Brazil's Luma Russo crowned Miss Charm 2023

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Miss Charm 2023 is a global-scale beauty pageant, which aims to search for the most exceptional female representatives from different countries all around the world, to appreciate their beauty as well as their cultures and educational backgrounds. The judging criteria for the pageant will involve beauty, physique, intellect as well as the ability to captivate the audience with appeal. Miss Charm is striving to become one of the most spectacular and prestigious beauty pageants in the world, by pampering every participant and letting them live their dream! The contestants are handpicked by Miss Charm, in collaboration with the organizing committee of the most remarkable beauty pageants from each participating country. All the contestants are selected amongst the top-ranking beauty queens on both an international and local scale.

Miss Charm is a program designed for young ladies who wish to join our mission and vision. Each contestant will represent their country, along with their unique beauty, and tradition. We celebrate the greatness of your countries and your individuality. The beauty pageant also prepares a journey for each contestant to discover their true self. During the contest, you will receive advice and training. Contestants will also be managed by a team made of the world’s leading beauty training experts. Aside from being provided with 5-star services during the whole duration of the contest, Miss Charm will also commit to accompanying the winner during her term with extremely attractive remuneration regimes. The preliminary competition was held on 14 February 2023 where all the Top 40 delegates performed in Ao Dai, Swimsuit, Evening Gown, and National Costume competitions.

The designer Ricardo Patraca from Mexico used many different materials to create a unique crown with thousands of crystals and gems, helping to enhance the beauty of Miss Charm 2023 at the moment of the coronation. Ricardo Patraca also said, he is in the finishing process and is looking forward to bringing this artwork to Vietnam. As revealed by Miss Charm BTC, the crown is worth about $ 150,000 (nearly 3.5 billion). The winner of Miss Charm 2023 not only owns a noble crown but also gets a cash amount of VND 1 billion. Tan Miss and the two runner-ups will spend a year living and working in Vietnam to contribute to promoting the culture, and educational tourism of the S-shaped land, and at the same time participating in many volunteer and communal activities. festival.

Miss Charm International 2023 is the first edition of this new international beauty pageant based in Vietnam. The grand coronation event was held on 16 February 2023 at Hoa Binh Theater in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 27 year old Brazilian beauty Luma Russo was crowned as the winner of the 1st Miss Charm International 2023, Miss Philippines Annabelle Mae McDonnell and Miss Indonesia Olivia Tan finished as 1st Runner-Up and 2nd-Runner Up respectively.

Top 6 Questions and Answers

Miss Venezuela: What action have you done to influence and inspire others?

Answer: The action I have done for my society with my experience is through education and love for the children. I think that the most important for the next generation are love and education.

Miss Colombia: Can you tell us about a successful woman who has inspired you to be here tonight?

Answer: The woman who inspired me is Shakira, our Colombian artist. She has received a lot of success through discipline, and perseverance for all her intelligence. She is the woman who has inspired me because she is from Colombia, me too. She reached her dreams through hard work and dedication and I want to be just like her.

Miss Brazil: If you become Miss Charm 2023, what will you do to connect and promote different cultures of the world?

Answer: Culture is my passion, as a commercial pilot - culture is my no 1 interest. Coming from a well-traveled family, having lived all over the world across five countries. The way to promote culture is to unite people. There is a universal language and we must engage in learning and breaking the language barrier. It is one of the most difficult things we have when it comes to promoting culture. It will be my way of helping not only culture but education and the youth. Breaking those barriers to engage everyone. Thank you.

Miss Philippines: What is your definition of Miss Charm?

Miss Charm is someone who looks beyond the difficulties in life and works hard to overcome them. I grew up being told that I would never amount to anything because I belong to a poor neighborhood, a poor family where I had no parents. I have worked so hard for the last seven years to become Miss Philippines and I have worked hard to be the next Miss Charm 2023. Thank you so much.

Miss South Africa: What is sustainable tourism and what is your solution to maintain and develop sustainable tourism? Answer: Xin chào Vietnam! I believe that sustainable tourism is about all of us trying to find ways to balance our nature but rather decrease the negativity about tourism. Secondly, we also talk about diversity such as different cultures. Therefore we need to be able to sustain so that when we get together it is all becoming unison because each and everyone sitting here has something to share and if we all combine our cultures, we do something to embrace.

Miss Indonesia: Nowadays the world is more open than ever, what is your solution for acculturation without the concept of cultural appropriation? Answer: I work as a content creator who promotes culture and tourism. The one way to get out of cultural appropriation is to give credit to what does not belong to us. There is admiration behind different cultures we want to give appreciation for but giving credit is always one solution. Thank you.

Top 3 Final Common Question asked to all the finalists.

Final Question: Every morning when you wake up, what do you think is the meaning of life? What are you living for?

Miss Indonesia: I live to be a blessing to others, I keep that in mind each day. I work to dedicate my life to teaching languages to children in an orphanage because I believe that by being a parent to them, I guide them. I could leave a legacy for them in a better future. This legacy is something I want to continue if I become the next Miss Charm International. Thank you.

