us a mesmerizing walk during the evening gown competition. She looks better with her hair down than up in the bun. 9.36 Points

7th Place - Miss Universe Philippines - Celeste Cortesi

Celeste looked angelic glow with a wavy hairstyle, it was a different look as she had kept straight hair throughout the pre-activities during the pageant. She was shining in the evening gown round despite the dress being too generic for Miss Universe, we expect better evening gowns from the Philippines. Her national pageant gown was better than her Preliminary Gown. 9.45 Points

6th Place - Miss Universe Mexico - Irma Miranda

She had great energy and she looked very comfortable on the stage. Her preparations helped her as she was walking with enthusiasm and balance. The evening gown was similar to Miss Grand Mexico 2022 in white color but Irma manage to give an effortless and elegant performance. She is moving higher on my list, overall, Mexico did a remarkable job. 9.60 Points

4th Runner-Up - Miss Universe Venezuela - Amanda Dudamel

She looked beautiful walking in the vibrant pink swimsuit, she has a warm and captivating aura that makes her friendly and pleasant on the runway. Her evening gown was unexpected as lime green is not a common color choice in pageants, but she was able to carry the dress with sophistication. The side fabrics were too distracting and we have seen better evening gowns from Venezuela in Miss Universe before. 9.66 Points

3rd Runner-Up - Miss Universe Jamaica - Toshami Calvin

Jamaica - Toshami looked captivating tonight, she is the strongest Jamaican delegate we have seen at Miss Universe in recent years. She had a powerful walk, fascinating energy, extraordinary expressions, and an overall presentation. I can see Jamaica making it to the Top 10 or even further. One of the best performers in the preliminary competition. 9.75 Points

2nd Runner-Up - USA - Miss USA had one of the best performances in the preliminary competition, I love her smooth turns and powerful moments. R'Bonney continues to carry the legacy of the USA in the Miss Universe contest. I can see her making the Top 10 or even further based on her ability and substantial experience. She is the most refined American delegate we have seen at Miss Universe since Olivia Jordan in 2015. Pink was a great color for her and as a designer, she showcased her creativity through her evening gown. I am very impressed with Miss USA and I can see her in the Final Question and Answer round. Look forward to seeing her final gown. 9.78 Points

1st Runner-Up - Puerto Rico - She was glowing throughout the event, I love her quiet confidence. She gave a spectacular performance from the introduction until the evening gown. Puerto Rican queens are known for their runway presentations and Ashley continued this tradition. She delivered a breathtaking evening gown performance in a similar style gown from her national pageant. Hope to see some vibrant color gowns for the final event. 9.86 Points

Before I reveal my no 1 choice. Here are some of the delegates who are almost part of my Top 20 - Angola, Brazil, Mauritius, Nepal, and Vietnam - They are in my Top 25 but they were lacking in one of the rounds, so they missed my Top 20 list. Some of the biggest disappointments were in Chile, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Miss Universe - Miss Universe Curaçao - Gabriëla Dos Santos

She has one of the most beautiful faces in this year's competition and her swimsuit walk was absolutely brilliant. It was great to see a small country like Curacao send a well-rounded delegate with substantial preparations. She looked fabulous from the introduction round to the evening gown, she was standout during the swimsuit. Her evening gown performance was captivating and flawless. Curacao has a big chance to make it to the Top 5 finalists if she continues to keep up this momentum and provide the same level of energy in the final event. 9.90 Points

These are my Top 20 Performance Miss Universe 2022.

Who are your favorites for Miss Universe 2022? Comment below

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