Mister Supranational 2023 Official Delegates: Celebrating the Global Excellence

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In the world of beauty pageants, Mister Supranational 2023 stands as an iconic event that brings together exceptional individuals from around the globe. This article explores the vibrant journey of Mister Supranational 2023 Official Delegates, who embody beauty, talent, and excellence. Get ready to dive into the captivating world of male pageantry, where charisma, style, and dedication merge to create an unforgettable experience.

The Journey to Mister Supranational

Rigorous Training and Preparation

Explain the rigorous training process the delegates undergo to prepare for Mister Supranational. Discuss their physical fitness regimen, talent development, and runway coaching. Highlight the dedication and discipline required to excel in all aspects of the competition.

Personal Growth and Empowerment

Discuss how Mister Supranational provides a platform for personal growth and empowerment. Explore how the delegates develop their confidence, public speaking skills, and self-expression. Highlight the opportunities for networking, mentorship, and personal transformation that the pageant offers.

The Grand Finale: A Spectacle of Beauty and Excellence

Describe the grand finale of Mister Supranational 2023, where all the delegates come together to showcase their talents, grace, and charm. Discuss the various segments of the competition, including swimwear, formal wear, talent, and question-and-answer rounds. Highlight the excitement and anticipation as the judges evaluate the delegates' performances.

Impact and Legacy

Explain the lasting impact of Mister Supranational on the delegates' lives and careers. Discuss how participation in the pageant opens doors to new opportunities in the fashion, entertainment, and philanthropic industries. Emphasize the delegates' potential to become influential figures and ambassadors for positive change.


Unveiling the Official Delegates

Argentina - Giuliano Fessia

Mister Supranational - Argentina Giuliano Fessia has a degree in Marketing, is a technician in Communication Sciences and he currently has a company in the financial field. Modeling is one of his passions and he has always aspired to be an international model. Giuliano believes title holders have enormous power when they are given these exhibition platforms to be able to contribute and help others in multiple ways, He is currently supporting the ‘For Children Foundation’, an entity that is dedicated to helping get high-cost medicines for disadvantaged children who have diabetes.


Belgium - Ben Steyaert

Ben Steyaert from Brussels was elected Mister Supranational Belgium last December. He is currently working as an enterprise marketer. Ben used to struggle with low self-esteem due to acne and being very thin says this led to a lack of self-confidence which stayed long after his teenage years. Participating in Mister Supranational Belgium helped him to build confidence and self-love. The experience taught him to embrace his unique qualities and to see his imperfections as part of what makes him beautiful as a person. Ben is passionate about advocating for important causes, such as mental health, and he believes that his Mister Supranational Belgium title can give him the visibility and resources to make a real difference. He describes himself as someone who is always looking for opportunities to enhance his skills and grow both personally and professionally. He believes that by combining his passion for meeting new people and learning, with his expertise in marketing, he can help bring positive change to the world.


Brazil - Henrique Martins

Mister Supranational Brazil 2023 is Henrique Martins. He won the title of Mister Brasil 2023 last month and is a former Olympic swimmer, he served in the army for 8 years and graduated with a degree in Advertising and Marketing. Henrique is currently living and working in Sao Paulo. He is well-traveled due to his swimming career and has lived in Italy and the United States for a while. Along with his brother, he started a social and environmental project called GoMartins. It is focused on helping vulnerable families living in rural areas to develop ecotourism activities in a sustainable way, in order to increase their income and minimize their environmental impact.


Cambodia - Vorn Sela

Vorn Sela is Mister Supranational Cambodia 2023. He holds a Bachelor’s degree and is currently working as an actor, model, and project director. He is one of 6 siblings and was raised by his grandmother. In his free time, he enjoys film and video editing, exercising, and spending time in nature. One of his biggest goals in life is to become a good, inspirational person to others. He hopes to be one of the most well-known people both nationally and internationally, famous for his talent and capability. Vorn especially hopes to be a good role model or good influence on the new generation. His social project is about helping people in need who don’t have the resources to live comfortably.


Cameroon - Daniel Mbouda

Daniel Mbouda is the first ever Mister Supranational Cameroon. He grew up in Cameroon but is now living in France where he obtained a Law degree. He is now a student lawyer and waiting to take his oath.  Daniel loves basketball and lives by the motto ‘We only live once, so I take every opportunity to get the most out of life’. One goal of his goals is to change the perception that people outside Africa have of his mother continent; to let them know that Africa is much better than the things they watch on TV.  He wants to use the Mister Supranational platform to spread this message.


