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Miss Mega Bintang Indonesia (previously Miss Grand Indonesia) is a national beauty pageant based in Jakarta, Indonesia responsible to send Indonesian delegates to the Miss Grand International and Miss Face of Humanity international contests. Since 2020, Ivan Gunawan a celebrity fashion designer, influencer, and businessman who became the National Director after Yayasan Dharma Gantari (the previous license holder until 2019). Under Yayasan Dunia Mega Bintang, Indonesia won the Miss Face of Humanity 2021 contest with Nadia Tjoa was held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada. Ariska Putri Pertiwi became the first Indonesian woman to win the coveted title of Miss Grand International 2016 which was held in Las Vegas, United States. This year the national organization has searched throughout the country to find the best Indonesian representatives for Miss Grand International 2023 and Miss Face of Humanity 2023. The reigning winner of Miss Grand Indonesian 2022 Andina Julie finished 2nd Runner-Up at the Miss Grand International 2022 contest held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Adina will crown her successor by the end of the event. Here are the gorgeous and stunning Top 20 finalists of Miss Grand Indonesia 2023. Preliminary Competition will be held on 6 June and he grand coronation event will be held on 8 June 2023 in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Andi Icha Hardy
A presenter, host, and master of ceremony, and also work for West Sulawesi government protocol. Her Garis Hitam Project is aiming to empower Female inmates and ex-convicts in the business field.


Andika Juliana Nasution
As a girl above height average living in the small city of Mandailing Natal in North Sumatra has been a struggle for Andika. Pageants and modeling have a bad perspective in society, which is why she wants to break this stigma. Growing up in a family that has the same profession that is a midwife (bidan), is something that she is very proud of.


Anisah Nudya
As a Tax Student in Pekanbaru, Anisa was dreaming to compete in a national beauty pageant. Her passion is modeling, and she believes she is a person who is very determined in pursuing dreams despite the prejudice of having the profession as a model. She always thinks to have a positive dream and keeps chasing the dream and changing it into reality.


Beatrix Laura
Having competed in many national pageants does not stop her to pursue her dreams of one day becoming a beauty queen to inspire many people's lives through her action and words. This shows that she is a true fighter. Beatrix is also an f&b entrepreneur specially crafted with Korean style.


Cheesi Enripka Mose
A communication science student in Jakarta, Cheesi is also a runner and sprinter. She is full of dreams and goals so she can be a better person today than yesterday and her value in life is to be generous to society.


Febby Dengah
She is working in customer service for PT Kereta Api, which does not stop her to finish her study as a Law Student. Febby is a hard-working woman, willing and eager to try new things and challenges, and she loves modeling and acting.


Intan Aprilia
Growing up in a humble family, she always strives for her best and works hard for what she wanted. Modeling since the age of 16 is proof of her hard work which leads her to be one of the finalists to date. Her Mental health campaign - Tentang Kita is picturing the everyday verses of a season in life.


Joanty Andra Putri
Growing up in Batam, Joanty was raised in a family that holds culture tightly. Dancing and modeling were some activities she used to do back in her hometown. Having competed in some national pageants and experiencing the rise and fall has challenged her to be succeeded in her life and keep on pursuing her dream to make it real.


Michelle Ayu
She loves to spend her time in the creative industry, such as music and interior architectural design. She believes she can empower others to grow and bloom and strive for what they aspire to be.


Prisca Aria
Born and raised in Majene, West Sulawesi, she was nurtured by a single mother. The values of being strong and kind to everyone are the vocal points that she got from her mother. She has started her non-profit project "Kita Tidak Berbeda", a platform to help raise awareness about the disabled community and accessible workshops so they can upscale their skills.


Raissa Putri
Raissa is a student of Fisheries and Product Technology in Malang. She loves to explore new things in life and pursue her career in the modeling industry. The urge of being authentic has set her to be a person that is genuine and reliable.


Rayya Haqq
Majoring in English at the faculty of Language, Communication, and Tourism, Rayya also has a talent for singing, presenting, and acting. Not to mention modeling as she frequently booked fashion shows. She is a person who likes to learn, is passionate, and is ready to do any tasks that are given.


Ritasya Wellgreat
An accountant student from Palembang who loves to sing and play music. She is known as someone independent because her parents have always taught her to do and decide everything on her responsibility. Having confidence is one of the keys to her success. She likes to learn new things in life and she always feels grateful for what she has been through.


Sahida Sheik Iskandar
Standing at the towering height of 180cm tall. Sahida enjoys dancing and acting as her talent. An economic university student in Palembang, South Sumatra, and her dream is to make her parents proud by achieving great accomplishments in her life.


Tara Madison
Having her degree in Management from RMIT University Melbourne, Tara is also a multitalented person. She loves ballet, horse riding and even making coffee as a barista. She is a keen learner and aimed to transform in life as a woman. Three values in her life: quality, honesty, and patience, is the key to reaching and maintaining sustainable goals in life.


Valerie Avril
Avril loves to act, dance, and be in the spotlight. Even though she puts her study on hold to pursue her dream in the entertainment industry, that does not stop her to make an impact in her life. She is ready to win, to work, to perform, and to evolve.


Vanessa Claudia Hatter
Graduated with special honor Cum Laude in Bachelor of Architecture, Vanessa is working as a civil servant back in her hometown, Manado. She also works with the NGO “Voice of Women Indonesia” to raise awareness and empower women and children. Her ability to be adaptive, a visioner, and a spoke person are her best attributes to work together with the organization.


Vania Agustina
A fashion model and catwalk trainer. Her passion for the fashion world is unstoppable. She loves to teach students how to be successful fashion models because Vania thinks success is the result of endless hard work.


Vania Kwan
A social media strategist for a Singaporean company and she loves to dance and draw. Her happiest moment is when she can share her experience with younger generations to help them improve to be a better person.


Vinnilya Huanggrio
Vinnilya is a fashion model and national telecast reporter. Growing up as the only daughter in the family has taught her to be independent. After finishing her university study in Bandung, she found her interest in the broadcasting world. Competing in some competitions, on the national and international scale has molded her into a woman figure that is strong, hard-working, and courageous.

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