Dubai Will Host The 71st Miss World 2023 Beauty Pageant

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For the first time in the history of the Miss World beauty pageant, the international pageant will be held in Dubai, UAE. The official announcement was made on Monday on Miss World's social media. This edition will create a historical monument for a Middle Eastern country to host the Miss World beauty pageant. This will also be the first year to see Nepal-born British businessman Mr. Dipendra Gurung become the pageant's co-owner. Miss World organization chairwoman Madam Julia Morley made the official announcement on social media saying; She is delighted to announce the 71st Miss World Festival will be held in the United Arab Emirates in May 2023. The grand coronation date and further details will follow shortly.

The Miss World beauty pageant is one of the most prestigious beauty contests in the world, attracting contestants from various countries. The competition focuses not only on physical beauty but also on intelligence, talent, and social awareness. It aims to empower women and promote charitable causes.

The Miss World 2023 pageant will showcase the beauty, culture, and diversity of Dubai and the UAE. Contestants from around the globe will participate in various rounds, including talent shows, interviews, and a grand finale.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Miss World 2023 pageant and join us in celebrating beauty, grace, and empowerment!

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