Canada - Luis Portelles

Mister Supranational Canada 2023 is Luis Portelles. Currently living in Montreal, Luis was born and raised in Holguin, Cuba. Luis graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Communications, focusing on Media Studies and Organizational Communications. He is currently working in Financial Institution as a Resource Officer. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, spending time with his friends, and taking on many creative endeavors, such as vlogging. Luis’ From the Ground Up project is called Extraordinary Talks. He uses this to have the voices and stories of influential figures in the pageant industry heard. His biggest goal is to inspire his audience and equip them with the knowledge that his guests have acquired through their experiences.


Czech Republic - Jakub Vitek

Jakub Vitek is Mister Supranational Czech Republic 2023. He is an experienced QA Engineer and IT industry Lead who is always learning and striving to improve his knowledge of new technologies and trends in information technology. He has been a great team member to companies and enjoys working well with others to help achieve his company’s goals. Currently, he has transformed himself into a successful leader and mentor to junior QA Engineers, helping them become better at their jobs. Jakub's dedication to learning and leadership has made him an asset to any team. He found purpose and direction in life through triathlons and co-founded a team with like-minded individuals. The team became his second family and it helps to keep him focused and fight depression and anxiety. Jakub and his team created a community that supports each other, inspires others to be better, and gives back to society. His From the Ground Up CSI project has made a positive impact on the lives of others, especially kids and families from underprivileged backgrounds. He is grateful for the opportunity to be part of it and hopes his story inspires others to start their own initiatives.


Cuba - Richard Acosta

Mister Supranational Cuba 2023 is Richard Acosta. He is currently working for a large financial institution while also being a college student. He believes in the value of hard work and therefore his philosophy is to dream and then turn his dreams into goals. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, working out, and spending time in nature. He is currently working for a large financial institution while also being a college student. He believes in the value of hard work and therefore his philosophy is to dream and then turn his dreams into goals. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, working out, and spending time in nature. His From the Ground Up Project is called ‘Shine Like the Sun’ and it was born from his desire to inspire the youngest that constant and arduous work is the foundation for success. Thanks to “Shines like the Sun” and his title of Mister Supranational Cuba, he has been able to meet with numerous children. Using plain language and drawing inspiration from children's books, children have come to know the many men and women who, through their hard work, have changed the world.


Dominican Republic - Jan Carrasco

Mister Supranational DR Jan Carrasco. He was born in the city of Santiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic. Jan is a graduate student in a Marketing career with studies in Photography and Acting, which he has been developing professionally for 9 years. He is a lover of the arts such as music, reading, cinema, and photography, he really enjoys sports, nature, animals, and especially sharing with people. Among his great dreams is to continue developing his career in acting, photography, and integral growth, to also be a reference entity with sufficient tools to help others, especially orphaned children who lack a mentor to guide them, help them and teach them how to discover their talents, aptitudes and therefore find that motivation that makes them better human beings for the present and future.



Ecuador - Bruno Barbieri Roggiero

Bruno Barbieri Roggiero comes from Guayaquil, Ecuador, and was named Mister Supranational Ecuador in April 2023. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in environmental engineering and nutrition and is currently working as an actor between Ecuador and Italy. This citizen of the world is of Italian and Brazilian descent. He enjoys surfing, skating, climbing and jumping off cliffs, riding horses, and being surrounded by his loved ones. Volunteer in needy countries, use his reach to bring awareness to the people who have no idea what’s happening in the world (climate changes) and teach them how to eat healthy in a simpler way.


Equatorial Guinea - Vicente Benjamín Rocu Santander

Mister Supranational - Equatorial Guinea Vicente Benjamín Rocu Santander comes from Malabo and speaks English, Spanish, and French. Benjamin is a student of International Relations and also works as a model in his free time. Benjamin feels very passionate about the youth and hopes to inspire them with motivational talks in the future. He also hopes to be a very successful man in life and make his parents proud.


France - Quentin Bourgaustruy

Quentin Bourgaustruy is Mister Supranational France 2023. He won his national final in January this year. Quentin is the founder of a food business dedicated to an emblem French gastronomy. the Croque Monsieur. The idea for his concept was born after the pandemic, to give new life to the restaurant owned by his parents. Inspired by their entrepreneurship and their love for French food, he decided to quit his life as an office worker, to take on this new challenge. His passion for fashion and photography leads him to take on another challenge, becoming Mister Supranational France. He aspires to become the spokesperson for people with Crohn's disease. Together with the AFA Crohn association, he is hoping to raise awareness about the disease and support sick people. Suffering from this disease himself, he wishes to testify that everything remains possible if you work hard and keep believing in your dreams.


