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Bangkok, Thailand - The 10th edition of Miss Grand Thailand 2023 presented a special event of the National Costume Competition on 23 April 2023 held at MGI Hall, Show DC Megacomplex, Bangkok Thailand. All the Top seventy-seven official delegates represented their unique local culture and traditions on the national platform. The show started with a spectacular event with grand production, stunning visual background representing Thai alphabets, and elegant Thai music. The live show was broadcasted on 4K quality HD live stream through the Grand TV Youtube Channel. The Top 20 Best National Costumes of Miss Grand Thailand 2023 were selected from public voting on social media and the winner will receive the Best National Costume Special Award at the grand coronation event of Miss Grand Thailand 2023 on 29 April 2023. There were many colorful, vibrant, and gorgeous costumes made by creative Thai designers. Best costumes will be presented in international pageants like Miss Grand International 2023, Miss Eco International, and others. Here are the Top 20 Best National Costumes of Miss Grand Thailand 2023.


Miss Grand Udon Thani Patcharida Ngonking

Title: BAN CHIANG A world heritage in Thailand

Designer: Art Akarach

“Ban Chiang World Heritage Site” was registered as World Heritage Site No. 3 by the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) in December 2017. In addition, the Chiang Homestay Group (Ban Chiang Community Preserve Ancient Civilization Following the Taipuan Way) also received the 3rd Thailand Tourism Award (Thailand Tourism Award) of the Year 2017. งเที่ว and also selected as Creative Tourism Community (Creative Tourism) from Thailand Tourism. "Hai Ban Chiang" is a red-printed clay container on a soft surface. It was designed through the interval of time to the present era. Using traditional writing techniques, combining the design to be forgotten into conservation. To tell the story of the greatness of mankind, reflecting the life and spirit of the ancestors. It is a pride for the descendants of Udon Thani.


Miss Grand Khon Kaen Khwanticha Thoruth

Title: Sumunthathewi, Lady of the Great Wall

Designer: Hongsa Kritsana Dowsouy

Sumunda Devi is a character from the folk literature of the Northeastern region of Sinsay. or Sang Silp Chai She was the younger sister of Phraya Kusarat, Governor of Penjal. Her beauty spread far and wide throughout the land. Until a giant Aquarius comes to kidnap her to be the queen of Anorat City Phraya Kusarat was very sad. So he set out to follow up to retrieve her back. Mrs. Sumunta is thus regarded as the first chapter of the story of adventure and war in Sinsay literature. This dress has therefore created and interpreted the beauty of her through the story from Hup Taem at Sim Wat Sanuan Wari Phatthanaram, Ban Phai District, Khon Kaen Province, by bringing the beauty of this Hup Taem into the Sabai. And the dress also uses blue, blue, white, and gold, which are the main colors used in hoops as well.


Miss Grand Chiang Rai Pattaravadee Boonmesup

Title: Sunflower of Chiangrai Dress

Designer: 27 February Studio

Sunflower Field, Wiang Chiang Rung district is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Chiang Rai Province which attracts a few tourists each year. The dress shows the brightness of the sunflowers that bloom in the sun, combining the scents of ethnic uniqueness of Chiang Rai perfectly.


Miss Grand Ranong Yanisa Sutthinun

Title: Mineral of Life​

Designer: Suthisorn Insom (dressing room by FRONG) in collaboration with Ruechakorn Maesuwan (Smileway)

Raksawarin Hot Spring It is one of the popular tourist destinations. and has been famous for a long time in Ranong Until being dubbed as the onsen of the land of Siam A natural hot spring that can heal diseases and restore health. The set is therefore designed to be modern and contemporary. Combined with mechanical techniques on a silver and blue set. that represents the fertility and sway of the river that has been comforting the hearts of the people of Ranong for a long time


Miss Grand Rayong Anuthida Saratana

Title: Legends of the Three Days

Designer: Akkharawat Akarathiensin and Sarunyu Chanbua with the team of Kratoei Fai

from the sculpture of Vishnu Song Suban Thai is a beautiful identity of Wat Tha Makok, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, taken as inspiration for making the Miss Grand National Costume, Rayong Province. using decorative glass decoration techniques and creating Siraporn jewelry Thai national identity is conveyed through the beauty queen to make this sculpture stand out as if it were alive


