Anne explained why Puteri Indonesia lost Miss Universe franchise

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Bali, Indonesia - On 21 February 2023 was the official Press Conference of the new Miss Universe Indonesia organization after the Jakarta-based with Capella Swastika Karya company. Under the new leadership for Miss Universe Indonesia, Indonesian singer, and actress Poppy Capella will serve as its chairwoman. AVUE Chief Executive Officer Eldwen Wang will serve as the national director while Safa Attamimi will serve as the chief operating officer and fashion stylist Niel Dimitrij as project director. This company purchased the Miss Universe franchise by bidding a higher price for the license over the previous franchise holder of Puteri Indonesia. This special event was attended by Miss Universe 2022 R'Bonney Gabriel of the USA, 2nd Runner Up Andreรญna Martรญnez from the Dominican Republic, and Top 5 Gabriรซla Dos Santos of Curaรงao and Mr. Fred Mouawad from Mouawad.

During the press conference, Poppy explained the new, exclusive changes which include married women and transgender women will be allowed to join the national pageant, which will be seen through the first edition of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 pageant. They will focus on social issues like improving economics, encouraging sustainability, and promoting local tourism to an international audience. They will give priority to transformational leadership quality in their Indonesian delegate to compete at the upcoming 72nd Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador. Capella Swastika Karya company will be responsible for finding the best Indonesian representative who fulfills the requirements of a transformational leader as requested by the new Miss Universe owner Miss Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip. The new organization will use modern platform digital technology by providing workshops to young women to teach them about entrepreneurship. Poppy explained that the reason, she bought the Miss Universe franchise in her country was to give confidence and empower modern-day Indonesian women.

Anne explained why Puteri Indonesia lost Miss Universe franchise and why the new company got Miss Universe Indonesia franchise?

She said - We are the most prestigious beauty, Olympics in the world. Miss Universe organization (we) prefer to have just one stage for one beauty pageant brand. No other brand must be involved, and cannot be involved on the same stage. In the past, we saw in some pageants the winner goes to Miss Universe, first and second runner-ups go to another international pageants. I respect the work in the past 20-30 years of the previous company (Puteri Indonesia), and I admire what you have done but this is the principle of the Miss Universe company. For all the national organizations, they must gain respect for the Miss Universe, we must be the first priority. The most important brand, we are not the substitute for love, we have to be number one and we have to be the only one on the stage when you conduct the national competition. Am I Clear? That's why when we send out an application around the world through our companies to every media company to other broadcasters, they are so overwhelmed.

Thank you so much! We got hundreds of companies to consider and one of them is cost. Miss Poppy was selected not because they had the most amount of money or highest bidding but because they were the most qualified company in Indonesia. In fact in each country, it will be selected and we will recruit and appoint who to become our new national director. What do we need? Apart from financial support, apart from financial, the fundamental thing is to have a solid background of each director and their financial strengths because that would mean so many things. You need to bring innovation, you need to bring the production and help us improve our brand to the next level. Therefore, if someone who has been doing business with Miss Universe for a long time. Once again, I do respect and appreciate their work and we love them. However, if you do not change with our rules of the organization, then we must change the national director. We look forward to having someone who can actually fit into our policy, fit into our agenda and also comply with our principle. Am I clear, enough? That's why Miss Poppy today is our new national director of Miss Universe Indonesia.

This is the mission, everyone says Miss Universe loves money but who does not? It is not only about money, it is about improving and also you have adequate funds to elevate to go to the next level. We need a substantial amount of financial background because we do a background check and look at the successful Mr. Justin and Miss Poppy. They have a great business mindset, they have five successful companies listed in the stock market of Indonesia and Malaysia. No question asked whether the integrity of doing business. We did the background check about everything and that is why they deserve to be National Director for Indonesia and Malaysia. For any other countries in the world, we have been doing the same background check to see their financial ability. We do all of this to revamp and improve and elevate the platform for women's empowerment platform because the Miss Universe organization exists to advocate for a future force by women with the courage to push the limits of what's possible who are curious in discovery. Just like our Miss Universe 2022 Top 5, they did social work in Bali and Malaysia for the past three days. They dare to do humanitarian work. We understand the importance of gender equality for the good of all people. In summary, we have to be a force for good and for change just like the Mouawad crown represents and stands for it. The new crown is the most expensive in the 71 years history of the Miss Universe pageant. Also this year we have 94 countries confirmed to compete at the 72nd edition Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador.

R'Bonney shared her previous solo backpacking experience in Bali, Indonesia two years ago. She expressed her gratitude and appreciation for working tremendously with the Miss Universe organization alongside Miss Anne and her two Miss Universe sisters during the Asia Tour. R'bonned thanked Indonesia for the warm hospitality, great food, and rich Balinese culture visiting the historical palace with King of Ubud, Bali His Royal Highness Tjokorda Putra Sukawati at Ubud Royal Palace in Bali, Indonesia.

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