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Yesterday, UNICORP Miss Universe Vietnam made a public announcement that they have dropped the Miss Universe License due to creative differences with the new ownership of Miss Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip under the JKN Miss Universe. It is an unfortunate news as the UNICORP Miss Universe Vietnam maintained a professional and healthy relationship with the Miss Universe pageant for the past 15 years by inviting the Miss Universe title holder and the international team to Vietnam annually. Here is the official press release posted by the Miss Universe Vietnam organization.



On 18/02/2023, Saigon Universe Co., Ltd (Unicorp) - The Miss Universe Vietnam competition organizer (HHHV VN) announced that it will continue to be the organizer of the Miss Universe Vietnam competition. At the same time, the temporary announcement Stop copyright cooperation to nominate Vietnamese representatives to join the Miss Universe organization.

Unicorp is a reputable and professional unit in the field of organizing Vietnam's top national beauty pageant, during its construction and development, Unicorp is known as the only unit owning the Miss brand Vietnam Universe, which used to hold the right to host the Miss Universe pageant in 2008, successfully organized the Miss Universe Vietnam through 2015, 2017. Since 2019, Unicorp empowers Universe Media Vietnam Co., Ltd. (UniMedia) - to become the organizer of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, and 2022 competitions in Vietnam.

With determination and positive contributions in the journey to bring Vietnamese culture to international integration, Unicorp, and UniMedia have succeeded in orientation, building, developing, and bringing the Miss Universe Vietnam brand into a competition of prestigious, professional, transparent, and attractive beauty in Vietnam. The historical success and influence of Miss Universe Vietnam have opened many new standards of modern beauty, strongly inspiring the image of the beautiful Vietnamese woman, confident and extremely brave in creating positive values for the community. Just now, Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 also received the honorary award of "Entertainment Phenomenon of the Year" for her contributions to Art Culture.

Continuing that success, Unicorp and UniMedia continue to plan to organize and prepare for the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 launch stage, which is scheduled to take place in late 2023.

With the announcement of the continuation of the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 and the successes achieved during the years of operation of Miss Universe Vietnam, Unicorp confirms that it is the only unit that unanimously holds the ownership for the competition in general and the Miss Universe Vietnam brand in particular.

Since 2008, Unicorp is the unit that holds the copyright to nominate Vietnamese representatives to Miss Universe until now. Besides being the organizer unit of Miss Universe Vietnam, UniMedia is also the producer of the reality TV program Miss Universe Vietnam, taking the task of training, training, and bringing Vietnamese representatives to participate in Miss Universe in the Year.

In 15 years of company and development with Miss Universe and backlash from Unicorp and UniMedia, the Vietnamese representatives have had an impressive journey and are extremely outstanding in continuously covering and storming the media domestically and internationally, are all in the highlights on Social Media with Top 1 Trending, have a strong community project, practical and accompanied by many reputable community organizations domestic and abroad.

Vietnamese representatives who participated in Miss Universe over the years: Miss Nguyen Thuy Lam (2008 - Top 15 Miss Universe 2008), First Runner-up Vo Hoang Yen (2009), First-up Vu Hoang My (2011), Miss Diem Huong (2012), First-up Truong Thi May (2013), Miss Pham Huong (2015), 2nd Runner-up Le Hang (2016), 2nd Runter-up Nguyen Thi Loan (2017), Miss H’Hen Nie (2018 - Top 5 Miss Universe 2018), 2nd Runer-up Hoang Thuy (2019 - Top 20 Miss Universe 2019), Miss Khanh Van (2020 - Top 21 Miss Universe 2020), 2nd Run-up Kim Duyen 2021- Top 16 Miss Universe 2021), Miss Pearl (2022).

Achievements achieved have helped Vietnam firmly and confidently write its name on the world beauty map with many in tops, including especially Miss H’Hen Nie - from a minority fellow, H’Hen Niê has the resounding success of winning the highest title of Miss Universe Vietnam 2018, creating a historical milestone for Vietnamese beauty when excelling in the title of Top 5 Miss Universe 2018 in Thailand. H'Hen Niê's achievement has opened setting a new standard of beauty for Vietnamese Women, contributing strongly to inspiring the young generation to be confident, brave, and increasingly accomplished, to become the best version of themselves.

Before the situation of Miss Universe's organization change new owner came from Thailand, after careful consideration of many factors, and realized that Miss Universe's new business directions no longer match the strategy and goals long-term development of Miss Universe Vietnam. So, Unicorp decided to suspend cooperation with the Miss Universe organization in holding the copyright to nominate a Vietnamese Representative to join Miss Universe from 2023, to focus fully on public Organizer of Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 in addition to continuing to implement Miss Universe Vietnam brand development strategies together with the direction of cooperation with Miss Universe, Runners-up, beauties after participating in the competition Miss Universe Vietnam. Information about holding the Miss Universe Vietnam 2023 and launching new projects in 2023 will be officially announced by Unicorp and Unimedia in the near future.

Hopefully, with the spread of the positive message, we all continue to follow, love, and give our best wishes to the Miss Universe Vietnam organization, support and accompany us in our mission to inspire positivity in the journey of creating practical values for the community as well as new, explosive projects to be announced soon by Unicorp and UniMedia.

Sincerely thank you for sharing and for your valuable company.

Next week a new Miss Universe Vietnam organization will be announce and we will find out who will be the new National Director responsible to send Vietnamese delegates to the next edition Miss Universe 2023 pageant in El Salvador.

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