Top 11 Finalists of Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023

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The first edition of the Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023 will be held separately from Miss Czech Republic. The National Director is Taťána Makarenko is also the Founder and President of the Miss Czech Republic national beauty pageant, she was a former Miss Grand Czech Republic who competed in the 2015 edition held in Bangkok, Thailand, and finished in the Top 20 semi-finalist. The reigning Miss Grand Czech Republic 2022 Mariana Beckova finished 4th Runner-Up at the Miss Grand International 2022 event held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Mariana will crown her successor as the next Czech representative for the upcoming Miss Grand International 2023 on 25 October 2023 at Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Here are the gorgeous, sexy, and beautiful Top 11 Finalists of Miss Grand Czech Republic 2023 in their sexy black swimsuits.

Finalist 1 Erika Teichertová

Age: 21 years old Height: 176cm (5 feet 9.5 inches)

Hometown: Ostrava 

She studied Social Pedagogy at the University of Ostrava. In the past, I danced Oriental dance and now I do nail modeling. Her goal is mainly to be happy, and healthy. If this comes true for me and my family, it will be the best future I can wish for. I'd also like to leave a legacy in the world, whether it's my journey at Miss or starting my own business. Best to all areas of charity. Everyone needs a helping hand and it's really hard for me to choose, so I would like to contribute my help to both people, our fauna, and the planet. At the moment, I am mostly involved in collections on the website, where I try to donate mostly too sick children. It's been my dream since I was little when I watched every year of Miss and dreamed of standing there one day. This dream has remained with me until now, but it already has a much greater justification. I wish to make the Czech Republic as visible as possible, and also to prove that no matter what happens to us in life, it is possible to get out of it and shine in the spotlight. Her family and my determination to leave a legacy here. I believe that everyone has a place here and should make the most of it.

Finalist 2 Dominika Němečková

Age: 22 years old Height: 177cm (5 feet 9.5 inches)

Hometown: Ropice

She graduated in Pedagogy at Masaryk University in Brno. Dominika is a multiple dance champion of the Czech Republic. As I work in the field of special pedagogy, I would like to use my voice to spread awareness about people with hearing and speech disabilities. I would also like to devote myself to helping these people, especially children, and their families. It would be a great honor for me to represent the Czech Republic at a world competition. I would like to show all my qualities and I would also be grateful if my voice could be heard more I would like to use it to help where it is needed. My purpose in life is to be happy. For me, that includes pursuing things that fulfill me. My biggest goal is for one day my work to be something that fulfills me and makes me happy. I also try not to stand in one place in life, but to constantly move and develop.

Finalist 3 Veronika Dočkalová

Age: 26 years old Height: 179cm (5 feet 10.5 inches)

Hometown: Prague

Veronika works as a Television reporter with a focus on the business show. She would like to dedicate herself to a charity to help seriously ill children and their families. Winning the Miss Czech Republic would open the door to a "bigger" world in which she would have a stronger voice. Veronika would like to be here for people to whom she would like to be an inspiration and support thanks to her life experiences. If she were to be placed on one of the podiums, then she would do everything to represent not only myself but also the organization in which Veronika would leave a memorable signature as best as possible and with pride. To be happy, to live life with ease, but at the same time fully by the side of those closest to you.

Finalist 4 Kristýna Dušková

Age: 22 years old Height: 181cm (5 feet 11 inches)

Hometown: Chrudim

She is a student of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Pardubice. Losing a parent is one of the worst things that can happen to a young child. So I would like to do charity work that would help children who have lost their parents. I have been through this trauma myself and I know how hard it is to deal with it. I would like to help these children, both financially and psychologically. She has extensive experience in modeling and I think that I would be able to represent the Czech Republic in a world competition. I am humble, friendly, empathetic, and goal-oriented. I would put all my effort into the competition. Furthermore, I would like to show my dedication and perseverance. And most importantly, one must never give up. 2 years ago my mother died of cancer and we had a dream together. And that dream was to apply for Miss. Now I'm here fighting for both of us. I am fulfilling not only my dream, but also my mother's dream, and I believe that she would be proud of me. I am a strong personality and I will give everything to this competition. The purpose of my life is to help people around me, to travel the world, to improve and move on, to create a quality background, and to have a happy and healthy family in the future.

Finalist 5 Sophia Osako

Age: 18 years old Height: 180cm (5 feet 11 inches)

Hometown: Prague

She is a Political Sciences student at Anglo-American University. Sophia would like to dedicate herself to a charity that focuses on helping children in the Czech Republic in the field of education and training and gradually expand this organization to other countries. She would like to be an inspiration to young people who are sick or in other difficult situations and to show them that despite all this it is possible to achieve all our dreams. Furthermore, I would like to be a good role model and represent our republic and show the surrounding countries that we are open to other nationalities and cooperation with them. Winning the Miss Czech Republic would open the door to world modeling and allow me to get to know other countries and cultures, which would enrich my worldview and thinking. And last but not least, thanks to the Miss Czech Republic and her collaborations, I could better help others in need. Her purpose in life is to spread positivity and make people smile.