Miss Grand Maha Sarakham Sumintra Kokat

Title: Spicy Hang Lap World

Designer: Mr. Sathaporn Chiepleam and Star bung boutique (Starbung Boutique)

Zab Hang Lap Lok"

The World Larb Festival is now open. and cultural promotion events in Maha Sarakham Province To develop into a career that generates huge income Set up stalls selling meat dishes and Isaan food from the famous Larb restaurant It is to promote, support, further develop and exchange knowledge of these cultures. For the descendants of the Maha Sarakham people to continue to inherit Laab Wua There are both cooked and raw varieties. Decorated with delicious larb add sparkle with a variety of colorful gemstones Added with a silk necklace pattern. which is the provincial fabric of Mahasarakham Mix modernity to look outstanding.


Miss Grand Saraburi Vanessa Natcha Wenk

Title: Sunflower of Saraburi

Designer: Bannsaithong Konsangsiln อนุชา แพงมา ฅนสร้างศิลป์ Satityarak Pongsakorn

Inspired by the Sunflower Field Festival, Saraburi province's main attraction. Sunflowers are a symbol of faith, stability, and loyalty. The head ornament is like the top of the Buddha Temple, with the rays of the sun shining down on the sunflower field. Let it bloom bright yellow and colorful. No matter which direction the sun moves, the sunflower never looks at anyone but the sun.


Miss Grand Pathum Thani Sophie Siriyakorn Trau

Title: Elegant Work of Wat Bright Phra Pathom Chedi

Designer: Chakrit Chanadapongphan and Team Daeng Jinda

Phra Pathom Chedi Worship Ceremony It is a tradition that has been passed down for a long time. for Buddhists to have the opportunity to worship the Buddha's relics contained within the Phra Pathom Chedi and worship Phra Ruangrojanarit An old Buddha image that is invaluable in Nakhon Pathom Province Since the reign of King Rama IV, it was scheduled on the 12th day of the 12th lunar month to the 5th day of the 12th lunar month, totaling 9 days and 9 nights of every year. Designers of creative dresses in a colorful style reflect the colors of fun in Thai traditions. to create smiles for the whole country to be happy.


Miss Grand Lamphun Cheraim Chayathanus Saradatta

Title: Devi Hariphunchai Lawapuriramesuan

Designer: Boss Lamphun, NB Phoenix clothing store

Her name is Camadevi, there is a beautiful sculpture of this regal Northern Queen is located in the Lamphun Province. In the past, she was very devoted to Buddhism. He ruled the country with mercy and fairness, contributing to the happiness of the people of Hariphunchai. I have faith and faith. I wish you a happy day to her with my head forever. So we pose this dress to be like a statue of the Queen. To remember him and to tell him that women can be leaders. like you are a leader ruling the whole city


Miss Grand Nakhon Ratchasima Rina Chatamanchai


Designer: Adikan Naisudjai (Adikan Atelier - Adikan Atelier)

The transition of the ages is a new beginning of endless creative power. The story of Ya Mo The heroine who brought victory to Korat in the past This led to the inspiration for the design of Creative Thai Modern Wear that shows the power of a strong and powerful woman. has the ability to equal unbeaten And no matter how many eras have passed, they are ready to step up to become leaders. Shining beauty and bringing prosperity to the city of Nakhon Ratchasima.


Miss Grand Nong Bua Lamphu Elsa Kodchakorn Kontrakoon

Title: Maharani Sri Siam Flower

Designer: NB.Phoenix & Number One'' - by Pornpikaness

Nakhon Khuean Khan Kab Kaew Bua Ban or Nong Bua Lam Phu Province is a province with many cultures. It is memorable, one of which is "Bua", the lotus flower that Thai people see and use in their worship. What respects clings to the mind So we picked up lotus flowers to make this set. to convey the status of Nong Bua Lamphu Province In addition, the name of Kotchakon means that the lotus-shaped palm of his hand. ready to embrace An important lotus, like Elsa, who is ready to be a lotus to take care of Miss Grand Thailand and glorified go along with the organization.


