Meet the Miss World 2023 Asia Pacific 2023 Delegates

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We have important news for about the upcoming Miss World 2023 beauty pageant. We finally have got the official date and venue confirmed for the 71st edition of Miss World 2023 will be held on 9 December in Mumbai, India. This is such exciting news because India has an incredible culture, with bright and vibrant colors will make this edition a memorable Miss World pageant. The last time India was the host country was during Miss World 1996 and you can see the Indian architecture and design on the stage with different types of Indian performances shown during the 90s pageant. As we are expecting more than 100 contestants, I will not be able to combine all of them in one video as it will take forever, so we have divided the delegates into Continental Groups similar to Miss World. In this article, we will introduce the beautiful and intelligent Miss World delegates from Asia Pacific.

Who are your favourites for Miss World 2023? Comment below

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