Finalist 6 Marie Jedličková

Age: 25 years old Height: 183cm (6 feet)

Hometown: Prague

Marie is studying Strategic Management student at the Business Institute in Prague, Czech Republic. would like to dedicate herself to a charity/project focused on people and the environment. She would like to help people find a relationship with nature again. She applied to Miss Czech Republic because she enjoys new challenges like learning new things, and meeting new people. She believes that success in the competition and the publicity associated with it would allow her to spread ideas that matter, such as environmental protection. The meaning in life is her family and friends who support her every day in her dreams and wishes.

Finalist 7 Kateřina Mládková

Age: 20 years old Height: 182cm (5 feet 11.5 inches)

Hometown: Dubné

She is a student at the University of Economics in Prague. She would dedicate herself to helping oncologically ill children. There are people close to her who have fought and are fighting this disease, so she knows how difficult it is, let alone children who have their whole lives ahead of them. Kateřina would like to have a stronger voice and, thanks to it, help and positively influence those around her. She would like her opinions to be heard and to show that Miss Czech Republic is an intelligent and capable woman, for whom beauty is taken as an addition to their character. She would like to live in such a way that when she looks back on her life, she will know that she has left something behind. Each of us wants to be happy and enjoy life, but it is what we do for others that remain in the world after us. Kateřina's inspiration in this regard is the American entrepreneur and philanthropist Sara Blakely.

Finalist 8 Justýna Zedníková

Age: 20 years old Height: 177cm (5 feet 9.5 inches)

Hometown: Prague

Justýna is studying at the University of Economics in Prague. Children are closest to her heart, and she would like to devote herself to charities focusing on both sick children and children who are left alone, for example in orphanages. However, she would like to help anyone who needs help. To fulfill her dream, Justýna became a successful woman and she believe that it would open up a lot of other possibilities for her in the future. Justýna's purpose in life is to help others, to experience moments that she will remember one day, and to create a smile on the faces of her loved ones.

Finalist 9 Nicole Ebnerová

Age: 22 years old Height: 179cm (5 feet 10.5 inches)

Hometown: Prague

She enjoys pilates, skiing, studying foreign languages ​​, and playing the piano. She would focus on charity or founded an organization that helps young ladies and women in difficult life situations, whether caused by a bad upbringing, a difficult childhood, or by their own doing. It can be various socially weak persons and single women who have inadvertently found themselves in such a situation and it is really difficult for them to fully fulfill all life roles: mothers, women, work, and at the same time have some time for themselves. Nicole would like to win Miss Grand Czech Republic because she believes that the Czech Republic and the world. She is talking about the visual aspect as well as the intellect. Nicole likes to help people around me and she believes that thanks to the victory she can present herself better, her voice will be heard more, and in cooperation with the Miss Czech Republic. She can achieve better results and help more people. It would allow me to become a role model for many and thereby fulfill my purpose in life. As she mentioned above, the purpose of my life is to find inner balance, a sense of fulfillment, happiness, and love. She likes to work on herself and enjoy the process, improve herself in various areas of life, and pass on her knowledge. She is a humanitarian person, so if she can put a smile on someone's face or help and advise them in an unclear life situation has realized herself. It would say that helping others is her mission in life.

Finalist 10 Anna Benešová

Age: 20 years old Height: 178cm (5 feet 10 inches)

Hometown: Prague

Her educational background is a Major in Sports Marketing at the University of Economics and Management. Anna enjoys playing sports in general, mainly exercise, dancing, winter sports, and horse riding. Also travel and fashion. She would like to help abandoned and abused animals because they do not get enough attention and also like to devote herself to more charities such as CIWF to support the fight against industrial farms. Anna would like to give a happy life to all the innocent faces on which human heartlessness has been imprinted. Winning the Miss Czech Republic has been my dream since childhood. As a winner, she would like to be a role model and a voice for women so that they are not afraid to assert their opinion in society and stand up for themselves. Thanks to Miss, she would like to start an NGO to help abandoned and abused animals. Among other things, be sure to get involved in other activities to help orphans and people who have found themselves in an unfavorable life situations. Most importantly, don't let life slip through your fingers. To be happy and make as many people happy as possible. To help people and animals on whom fortune has turned its back.

Finalist 11 Barbora Bláhová

Age: 23 years old Height: 175cm (5 feet 9 inches)

Hometown: Hudlice

She is now a student of Marketing at the University. Currently, she does modeling, jump rope, fitness, drawing, and travel. I would like to work for a charity that focuses on seniors and retirement homes. I think no one should be alone at this age and they deserve more attention. After all, we still have a lot to learn from them. And I would like to set an example for the younger, but also the older generation because not everyone realizes that they should show respect and honor to the elderly. And not to leave your grandparents alone, for example. She believes it would open a lot of doors for me, I would meet a lot of new people and gain new valuable experiences. I could then be completely independent and independent. And of course, it is my dream to represent the Czech Republic abroad. Her main priority is to be happy and look for happiness in the little things. I'm also grateful for everything I have because not everyone has the same luxury as we do in our country and a lot of people don't realize it either. I want to be the best inspiration for those around me, but also for all the people who follow me. I still want to move forward, no matter what.


PHOTO: @vitali.bara

STYLING: @samdolceofficial

SWIMWEAR: @beach_swan

HAIR STYLISTS: @franckprovostcz

MAKE-UP: @viktoria_koroliuk @marinaprovaznikk

ORG: @missczechrepublic

PRESIDENT: @tatanamakarenko

CREATIVE DIRECTOR: @samdolceofficial

VENUE: @megapixelcz

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