Miss Grand Kalasin Praifah Tongrae

Title: Pickled fish THAILAND

Designer: NET DESIGN

Pickled fish or fish is the main food and the most important condiment. In Isaan culture, it is considered the heart of cooking. In addition to fermented fish in the northeastern region. There is a Thai musical instrument made from collarbones that is no longer used, called an hai song. The current hai song playing is just a strum performance accompanying the dance moves. It is popularly used by women as pluckers, called Nang Hai. Thailand adopted and apply to modernize together and also the first product of Ing Fah Cooked boiled fermented fish sauce "Ing Fah" brand by Miss Grand to the eyes of people around the world.


Miss Grand Lopburi Tantawan Jitteelak

Title: Waewmayura Sakunaweluwan

Designer: Abdullah Sriboonkong and Aiyara Shop, Bangkok

From telling the old people that at Wat Weluwan or Wat Khao Chin Lae An adult philanthropist bought 3-4 pairs of Indian peacocks to offer to Weluwan Temple. Indian peacock or blue peacock, Waewmayura Sakunaweluwan set has drawn the identity and strength of the male peacock, Waewmayura. It looks like a circle of sparkling blue-green eyes. reflected in the sunlight The jewelry combines peacock feathers with Thai motifs. The painting is presented in the form of a Thai dress. Creation with exquisite beauty


Miss Grand Surin Khanaporn Phatthanaphan

Title: Zodiac Mantra Set

Designer: Jakarin Pimpala and Touch Jai

Om Namas Shivaya, that posture will be revealed by Apsara. The original time has passed for thousands of years. This land is as sacred as heaven. overflowing with energy. Body, personal identity, wear silk, wears brass jewelry inlaid with diamonds famous handicrafts of Surin Province is the beauty of the celestial goddess Image engraved castle stone It is like bringing Apsara to life. Recount the grandeur As beautiful as the Phaya Kotchasarn, the famous name of the city of Surin.


Miss Grand Amnat Charoen Juthamas Mekseree

Title: Yak Ku Sri Amnat

Designer: NB PHOENIX and Porn Phikanesuan

Amnat Charoen Province It is a small prefecture with an ancient tradition called the "Yaku Festival Festival". It is said by the ancient people that Once there was a Buddha who spread Buddhism and there was a giant named Yakdhamku joining his hands and making a wish for this place to be prosperous. causing a large hole Nowadays, this area has become an area where people of Amnat Charoen earn a living. Do various agriculture and therefore have a tradition of parading Yaku every year until today.


Miss Grand Buriram Kanyaphak Saengkaew

Title: Soft power of Buriram

Designer: TIKCOUTURE Saksit Boonsakdaporn

Buriram is a sports city, which is known for its Grand Prix motorcycle racing arena with world-class standards. There is a world-famous superstar, Lalisa Manobal from Blackpink of Korean Pop Idol, who likes to eat meatballs in Buriram. The designer had mixed Moto GP racer dress with a Thai pattern and wings. Thai crane which is the animal of Buriram province. This costume represents the soft power of Buriram to the international world through their talent and sports.


Miss Grand Loei Ajcharee Srisuk

Title: Ariyanaree - Thai Buddhist female monk ordination

Designer: Anuwat Chitchinda and Kiattisak Kongsamree

Loei is another province full of nature and culture. with many monks who are important to Buddhism In order to tell about the residence of the noble monks Therefore conveying the form of the dress to insert the story of Dharma Presents the truth of life. way of nirvana is not wishing for anything Turning to the temple to practice Dharma. learn inner peace It will bring the cessation of all suffering. It is a true access to sustainable happiness. and be aware that The light in the sky is caused by the sun. The light of life arises from letting go.


