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The 10 semi-final winners of the Supra Chat Group Challenge where one or more of them will win the Miss Supra Chat title giving her direct entry to the Top 24 semi-finalists in Miss Supranational 2023 final night. Last year’s Supra Chat winners were Miss Vietnam and Miss Indonesia both finished as Top 5 finalists which means this year’s Supra Chat winner has a high chance to make the Top 5 in this year’s contest. We will provide our feedback on these Top 10 semi-finalists of Supra Chat before they compete in the final round which will be filmed in Poland. These are the Miss Supranational 2023 Top 10 semi-final winners of the Supra Chat Challenge.

Beauty concept: Explore the official delegates of the upcoming 14th edition of the Miss Supranational 2023 pageant. Lalela Mswane of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event. As of 1 July 2023, 67 contestants have been confirmed to compete in this international beauty pageant.

Top 10 Supra Chat Semi Final

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Celebrating Excellence

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Miss Supranational 2023 Top 10 Supra Chat Semi-Final. The 10 semi-final winners of the Supra Chat Group Challenge will compete for the Miss Supra Chat title, granting them direct entry to the Top 24 semi-finalists in the Miss Supranational 2023 final night. Each delegate brings her unique beauty, charm, and cultural heritage to the stage, making the event a true celebration of global unity and diversity.

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Top 10 Supra Chat Semi-Finalists

Miss Supranational Brazil Sancler Frantz, is currently working as a Biomedical doctor and nutritionist and is setting up her own clinic. She is also working as a model. Sancler considers herself to be a modern and successful woman who is constantly seeking new knowledge and actively works to be an evolved version of herself. She loves to travel and has been to 21 countries. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is called ‘For Angels’ and she has been working on it since 2013. It supports the fight against leprosy or Hansen’s Disease in her country.

Miss Supranational Canada Alexa Grant is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and is working towards obtaining a certificate in International Management. Earlier this year, she embraced the opportunity of being part of an exchange program in Lyon, France, where she is currently living. Alexa is proud of her multicultural background – her father is Scottish and her mother is Filipina. She describes herself as a fashionista and is passionate about traveling the world. Alexa’s #fromthegroundupcsi project is called "Beyond our Now" and focuses on youth empowerment through community involvement (visiting homeless shelters, preparing food, doing garbage clean-ups); she also created a group fundraising for ANCOP, Answering the Cry of the Poor, where they support humanitarian relief worldwide, inspired by her Filipino heritage but with a global reach.

Miss Supranational Haiti Merli Fleurizard, is a well-educated woman who holds the following degrees: a BA in Political Science, a Master’s in Public Administration and a Juris Doctorate. She is currently employed as a Senior Attorney, the youngest one in her office, and enjoys traveling. To date, she has visited more than 30 countries. Merli says her parents raised her with the belief that through faith and hard work, nothing is impossible. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project seeks to help young people through the provision of tuition scholarships and school supplies to those most in need and forgotten students.

Miss Supranational India, Pragnya Ayyagari, is in her final year of studying fashion design. She is also a well-known model in her country and hopes to launch her own sustainable fashion brand by upcycling existing fabrics, called ‘Label Pragnya Ayyagari’. Pragnya (as she likes to be called) has a very long full name: Ayyagari Satya Venkata Sai Pragnya. However, her dad gave her a special nickname, Bangari, which means gold. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is called ‘Planet-A’ and will be promoting the slowdown of overconsumption to give our earth the chance to heal.

Miss Supranational Nicaragua Katherine Burgos has completed holds a degree in Communications and also studied Dramatic Arts. She is currently working as an Art Assistant in audiovisual production and is also a brand ambassador. Katherine is currently pursuing her dream of becoming an actress and hopes to own her own beauty salon one day. Her project is focused on teaching theatre to young people and children from different communities in order to promote arts as a fundamental factor in education in her country and to give this as a different platform of recreation to people with limited resources.

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Want to know the source of this captivating image? misssupranational.com is the available online source.

Rest of the Supra Chat Top 10 Semi-finalists

For all extraordinary women have captured our attention with their intelligence, beauty, and dedication to making a positive impact in their communities.

Introducing Top 10 Semi-finalists

Miss Supranational Peru Valeria Flรณrez, had an education in music and the Performing Arts and is currently studying Communications. She also hosts a fashion-related show on television and is an influencer in her country. When she was 10 years old, she landed a job on a popular Peruvian children’s show called ‘America Kids’. Valeria has a photographic memory and she can remember large numbers, scripts, birthdays and many more things. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is focused on promoting awareness of the need to assist people with disabilities in her country.

Miss Supranational - Philippines Pauline Amelinckx is from Tubigon, Bohol, and graduated with a degree in International Studies, majoring in European Studies. She is currently self-employed and works as an event host and online content creator. Pauline, who was once the victim of body-shaming, says she worked hard on herself to overcome other people’s perceptions of her. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is being President of JCI Chocolate Hills, a program that aims to develop and empower women.

Miss Supranational Romania Hotฤƒran Ioana-Izabela is currently studying towards a degree in the Economics of Commerce, Tourism and Service. Ioana is an entrepreneur who owns her own brand that sells handbags and hopes to branch into accessories too. As an adrenaline junkie, she has tried bridge swinging, skydiving and bungee-jumping. She is a keen traveller who hopes to visit all the world's countries by the age of 60. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is focused on assisting and supporting kids who have been bullied.

Miss Supranational South Africa Ayanda Thabethe, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition. She plans to branch into the research sector so that she can play a role in developing nutrition-related guidelines to combat South Africa’s double burden of malnutrition and obesity. Ayanda is also planning to do her Master’s degree once she has completed her year of community service and she is currently waiting to be placed in a government (state) hospital to complete this. Ayanda loves cooking and adores potatoes. She cooks a potato dish with every meal she has. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is called Project Khulisa. The campaign aims to tackle food insecurity and emphasize the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet and is derived from the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Miss Supranational UK, Emma Rose Collingridge, graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in English and is now pursuing a career in PR and the modeling industry. She is currently working placement at a London PR firm, pitching lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands to the press. One of her biggest dreams is to be on the cover of a well-known fashion magazine and to be working for well-known brands. She once completed a 10km run in London, raising £2300 for charity. Emma’s #fromthegroundupcsi project, #DrawTheLine was founded in the pursuit to make a difference in the prevention of gender-based violence including sexual violence against women, arising as a result of her own experiences.

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