Miss Universe Paraná 2023 is Mariana Becker

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Umuarama, Brazil - Last night was the grand coronation event of Miss Universe Paraná 2023. The winner of Miss Universe Paraná 2023 Mariana Becker will represent the state of Paraná at the upcoming Miss Brazil 2023. Mariana Becker Bonetti is a 26-year-old model from Francisco Beltrão. She holds a degree in business administration and is fluent in the English language. Umuarama was host the Miss Universe Paraná pageant, which brings together 27 candidates from various municipalities in the state. The winner competes in Miss Universe Brazil, one of the most important in the country – and, if she wins again, she goes on to compete in Miss Universe. The City Hall supports the event, which is coordinated by PróArte and will be held between March 29th and 31st, with the final scheduled for next Saturday (April 1st), starting at 8 pm at the Vera Schubert Cultural Center. Cris Ranzani, the state coordinator of the contest, reports that the success of the Miss Universe Paraná 2023 in Umuarama will be forever recorded in the history of the contest, since, in just a few hours, all the tickets made available by the organizing committee were sold. “The contest is open to the public, but unfortunately, we don't have any more tickets: everything was sold out in the first few moments”, she says. One of the special guests for the final event will be Miss Universe Brazil 2016 Raissa Santana, who was Miss Umuarama and Miss Paraná – will be one of the attractions on the night, adding that fans and the public, in general, need not be sad, as the pageant will also be broadcast live on the channel of TVUP – 56. “We will also broadcast on YouTube and the SoulTV app, on the Umiss channel”, he indicates. The coordinator also points out that public interaction can also happen through the election of Miss Popularity, which will be the Top 6.

Final Results:

Miss Universe Paraná 2023: Mariana Becker from Francisco Beltrão

1st Runner-Up: Laysla Maria from Umuarama

2nd Runner-Up: Mylena Rodrigues from Cascavel

Top 5 Finalist: Milena Carvalho from Contenda

Top 5 Finalist: Jéssica Krein from Marechal Cândido Rondon

The winning answer of Miss Universe Paraná 2023 Mariana Beckova

Question: If you had to choose between wisdom, beauty, and luck, what would you choose and why?

Answer: Without a doubt, I would choose wisdom because I believe that with wisdom we can make the best possible choices in our lives and thus create our own luck. Not depending on destiny and other people but depending only on ourselves. So, without a doubt, I would choose wisdom. Thank you so much.

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