Miss Grand Nakhon Phanom Kamonwarai Prajakrattanakul

Title: Heet Sakka Prateep

Designer: Asawathep Srichalao (PEGASUS COSTUME)

Boat Festival has been with the people of Nakhon Phanom for a long time born from belief until it becomes a way of life beauty on water In the tradition of flowing steamboats originated from the accumulated wisdom of the electric boat artist The person who invented the technique and built the light boat to stand out and shine in the middle of the Mekong River. At present, Nakhon Phanom Province's electric boats with water traditions on the end of Buddhist Lent day, the greatest in the world caused by human hands together to create according to the great imagination in the middle of the Mekong River As the slogan says Phra That Phanom, precious, diverse culture, pollen, Phu Thai, beautiful boat on the Mekong coast.


Miss Grand Phuket Tia Li Taveepanichpan

Title: Birth of Andaman Sea

Designer: Boss Sarun, NB PHOENIX clothing store

On the day that the Andaman Sea was born with the power of the Creator became the habitat of millions of creatures the goddess of the Andaman Sea Was born to take care of and protect this beautiful Andaman Sea. She stood on a mother of pearl. The left-hand holds a South Sea pearl. precious gems of the sea right-hand blessing In the past, the Andaman Sea has been destroyed a lot. Miss Grand Phuket asks everyone to help take care of the beautiful Thai sea. stay with Thai people forever


Miss Grand Chumphon Thaweeporn Phingchamrat

Title: Nails of the Hand

Designer: Teeraphat Kochaphan

Lady Finger Banana Important agricultural product and the name of farmers in Chumphon province. As the provincial slogan says, "The Gate of the South, pay homage to His Majesty the King, visit coffee plantations and Sairee Beach, good bananas and hands." It's famous for the bird's nest. The weather of Chumphon makes the bananas taste sweet and fragrant. More delicious than the Leap Mue Nang bananas grown in other provinces. lady manicure set through design blending regional cultures with fashion in the modern era in order to create a good image for Chumphon Province


Miss Grand Trat Jennifer Gallemaert

Title: Koh Chang Trat Thailand Dress

Designer: Art Akarach

"Half Hundred Island City" is one of the mottos of Trat Province, especially "Ko Chang", a tourist destination with the 2nd largest island size in the country and is considered an Unseen Thailand that attracts tourists from all over the world to experience the natural beauty, both on the island and under the sea. The design uses the concept of conservation tourism to promote and stimulate Thailand's economy by presenting through coral swimming style, looking at local fish like "fish" Repeating Swat "In addition to the decoration, we also use the debris from under the sea through the sewing process and framing the artwork to create awareness for tourists in conserving this place " Koh Sawan, Thai Gulf Sea, Eastern color, Koh Chang, Trat Province, Thailand ".


Miss Grand Bangkok Pimjira Charoenluk

Title: Garuda Suban Suwannakaya

Designer: Art Akarach

Phaya Garuda, the mighty deity having great strength beyond anyone Phra Narai's vehicle enshrined at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha in the heart of the capital city of Thailand Naga Garuda sculpture Made of bronze, covered with illuminated brass, switched to mirrors stop taking the tri-headed pig stand tall and graceful golden glowing skin Phetchsuban has wonderful hair. Put a beautiful imagination. Through the technique of spreading wings with a determined mind and power of faith


Miss Grand Nakhon Si Thammarat Supaporn Naksuwan

Title: Kai Fighting Chicken, Ai Khai, Power of Faith, May I Pay Respect

Designer: Art Akarach

From belief and faith, "Ai Khai, Dek Wat Chedi", the legend of the sacred things that the Southern people admire The god of the city of Nakhon Si Thammarat "can ask, pay respects" is therefore likened Pledge of offering to the sacred "Gamecock", a local animal that lives with a way of life. and has been a part of Thai culture for a long time Therefore is an item in return when "asking for it" The costume has imitated the posture of a gamecock ground ferret Including hair size and fluttering wings ready to fight From the power to drive the faith of the Thai people. Therefore, it became a way of cultural belief that will remain with Thai people for a long time.

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