Miss International Queen 2023: Solange Dekker wins the Crown for the Netherlands

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Miss International Queen 2023: Solange Dekker Wins the Crown

Highlighting Transgender Excellence: Solange Dekker Crowned Miss International Queen 2023

In a momentous event celebrating diversity and inclusivity, Solange Dekker from the Netherlands triumphs as Miss International Queen 2023. This remarkable achievement not only showcases Solange Dekker's exceptional beauty and talent but also signifies a significant milestone for transgender representation in the world of beauty pageants.

Embracing Transgender Empowerment: Solange Dekker Reigns as Miss International Queen 2023

Solange Dekker's crowning as Miss International Queen 2023 signifies a groundbreaking victory for transgender individuals worldwide. Her success symbolizes the triumph of authenticity, resilience, and self-empowerment. Solange Dekker's journey inspires and uplifts the transgender community, fostering hope and promoting inclusivity.

Transcending Boundaries: Solange Dekker of the Netherlands Named Miss International Queen 2023

The crowning of Solange Dekker from the Netherlands as Miss International Queen 2023 demonstrates the pageant's commitment to transcending boundaries and celebrating beauty in all its forms. With her grace, charm, and remarkable talent, Solange Dekker has not only won the hearts of the judges but also captured the essence of diversity and cultural exchange, uniting participants from around the world.

Miss International Queen 2023 is Solange Dekker from the Netherlands. It was held at the Tiffany's Show Pattaya in Thailand on 24 June 2023. Solange Dekker is a 27 years old LGBTQ advocate helping the young generation from the Netherlands. Solange was crowned as Miss International Queen 2023 in a grand coronation event.

She made history after entering the Top 10 and winning Miss Social Media award at Miss Nederland 2022 (Miss Universe Netherlands 2022) by becoming the first transgender woman in a casting held in Amsterdam on Saturday, April 16. Solange participated in Miss Intercontinental Netherlands and she wishes to advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community in an international platform.

Top 6 Questions and Answers

Miss Thailand

What is the key quality that a leader should have and how do you incorporate that into your life? A leader is someone who listens to people's opinions. The leader must listen to other people's opinions because the leader needs to be a good listener, whom we (the public) can trust, have confidence, and respect for the rights of the public. Thank you.


In a world full
of everything that you have ever needed in life, what do you think is lacking
in our global society?

The ability to
understand, many people see people but they don't understand them. Many people
hear people but they don't listen. I think understanding is one thing that we
need more of because if you can understand people then you can learn about people
and you are not afraid of people. Thank you.


When the world is opening up with more acceptance and better equal opportunity even a transgender woman is allowed to participate in a woman's beauty pageant as an equal, what are your thoughts on this opportunity?

Good evening, Thailand. As a transgender woman, I believe that we all have rights the same as many women, however, I think it would be their own decision. If they want to enter the beauty contest or not. That's all my answer, Thank you.


What is the lesson you have learned in your life as a transwoman, that you would like to inspire other people?

The lesson in love that I have earned is being accepted by my own family. My family raised me up when I was young and my mom is the person who had all my life. She is my best and this is the time that I want to inspire every single one of you out there, that I am here with the voice for equality. My presence is here for Humanity and I am here for visibility. These two works together to make the Miss International Queen 2023. To be relevant for our society and I believe as the queen that's what we should be and that's what I am here for. Thank you.


In your opinion, would you share with us the differences between ACCEPTANCE and EQUALITY, being accepted versus being equal?

The difference from me personally would be that being equal means that we as transgender women get access to health care. I get access to playing sports, get access to performing in all kinds of things that a cisgender woman can. It is now still lacking by a majority therefore we are not equal. We can only strive to be equal but we still accept each and every one of us as being equal. Thank you so much.


What are the challenges that the new generation is facing today? And what will you say to them to solve the problem?

I think the problem that the youth is facing today, is the pressure. I believe that in life, even when we do not have pressure. We have challenges that we have to face but I think the most important message I could give everyone is. Whatever their problems and challenges, you have to keep on going. You should not let any circumstances stop you from reaching and achieving your dreams at your goals in life because I believe that no matter how hard the pressure is. Life always goes on.

Final Question and Answer

Tonight, the world is making a new creation on the stage and you become our new Miss International Queen. You as the winner of the crown are granted one wish for the creation of anything that will come true. What is it that you will create and why?

Netherlands: I would create an environment that is not only safe but thriving for misgendered people and transgender people. Everybody who is a minority everybody who has been spit upon who is the backbone of society but everybody who deserves to be equal. Everybody has always been seen as someone less. I know exactly the feeling how that is someone who is considered a loser but people like us, we are diamonds that are just covered in dirt, waiting to sprout. This is the Legacy that I would create for a new world. Thank you.

USA: I would create a world where all people listen to those above them. Help those below them and work with those around them. To create a more equal world. Thank you.

Singapore: If I want to become Miss International Queen 2023. I use this platform to create a legacy for our new younger generation that is timely and relevant. For the days of the platform that they need the most which is acceptance and progression. This is the time right now in this platform to be able to do that as a team and also as a queen of 22 people here around the world. Thank you.

Final Results of Miss International Queen 2023

Miss International Queen 2023: from the Netherlands

1st Runner-Up: Qatrisha Zairyah Kamsir from Singapore

2nd Runner-Up: Melony Munro from the USA

Top 6

Ivanna Cazares from Mexico

Lars Pacheco from the Philippines

Airssara Kankla from Thailand

Top 11

Mika from China

Ange La Furcia from Colombia

Victoria Fernandes from Spain

Miranda Monasterios from Venezuela

Nguyễn Hà Dịu Thảo from Vietnam

Special Award winners

Miss Popular Vote: Nguyễn Hà Dịu Thảo from Vietnam

Best in Evening Gown: Melony Munro from the USA

Best Talent: Airssara Kankla from Thailand

Miss Congeniality: Tianna Lee Rivera from Puerto Rico

Miss Photogenic: Mika from China

Miss Influencer: Mika from China

Best National Costume: Nguyễn Hà Dịu Thảo from Vietnam

Wonder Woman Award: Nguyễn Hà Dịu Thảo from Vietnam

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