Ghana - Is-Haq Abubakar


Greece - Michalis Kolikas

Michalis Kolikas is Mister Supranational Greece 2023. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and is currently working in this field at a service station and he helps his father with his business, too. In his free time, he enjoys cycling, exercising, and the thrill of racing carts as he is a huge fan of motorsport racing. Meditation plays an important part in Michalis’ life as he believes it is the best way to exercise his mind and he also believes in the power of affirmations. His From the Ground Up Project is aimed at informing people about the benefits of taking up regular exercise, especially cycling to improve their lives.


India - Raj Sunil Singh

Raj Sunil Singh is Mister Supranational India 2023. is a Civil Engineering supervisor in his family’s company. He is also studying acting, hopes to break into the acting industry and his biggest dream is to win an Oscar one day. In his free time, he likes dancing, traveling, and bike riding. He advocates for his From the Ground Up project, which is Supra Trans Care. He aims to teach them self-care through fitness, self-defense, and hygiene so that they too can claim the power to find strength from within and take care of themselves.


Indonesia - Dr. Adib Dwitamma

Dr. Adib Dwitamma, a medical doctor from South Sumatra, has been chosen to represent Indonesia at Mister Supranational 2023. Adib obtained his medical degree and a master’s degree in Public Health at the age of 24. Some of his other achievements include representing his country at the Abu Dance Festival in India and attending the International Future Leadership Program in Chicago, Illinois. Adib created his own non-profit platform called MIRACLEUKIMIA. It aims to create awareness about cancer and also support cancer survivors. He aspires to be a professor in the medical field and dedicate his knowledge and power to medical development and research, especially on Non-Communicable Diseases.


Italy - Fabio Camattari

Mister Supranational - Italy Fabio Camattari holds a degree in Sports Science and is currently also studying Sports Management. Fabio is an only child and loves going to the gym, listening to music, and playing video games. He is currently working as a personal trainer and track and field coach. By being a good person who takes good care of himself and others, he hopes to inspire others. Fabio is also a member of Avis, a blood donor association. He advocates for blood donation, knowing that a gesture like donating blood can save lives or help people in need.


Korea - YongWoo Lee

YongWoo Lee is Mister Supranational Korea 2023. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from one of the best universities in Korea and he has served in the air force of his country. YongWoo is also a licensed pilot and he is a qualified teacher.  In his free time, he enjoys playing sports, going to art exhibitions, and doing community work. YongWoo has been involved in many charitable activities, raising money for veterans. He also supports an organization that provides coal services to households in need of coal. He sees competing in Mister Supranational as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and cannot wait to be part of the experience.



Malaysia - Danial Hansen

Danial Hansen is Mister Supranational Malaysia 2023. He is currently working towards his degree in Entrepreneurial Skills and is also a professional model and gym trainer. Danial hopes to break into the acting industry and make it to Hollywood. In his free time, he enjoys playing football, working out, and modeling. His message of inspiration to the world is that no matter how big or scary your dreams might seem, you should go for them and have a positive mindset of perseverance. His From the Ground Up project is called “Putting an End to Child Marriage in Malaysia” and he has already started a formal petition against it.


Mexico - Luis Cuadra

He is a dentist and also works as a professional model. He hopes to continue growing in his professional life, become an international model, and build a family. In his free time, he enjoys playing football (soccer), trying different cuisines, fishing, and learning more about different cultures. He hopes to inspire others by demonstrating his fighting spirit, showing people that you have to work hard towards going for your goals. Luis also hopes to show people that humility is an important human characteristic and that you should continue helping others. His #Fromthegroundupcsi project is focused on helping people who do not have the financial means to have good oral health and educating them on how to take care of their teeth so that they do not have problems in the future.


Namibia - Malan van den Berg

Malan van den Berg is Mister Supranational Namibia 2023. He is currently working in the aviation industry, focusing on inflight catering. He studied Hospitality Management in Johannesburg, South Africa, and aspires to open his own coffee franchise. Though having a fear of heights, Malan is an adrenaline junkie and likes to take on new challenges. Through his passion, which is coffee, he envisions to fulfill his purpose and reaching as many people as possible by helping them to realize their worth and develop their potential. He is a firm believer that every person was born to prosper and achieve greatness, however, in life’s trials and tribulations people might make them feel that they are not enough.


Nepal - Shishir Wagle

Currently a law student and hails from Tanahu, Nepal. He is a commercial ambassador for the Model Agency House of Fashion Nepal since 2022 and lives in the capital city of Kathmandu.


