LIVE UPDATES: 23rd Miss Philippines Earth 2023 Final Competition Results

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The 23rd edition of Miss Philippines Earth 2023 beauty pageant was held at the Toledo City Sports Center in Toledo, Cebu, Philippines on April 29, 2023. Miss Philippines Earth 2022 Jenny Ramp of Santa Ignacia, Tarlac crowned Yllana Marie Aduana from Laguna her successor at the end of the event. Yllana Marie Aduana will represent the Philippines at the Miss Earth 2023 pageant in Vietnam. On January 13, 2023, the organization launched its search for the next Filipina earth warrior who will represent the Philippines at the Miss Earth 2023 competition. Overall, thirty-one candidates will be representing various cities, municipalities, as well as communities from abroad and will compete for the title. The grand coronation event of the Miss Philippines Earth 2023 beauty pageant was hosted by Mr. Robi Domingo.

After establishing a track record in mounting world-class beauty pageants over the last decade, Carousel Productions Inc. decided to reinvent and improve the concept of beauty competitions for the new millennium. Because many people admire and aspire to be beauty queens, Carousel Productions, Inc. believed beauty queens would be good and effective advocates of worthy causes. To give life to this vision, Carousel Productions Inc. organized and launched 2001 the MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH Beauty Pageant, a beauty event whose raison d’etre was to have its candidates and winners actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth. Together with the Miss Earth Foundation, Inc., MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH aims to strongly emphasize environmental awareness programs. The five titleholders will serve as the ambassadors to environmental protection campaigns in the country. MISS PHILIPPINES-EARTH represents the Philippines in one of the biggest international beauty competitions - the MISS EARTH Pageant. Here are the official candidates for the Miss Philippines Earth 2023.

Top 10 Hashtag Round

Topic #Humanity

Mangatarem, Pangasinan – Kerri Reily

Answer: I feel like living here, we all have humanity and it is very important to keep pushing forward and to keep reaching our goals. To reach for success because that's how life goes and that's how you can live a happy life. Thank you.

Topic #Branches

Fil. Com. of Milan, Italy – Queenie Salac

Answer: I believe that having branches across our Italy is really important. We have to expand our culture. And as your next Miss Philippines Earth, I wish I could share our Filipino culture to everyone around the world. Thank you.

Topic #Safety

Siniloan, Laguna – Yllana Marie Aduana

Answer: Safety plays a very salient role in our lives. We have to always be secure, not only safe but also in terms of water security, and food security because as Miss Philippines Earth, I know that I am a hardworking person and I can always incorporate this in order for us to achieve safety at all costs. Protect mother earth, the way she protects us all with all safety. Thank you.


Dipolog – KC Falcasantos Iloilo City – Ma. Christina Tallador

Answer: Miss Philippines Earth theme is ME loves 2023. The tree that I chose is the Talisay tree and the has the qualities that make me feel like I am back in my childhood. I hope in the future the children of the future will be able to experience the same feeling I had as a child. So, let's continue to protect our trees as one together. Thank you.


Fil. Com. of Melbourne, Australia – Sha'uri Livori

Answer: Actually, if you got to see the back of my dress, it is actually a replication of a tree and I really wanted just to connect that too. Also, my tree, the eucalyptus tree, and it is really important that we understand the importance of our native trees in our country because in the end, they provide the foundation and the support to flora and fauna and without the roots of the trees that support them, we would not have an earth this beautiful.


Iloilo City – Ma. Christina Tallador
Answer: A storm is a catastrophic event that is due to or caused by climate change and climate change is one of the many factors that is affecting our planet. That is why as eco-warriors we should practice a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. Practice the five Rs and most importantly plant more trees that are native to our country the Philippines. So, we can live in a greener world because there's only one planet earth. There is no planet B. Thank you.


Toledo City – Athena Auxillo

Answer: One of the factors of heat is deforestation in our country. The key solution for this is to promote sustainability in our environment. To fulfill the needs of our current generation now without compromising the needs of the future generations to come. By providing alternative solutions. Let us all remember that this is our only home and that this is our only earth. And we should learn to take care of it because this is our only hope. Thank you.


Taguig – Cea de Jesus

Answer: If we look at our fauna, fruits are always changing. We can resemble this to humanity. We have moments of wins and we have moments where we lost our way. And this is why I want to urge everyone to don't wait. Don't wait for a savior because we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the ones who should lead our communities.


