Véronique Michielsen is crowned Miss Grand Ecuador 2023

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Miss Grand Ecuador is an Ecuadorian female national beauty pageant launched in 2021 by the Concurso Nacional de Belleza Ecuador (CNB Ecuador) organization, directed by Tahiz Panus and Miguel Panus, to select a country representative to participate in its parent pageant, Miss Grand International. Previously, the competition franchise belonged to Maria del Carmen Aguayo, who usually chose the runners-up or national finalists from her national pageant, Miss Ecuador, to partake in such an international competition. Ecuador has three Miss Grand International placements; the highest is first runner-up, achieved by Andrea Aguilera in 2021, followed by Mara Topi's Top 10 finalists in 2019. In the second edition of Miss Grand Ecuador 2023, sixteen official candidates have been selected after a nationwide search. Véronique Michielsen is crowned as Miss Grand Ecuador 2023 by Miss Grand Ecuador 2022 Liseth Naranjo. She will represent Ecuador at the upcoming Miss Grand International 2023 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Meanwhile, Andrea Ojeda of Guayaquil and Alyson Flores of Santo Domingo were awarded as 1st Runner-Up and 2nd Runner-Up respectively. The live show was telecast by TC Television Broadcast in Ecuador and on Grand TV for the international audience.

Miss Grand Ecuador 2023 Véronique Michielsen is a half-Ecuadorian-Belgian model based in Antwerp, Belgium. She is 22 years old, stands at the towering height of 180 cm 5 feet 11 inches tall, and communicates in 3 languages, including English, Spanish, and Dutch. She had previously competed at the Miss Grand Belgium 2021 contest and finished in the Top 5 finalist. Her passion and dedication to Miss Grand International made her prepare herself and fly to compete at the Miss Grand Ecuador pageant where she was crowned as the eventual winner.

Final Results:

Miss Grand Ecuador 2023: Véronique Michielsen of Comunidad Europa

1st Runner-Up: Andrea Ojeda of Guayaquil

2nd Runner-Up: Alyson Flores of Santo Domingo

Top 7 Finalist:

Doménica Valverde of Comunidad USA

Noemí Cedeño of El Oro

Tammy Bautista of Esmeraldas

Nayeli Párraga of Manabí

Special Award Winners:

Multimedia: Alyson Flores of Santo Domingo

Best Runway Walk: Noemí Cedeño of El Oro

Best Social Project: Tammy Bautista of Esmeraldas

Best in Grand Challenge: Nayeli Párraga of Manabí and Doménica Valverde of Comunidad USA

Best in Swimsuit: Véronique Michielsen of Comunidad Europa

Miss Grand Ecuador 2023 Véronique Michielsen

1st Runner-Up: Andrea Ojeda

2nd Runner-Up: Alyson Flores

List of candidates in alphabetical order:

Chimborazo: Nicolle Dávalos

Comunidad Europa: Véronique Michielsen  

Comunidad USA: Doménica Valverde

El Oro: María Paula Villacís

El Oro1: Noemí Cedeño

Esmeraldas: Tamara Bautista

Guayaquil: Andrea Ojeda

Los Ríos: Lucero Mendoza

Los Ríos1: María José Vera

Manabí: Josselyn Navarro

Manabí1: Nayeli Párraga

Pichincha: Doménica Alessi

Región Costa Gabriela Domínguez

Santo Domingo: Alyson Flores

Santo Domingo1: Sandra Alvarado

Tungurahua: Daniela Bermeo

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