Anne said Miss Universe org will make over $58 million in profit

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Bangkok, Thailand – Miss Anne Jakrajutatip Thai multi-millionaire transgender owner of the JKN Miss Universe beauty pageant made a public announcement on 24 April regarding some exciting news and projects for the international pageant. Since 2022, Miss Anne who owns a multi-corporation business based in Bangkok, Thailand, has been very open about the plans for her company. According to the Facebook post, One of the new updates is more than three countries have started to bid to become the host country for the 73rd edition of the Miss Universe 2024 beauty pageant. The President Mr. Nayib Bukele of the Latin American country of El Salvador declared as the official venue for the 72nd Miss Universe 2023 during the live broadcast of the recent contest. It will be the second time since, Miss Universe 1975 was held at the National Gymnasium in San Salvador, El Salvador.

The second news is about the predicted increase in sales through her water bottle, beauty supplements, healthy diet products, and business proposition through sustainable merchandise using materials that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Miss Universe 2022 Gabriel from the United States, with her background in fashion design will be incorporating her creative and unique designs as part of a collaboration with the JKN company to present beautiful accessories. The increase in sales for the JKN Global Group is expected at 20 billion Thai baht ($58 Million). Miss Anne is focused on smart marketing which will in return with a high-profit margin for the company, as an intelligent businesswoman with over 15 years of experience in the competitive business industry. Her expertise and knowledge from previous experience will benefit the JKN 18 company as she plans to reach a bigger global audience across the universe. After the new ownership of the Miss Universe organization from IMG to JKN, there have been many changes from Miss Anne to develop and improve the management team to the goal of the company.

In addition, JKN's media business group, both digital television station JKN 18 and television channel JKN-CNBC, have continued to increase in viewership, with JKN 18 channel climbing up to the Top 10 rating within a short period. Within one year, the JKN-CNBC channel has increased the number of viewers ranked in the top 3 of the 3BB box, receiving feedback from viewers who are investors and people interested in economic news over 2 million people. JKN Global Group Co., Ltd. Public Company Limited is still growing a leap forward becoming a market leader in the home shopping business by holding shares of "Hi-Shopping" (Hi Shopping) with 100% full and also modernizing strategies to meet the consumer trends. The New Normal era, created a landslide increase in sales, receiving cash 24 hours a day. Resulting in last year's revenue of more than 2,600 million baht, a profit of more than 500 million baht ($14.6 million). As for the beverage business, "JKN DRINK" generates a profit of 25 million baht in 2022 and still has its factory preparing to release many new products in the year. From all the successes that have occurred under the kingdom of JKN Global Group Public Company Limited, making the capital increase in the latest round. "Ann-Jakkaphong" and a large group of major shareholders Invest more than 800 million baht because they are confident in the potential and business prospects of JKN in the future that will shine through the universe.

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