Netherlands - Luca Derin

Luca Derin is Mister Supranational Netherlands 2023. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports and Economics and is currently working in sales for an IT company in Amsterdam. Luca is also pursuing a career in modeling. He is very proud of his Dutch, Turkish, and Italian heritage and can speak 6 languages (Dutch English, Italian, Turkish, German, and French) fluently and he also speaks some Spanish. His dream is to become an entrepreneur and role model for young people who want to follow their dreams.  He enjoys doing fashion modeling, participating in photoshoots, and walking on the runway, an industry that he has been part of for almost a decade. For his From the Ground Up project, he wants to inform people and create awareness about environmentally friendly rooftops. “As our world is facing many environmental issues at the moment, people have to be aware that our world is falling apart. This roofing can be made from residual waste, so we do not have to use natural resources. If we produce these rooftops in all countries, there will also be less CO2 emissions as well. These materials can also be recycled,” he explains.


Nigeria - Gideon Anieti Nwawo

He has Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering in 2019. Giddyfia, is a Nigerian engineer, model, fitness fanatic, and reality TV personality.


Panama - Marco Bianco

Mario Bianco is Mister Supranational Panama. He won his national contest, attended by the reigning Mister Supranational, Luis Daniel Galvez, earlier this year. Mario holds a degree in Marketing majoring in Graphic Design. He also holds a post-graduate degree in Senior Management. He is currently working for a digital application creation company. Mario is currently building his From the Ground Up project to help different animal welfare foundations in his home region of Chiriquí. He also supports a foundation that spreads awareness about HIV prevention as well as education about HIV.


Peru - Stefano Bermellón

After graduating from the Visual Arts career at the Corriente Alterna Higher School of Art, Stefano Bermellón also took free courses at the National Higher Autonomous School of Fine Arts. As a plastic artist, he presented his first individual exhibition "Innuendo" in 2016 and described it as noisy, "based on the world of the night, social debauchery, the dark world of perdition." Then came four other samples: " Pygmalion" in 2019, followed by "Glamour" in 2020, and "Icons" and "Colors", both in 2021. In January 2023, he inaugurated the two-person exhibition "El deseo donstante", with Juan Carlos Torres. In addition to this, he teaches painting and art workshops.


Philippines - Johannes Rissler

Mister Supranational Philippines Mister Supranational Philippines 2023 is Johannes Rissler. He comes from Davao del Norte and he is a musical artist. Johannes is half German and half Filipino and hopes that through his music, he can inspire and relate more to others through his experiences and obstacles. In his free time, Johannes enjoys playing basketball, traveling, food-tripping, and spending time in nature or on beaches. He also loves singing karaoke with his loved ones. Johannes admits as an artist he is prone to bouts of depression and anxiety and therefore he advocates for mental health.



Poland - Daniel Tracz

Mister Supranational - Poland Daniel Tracz's modeling career kicked off as he appeared on the hit TV reality series - TOP MODEL POLAND in 2016. Ever since Daniel has worked in the fashion industry and has gathered a variety of top-notch clients due to his strong work ethic. Off duty, Daniel is a keen sportsman. Since he was six years old, he’s been training in judo: as a child, he was multiple champions in his weight category, and currently, he trains at the Warsaw University of Physical Education with champions in the -100kg weight category.  Moreover, for nearly a decade, he played football as a striker for, among others, Ruch Chorzów. Needless to say, a day without the gym is a day wasted for Daniel. Apart from sports, he spends his free time learning languages. He knows the basics of Latin and Greek and can fluently speak a dozen other languages including Chinese and Arabic.


Puerto Rico - Rafael Pagan

Mister Supranational Puerto Rico 2023 is Rafael Pagan. He holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology and is currently employed by the Department of Education in Puerto Rico as a school psychologist. In the future, he hopes to create a corporation that focuses on providing services of evaluation and therapy for children. He used to be a volleyball player and also enjoys going to the beach and doing road trips. He hopes to inspire others by leading by example and being an authentic person. His From the Ground Up CSI project is project is called "Speak your voice... you were a child too" and it focuses on educating people on emotional responsibility. The purpose of this project is to prevent or minimize the bad outcomes of different psychological scenarios of parents with children with different psychological traumas.