Puerto Princesa – Jemimah Joy Zabala

Answer: Leaves are part of the trees and it reminds us of a lot of things. From trees from our environment, we learn a lot of things. From the trees and the leaves, we learned that there are seasons for everything. We learned that there is a season to fall, to flourish, and to stand strong in the middle of whatever we are facing. As trees, we should stand to save the earth as well. No matter how seasoned, we should start to stand strong and take care of the earth. We learn a lot from our environment. So let's take care of our earth. Thank you.


San Jose, Nueva Ecija – Princes Lazaga

Answer: Our habitat is our earth and earth in the resources of earth make life possible in on it. They are the blessings that we do not count, when all these resources will be under threat, naturally the lives of all living organisms will be in peril. That is why as a catalyst for change, I am encouraging everyone to take actions that will help protect our environment because individually we can make a difference but our collaborative efforts will create a bigger impact in our community and in our environment. Thank you.

Final Question and Answer

Common Question: What do you think people in the future would say about your generation?

Siniloan, Laguna – Yllana Marie Aduana

Our generation, although misconstrued as very ardent, I would have to say that we use our voices for a reason. And that is to always speak up for the things that we know are right and for the things we know, we deserve. That is why we are very ardent about it. That is why I am also conducting co-comes in the 17 sustainable development goals and their interconnectedness to nature in hopes to precipitate people's eco-consciousness because our future is the linebackers and the pioneers of environmental amelioration and we should always take advantage of it at all costs. Thank you.

Toledo City – Athena Auxillo

As a person who has the initiative to join this pageant to make myself environmentally aware. I feel like our generation is the start of change because I believe that our generation has the voice to do our best, just to make everything right in the world. As we move to a more advanced and progressive earth, it is our duty as ours. Thank you

Mangatarem, Pangasinan – Kerri Reily

In this generation we live in, we have a thing called canceled. Where we cancel out people, and I kind of want to make a change with that. I want to spread positivity. It is all about being happy and being genuine and I feel like you know, the future should look at us and be like wow, they did really good. Thank you.

Puerto Princesa – Jemimah Joy Zabala

I think that we are the last generation. We should be the last generation to see the disasters, the negative impacts that we have in the environment. We should also be the first generation to make a solution and I hope that we are the first generation that the next generations will see as the heroes of the earth. Thank you.

Fil. Com. of Melbourne, Australia – Sha'uri Livori

They would say we are fighters because for too long, my generation had our voices shunned. Especially with the climate, we have had so much anxiety. Thinking, will we be able to see the world the way it is, for its beauty now, in the future. I would say, those people who look down on us, they will no longer be able to see that we truly are fighters.

Final Results:

Miss Philippines Earth 2023: Siniloan, Laguna – Yllana Marie Aduana

Miss Philippines Air 2023: Mangatarem, Pangasinan – Kerri Reily

Miss Philippines Water 2023: Puerto Princesa – Jemimah Joy Zabala

Miss Philippines Fire 2023: Fil. Com. of Melbourne, Australia – Sha'uri Livori

Miss Philippines Eco Tourism 2023: Toledo City – Athena Auxillo


Fil. Com. of Milan, Italy – Queenie Salac

Dipolog – KC Falcasantos Iloilo City – Ma. Christina Tallador

Iloilo City – Ma. Christina Tallador

Taguig – Cea de Jesus

San Jose, Nueva Ecija – Princes Lazaga

Top 15 Semi-Finalists:

Balayan, Batangas – Meri Lasil Relevo

Carrascal, Surigao del Sur – Chrystel Mae Correos

San Pascual, Batangas – Jeicka Dimatatac

Tuburan, Cebu – Jamie Angelique Armanda

Zamboanga City – Fermizulli Silal

Special Awards Winners:

Darling of the Press: Yllana Marie Aduana of Siniloan, Laguna

Best in Talent: Kerri Reilly of Mangatarem, Pangasinan

Best in Swimsuit: Yllana Marie Aduana of Siniloan, Laguna

Best in Cultural Attire: KC Falcasantos of Dipolog

Best Eco-Video: Chrystel Mae Correos of Carrascal, Surigao del Sur

Final Competition

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