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This will be the first physical pageant edition of the Miss Universe Bahrain 2023 Official Delegates under the Yugen Group. The reigning queen Evlin Abdulla Khalifa will crown her successor as Meet Miss Universe Bahrain 2023. The winner will represent the Middle East country of Bahrain at the 72nd Edition of Miss Universe 2023 on 18 November 2023 in El Salvador. Bahrain is the only Gulf country to participate in the long-running beauty contest, one of the most-watched events of its kind in the world. Manar Nadeem Deyani and Evlin Khalifa represented the country at the 2021 and 2022 pageants respectively, making waves on the global stage. The finalists for 2023 were selected from hundreds of entrants, according to Josh Yugen, national director of Miss Universe Bahrain.

Here are the Top 7 Finalists of the Miss Universe Bahrain 2023 in alphabetical order:

Name: Advaita Shetty

Age: 28

About her: She is a Master in Clinical Audiology student and would like to use her technical knowledge to improve and raise awareness about hearing health within her community. She also had a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Welfare and Environmental Health. Additionally, she shared that she once had an interview and manifested to join Miss Universe.

Why is supporting women important to you?

Women bring life, they carry empathy and intuition which helps foster growth in family, society, and this universe. If I did not support that, I would probably be living in a world where I could not vote, not take leadership positions, and possibly not be here today in Miss Universe 2023. After all, I am a woman too.

Name: Lujane Yacoub

Age: 19

About her: She is a returning queen! She is a multi-hyphenated creative person — an actress, a dancer, and a model, and plans to pursue her passion and study Creative Arts in London. She wants to use the Miss Universe Bahrain platform to empower children through arts and expression. She is also currently an active volunteer in several local organizations in Bahrain teaching children what she loves most — arts.

Why is supporting women important to you?

Women have come a long way and there are still obstacles. The power of women supporting women is what has laid the foundation for all the progress we’ve made for women’s rights throughout the years. For me personally, being a woman in Bahrain, I find it important to showcase the fact that Arab women aren’t oppressed and have the capability to hold their own within the culture. Being in Miss Universe Bahrain, the organization alone is a symbol of Bahraini women empowerment and I hope throughout my journey competing, I can help address and dispel many misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding women in the Middle East.

Name: Mariam Naji Age: 26

About her: She is a school principal, a social media influencer, and a member of Bahrain’s national fencing team. She loves taking care of kids and children in general.

Why is supporting women important to you?

Because women are for women, we must stand together. She is the pillar of society. She is the mother, the sister. She is me. Therefore, I must support her because her success is part of my success.

Name: Mary Mohamed

Age: 28

About her: She is a Bahraini-Filipina, and embraces her bi-racial background and celebrates her uniqueness by emphasizing one important trait she learned growing up — RESPECT. She is a certified Cognitive Behavioral Counselor specializing in Eating Disorder, a same health disorder she suffers with while growing up.

Why is supporting women important to you?

I was raised by and I am surrounded by empowered women who support one another and I know how powerful it is. It's not about saying one gender is better than the other, it's acknowledging a woman's capabilities shouldn't be put in a box. Women deserve to take up space and leave a mark in this world as well, in whatever way we choose to do. Whether it's by building a family or a career or both, we have much to contribute to the world. Supporting women is not just the right thing to do, it is truthfully the smart thing to do.

Name: Menatalla Husein

Age: 20

About her: She loves to play billiards and draw. She wants to use her voice to advocate for orphans and open more discussions about mental health within her community.

Why is supporting women important to you? Supporting women is important to me because by standing together and advocating for equal rights can break the barriers that hold women back and uplift each other by sharing our stories and experiences.

Name: Nivine Abouzeid

Age: 24

About her: She is a Marketing and PR professional in one of the region’s leading hospitality, transportation and real estate developers. She loves to travel and enjoys being in front of the camera ever since she was a child.

Why is supporting women important to you? Supporting women is important to me because there’s many barriers that prevent women from advancing in their careers which I disagree with and find wrong. As women we need to use our voices to advocate for change and speak up for ourselves, when we support each other we create a positivity that can have a profound impact in the world. We have the power to make changes and for generations to come, I also truly believe that, the more you give, the more you receive. Kindness doesn’t cost.

Name: Tuhina Carrol

Age: 28

About her: is a flight attendant by profession at the national airline of Bahrain and living her life with a philosophy of “to treat people the way you want to be treated.” She shared her positive approach in life and how to ALWAYS DREAM BIG and be fearless.

Why is supporting women important to you?

Because I am a woman myself, it’s empowering to have another woman’s back. We women have a gift of nurturing lives and we are also capable of running big companies with the highest positions. Sadly we are still striving for basics like education, proper sanitary services and more personal issues like body shaming, being the ‘PERFECT WOMAN’ and we all need to come together as women and have each other’s back and take each other forward.

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