Sierra Leone - Uthman Issa Bangura

Mister Supranational Sierra Leone 2023 is Uthman Issa Bangura. He hails from Freetown and is currently working as an international model and entrepreneur. Uthman describes himself as someone who is filled with positive energy and he loves modeling, playing the piano, cooking, and listening to music. He is one of the most sought models in his country, has invested his income in being a property owner, and has launched his own brand ‘Wepaddy’. Giving back to his community is also high on his priority list. He started WePaddy Foundation with the aim to support blind kids and kids with polio in Africa. His dream is to help these kids get quality education to help them improve their lives.


Slovakia - Tomáš Benko

Tomáš is 30 years old and hails from Žilina and stands 186cm. He participated in the TV Show Survivor CS in 2022. He loves fitness, travel, and mountains and he has a healthy lifestyle. Tomáš is a former professional hockey player and a participant in the Survivor Cesko & Slovensko TV show. He is the current Mister Slovenskej Republiky 2023 titleholder.


South Africa - Tylo Ribeiro

Mister Supranational - South Africa Tylo Ribeiro obtained the following degrees: Honors (H.Eng) in Chemical Engineering specializing in Mineral Processing and Master (M.Sc.) in Business Mathematics & Informatics: Data Analytics. He is currently working as a data scientist for a consulting company and is also a part-time videographer and photographer. In his free time, he enjoys writing scripts and watching movies. He also loves spending time with his family and friends and spending time in nature. His From the Ground Up project is called 'ValuABLE' with the slogan; 'I am able; therefore, I am valuable.' This campaign focuses on individuals with disabilities, whether it's physical or mental. He strives to upskill these individuals to either become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses or to form part of an established company.


Spain - Ivan Alvarez

Mister Supranational Spain 2023 is Ivan Alvarez, who was elected in a national final last August. He is a qualified Industrial Engineer in the automotive industry and describes himself as a goal-orientated person who constantly tries to set new targets once he achieves his goals. Ivan hopes to own his own company in the automotive industry sector. Participating in competitions like these was a chance for Ivan to get out of his comfort zone. He believes that there should be no obstacles that stand in our way when we believe we are doing something that is right for us. Ivan’s From the Ground Up project supports Cancer Awareness and he has been working hard by participating in a series of events in association with an NGO focused on this.


Thailand - Top Natanon Naratanyavirun

Mister Supranational Thailand 2023 is Top Natanon Naratanyavirun. He is from the southern part of Thailand and finished his undergraduate degree in Economics and his love for fashion inspired him to start his own t-shirt brand. He describes himself as an easy-going person and he hopes to always come across as sincere. Natanon really wants to live by the motto of Mister Supranational - aspirational and inspirational - through all his actions and his behavior. Besides being a model, he is nominated to be a Tourism Ambassador of his beloved hometown, Nakhon Sri Thammarat. Natanon says he made a promise to himself, his people in his hometown, and his nation that, he will be the first man from Nakhon Sri Thammarat to stand at the top of the world.


Trinidad and Tobago - Keathon Yallery

Keathon Yallery, is a 28-year-old actuarial science graduate currently working as a strategic and corporate intelligence specialist for the Ministry of Digital Transformation.


United States Daniel Zemeida

He grew up in Arizona, USA. Actor, Model, and Flight Attendant. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Theatre (ASU 21'). Daniel really loves to play Beach Volleyball, Surfing, Reading, and Content Creating.


Venezuela - Jorge Eduardo Núñez

He is 28 years old, he was born in Cabimas, Zulia state, and he is a Civil Engineer and Nutritionist. He defines himself as Disciplined, Perfectionist, and Kind. The figures that his life has always inspired are his parents, among his efforts, values, principles, and sacrifices they managed to raise his family; without leaving behind that he admires his future self because he knows that he is made to overcome great battles in life. His word is NOBILITY, because, although he always pursues perfection, he knows that he will never reach it, but along the way, he will find excellence and that is where he wants to go.


Zimbabwe - Tatenda John Njanike

Tatenda John Njanike is Mister Supranational Zimbabwe 2023. He is currently working as a commercial and fashion runway model in his country and also pursuing a career in data science. Tatenda enjoys reading, watching films, and sharing his knowledge and skills with new models who are hoping to enter the industry. He is the oldest of four siblings and credits his parents for raising him to be a young man with good values. His long-term goal is to build a marketing and modeling agency that helps both people and businesses soar and become what they are truly meant to be. He also hopes to become an international model in the world of fashion. And I wish to bring people together to celebrate our cultural differences through the vast world of fashion. Tatenda’s From the Ground Up Project runs with the theme ‘Generation Impact’. Its aim is to help others discover and nurture their God-given gifts for the purpose of making positive contributions to any community that needs change.

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