Miss Philippines: The meaning of life is to be of help to one another, it is all about putting the community first before oneself. I learned this growing up as an orphan, I started to learn this more from being with Vietnamese people tonight. I think the purpose of my life is to help one another, in the struggles of the youth, I see myself and I relate to them. I hope with my success here tonight, they see themselves in me and believe in themselves because of me. Thank you so much.

Miss Brazil: If I had to summon up in one word, freedom. Being able to travel where you want, be who you want, and do what you want. Be the woman you are meant to be, and follow your dreams. To be able to achieve the knowledge, not only academically but the knowledge of culture, of emotional intelligence. To be able to reach your full potential, thank you.

Full Results

Miss Charm 2023: Luma Russo (Brazil)

1st Runner-Up: Annabelle Mae McDonnell (Philippines)

2nd Runner-Up: Olivia Tan (Indonesia)

Top 6 Finalists: 

Juliana Habib Lorduy (Colombia)

Luyanda Zuma (South Africa)

Lady Di Mosquera (Venezuela)

Top 10 Finalists:

Julieta Garcia (Argentina)

Andrea Montero (Costa Rica)

Valentina Campion (Dominican Republic)

Alejandra Pagan (Puerto Rico)

Top 20 Semi-Finalists:

Anahi Hormazabal Garay (Chile)

Li Mengli (China)

Larissa Han (Korea)

Shannen Jade Totten (Malaysia)

Karen Bustos (Mexico)

Sylwia Bober (Poland)

Anna Baksheeva (Russia)

Patitta Suntivijj (Thailand)

Anastasiia Panova (Ukraine)

Special Award Winners

Best Social Media: Valentina Campion (Dominican Republic), Olivia Tan (Indonesia) and Larissa Han (Korea)

Best In Ao Dai: Aluong Bulkoch (South Sudan)

Best In Evening Gown: Lady Di Mosquera (Venezuela)

Best National Costume: Sotheary (Cambodia)

Best In Swimsuit: Juliana Habib (Colombia)

Miss Fizen: Juliana Habib (Colombia)

Miss Blockcharm: Olivia Tan (Indonesia)

Miss Photogenic: Valentina Campion (Dominican Republic)

Miss Tourism: 

From Africa

Luyanda Zuma Miss Charm South Africa 2023

Winta Russom Miss Charm Eritrea 2023

Bitania Yosef Miss Charm Ethiopia 2023

Aramide López Miss Charm Nigeria 2023

Aluong Bulkoch Miss Charm South Sudan 2023

Grace Mwila Miss Charm Zambia 2023

From Asia

Jessie Islam Miss Charm Bangladesh 2023

Annabelle McDonnell Miss Charm Philippines 2023

Olivia Aten Miss Charm Indonesia 2023

Satakshi Bhanot Miss Charm India 2023

Ruri Saji Miss Charm Japan 2023

Sotheary By Miss Charm Cambodia 2023

Larissa Han Miss Charm South Korea 2023

Shannen Totten Miss Charm Malaysia 2023

Myagmarnaran Munkhbold Miss Charm Mongolia 2023

May Tha Zin Oo Miss Charm Myanmar 2023

Rome Michael Miss Charm Pakistan 2023

Olivia Higgins Miss Charm Singapore 2023

Patitta Suntivij Miss Charm Thailand 2023

Li Mengli Miss Charm China 2023

Thanh Thanh Huyen Miss Charm Vietnam 2023

From Europe

Elize de Jong Miss Charm Netherlands 2023

Paige Cannon Miss Charm England 2023

Tamila Lambrecht Miss Charm Germany 2023

Sylwia Bober Miss Charm Poland 2023

Andreia Correa Miss Charm Portugal 2023

Anna Baksheeva Miss Charm Russia 2023

Anastasiia Panova Miss Charm Ukraine 2023

Olivia Harris Miss Charm Wales 2023

From Americas

Julieta García Miss Charm Argentina 2023

Alondra Mercado Miss Charm Bolivia 2023

Luma Russo Miss Charm Brazil 2023

Anahí Hormazábal Miss Charm Chile 2023

Juliana Habib Miss Charm Colombia 2023

Andrea Montero Miss Charm Costa Rica 2023

Karen Bustos Miss Charm Mexico 2023

Isabella Salgado Miss Charm Nicaragua 2023

Alejandra Pagan Miss Charm Puerto Rico 2023

Valentina Campion Miss Charm Dominican Republic 2023

Lady Di Miss Charm Venezuela 2023

The panel of jury who will judge the Miss Charm 2023 competition include Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005, Mireia Lalaguna, Miss World 2015, Ikumi Yoshimatsu, Miss International 2012, and Mimi Morris, a billionaire of Vietnamese descent.

Selection Committee

  • Nguyแป…n Thแป‹ Thúy Nga – Chairman of the jury and CEO of Elite Company Vietnam.

  • Natalie Glebova – Miss Universe 2005 from Canada.

  • Mireia Lalaguna – Miss World 2015 from Spain.

  • Trแบงn Ngแปc Lan Khuê – Vietnamese actress and Miss World Vietnam 2015.

  • Ikumi Yoshimatsu – Miss International 2012 from Japan.

  • Mimi Morris – Vietnamese-American Entrepreneur.

  • Irene Zhao – Singaporean model and influencer.

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