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The 7th edition of Miss Grand Australia 2023 beauty pageant will be held on 15 July 2023 in Melbourne, Australia. Miss Grand Australia 2022 Amber Sidney Dew from Melbourne will crown her successor at the end of the event. Since their first participation in 2013, Australian representatives have consistently placed at least among the top 20 finalists, except in 2022. The highest performance was the first runner-up in 2015, obtained by Claire Elizabeth Parker who was later promoted to take over the winner title after the original winner, Anea Garcia of the Dominican Republic, had been dethroned. However, Parker was later delegitimized from the position in 2019 due to partaking in Miss Universe Australia 2019.

Abi Grigsby from Regional Victoria

Abi is a 24-year-old Venue Manager, with a Filipino- Australian from Regional Victoria! Abi is a very athletic and sporty person, she believes that many people are surprised to hear that she is both a model and sports lover and hopes to break the stereotype! Abi would like to use the Miss Grand Australia platform to make a lasting impact on her community by helping others, volunteering, and advocating for causes that she is passionate about. Abi hopes to inspire other girls to become models or compete in pageantry as well as sports and she believes she can help break this stereotype! She believes that if you have more than one passion you should go for it, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Brooke Murray from New South Wales

Brooke is a 25-year-old Performing Arts Teacher/ Masters Candidate from NSW Australia! Brooke is a dancer, emcee, performing arts coach, and a passionate advocate for mental health awareness and at-risk women and children. She is currently in her final year of her Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology with the career goal of working with vulnerable population groups, including those with disabilities and the elderly, to holistically improve their health. Brooke hopes to use the Miss Grand Australia platform to extend her reach as a role model and charity advocate, inspiring other women to chase their dreams as she strongly believes that there is no limit to what each of us can achieve.

Kimmi Jayne from Tasmania

Kimmi is a 28-year-old Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Officer from Tasmania! Kimmi believes that to grow into a confident person you must face your fears and take on as many opportunities as you can! With this in mind, Kimmi went to live and study in Nagoya Japan for 1 year under a travel scholarship. She is now fluent in Japanese! Kimmi works as a Stakeholder Engagement and Communications Officer for a large urban development project whilst hosting/ producing a podcast @boss_chick_by_kimmi_jayne Kimmi hopes to use the Miss Grand Australia platform to grow her podcast reach and her overall mission which is to help women discover their voice, build their self-confidence and overcome fears!

Nicole Wilson from Melbourne

Nicole is a 27-year-old Change Manager/ Entrepreneur and Model from the City of Melbourne! Nicole is currently studying for a diploma in art therapy so that she can run classes for children who have experienced trauma. Nicole is the founder of @miradenim which is a ‘purpose over profit’ business that creates Australian-made sustainable clothing. She believes we must look after the earth we call home and make the world a better, cleaner, and kinder place for all. Nicole hopes to use the Miss Grand Australia platform to spread awareness of the lasting impacts of domestic violence and to inspire other women across the country to work hard for their goals and make their dreams come true!

Jacquelyn Mangubat from North Melbourne

Jacquelyn is a 28-year-old Architect from North Melbourne! Jacquelyn is a Maltese and Filipino descendant and she says that her heritage has allowed her to embrace and empower others throughout her cultural diversity. She would like to use the Miss Grand Australia platform to represent the qualities of diverse Australians as she believes our country is so welcoming to many different cultures. She would also like to become a role model by promoting kindness and helping others.

Mikaela Fowler from Victoria

Mikaela is a 28-year-old Disability Support Worker from Victoria. Throughout her personal journey of self-discovery, her ADHD diagnosis, and her experience working as a Disability support care worker, Mikaela has gained insight into a world that lacks understanding for those who are different. Mikaela hopes to use Miss Grand Australia as a platform to help reduce the stigma around disability, to spread kindness and compassion, and to help other people who are experiencing their own struggles.

Paitin Powell from North Queensland

Paitin is a 25-year-old Dental Nurse from North Queensland Australia! Growing up in rural areas of North Queensland, Paitin realized that throughout her life, opportunity did not come easy. Paitin would like to use Miss Grand Australia as a platform to prove that it does not matter where you come from, if you have a dream in life, work hard, and show up for yourself every day you can achieve anything! Paitin currently teaches modeling and deportment classes to young people living in rural Australia to give them opportunities to grow and achieve their dreams.

Selina McCloskey from New South Wales

Selina is a 22-year-old Business student from NSW Australia! Selina attended a deaf and blind preschool as an abled person which taught her empathy and gratitude at a young age. She proved that hard work pays off as she then went on to attend school on an academic scholarship. Selina is now at university completing a Bachelor's in Business/ Innovation and Entrepreneurship, majoring in Human Recourses and Leadership Management. Selina hopes to use Miss Grand Australia as a platform to be a role model for younger generations who are going through adversity. She believes that we all have a purpose in life and that hers is to be a voice for peace and kindness in the world.

Windy Anif from Victoria

Windy is a 28-year-old Chef from Indonesia who received her Australian citizenship in 2021. Windy hopes to continue the legacy that her late father built; helping those in need. Since just 4 years old she worked with her father on his own charity in Indonesia, where they build schools, fixed roads, and opened clinics. Windy loves being a chef and she has had the opportunity to cook for major celebrities such as George Clooney, Serena Williams, DJ Tiesto, Christian Blake, Luke Evans, and many more!

List of Miss Grand Australia 2023 Official Delegates:

Abi Grigsby

Brooke Murray

Jacquelyn Mangubat

Kimmi Jayne

Mikaela Fowler

Nicole Wilson

Paitin Powell

Selina McCloskey

Windy Anif

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