Sthepanie Marie Miranda ​wins Miss Grand United States 2023

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Miss Grand United States 2023 grand coronation event was held in Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel & Conference Center, Illinois, United States on 17 August 2023. Miss Grand United States 2022 Emily DeMure from Colorado crowned Sthepanie Marie Miranda ​as Miss Grand United States 2023. There were 25 delegates from all across the country who participated in the final event. Sthepanie Marie Miranda will represent the United States at the Miss Grand International 2023 on 25 October in Vietnam.

Who is Miss Grand United States 2023 Sthepanie Marie Miranda?

Miss Grand United States 2023 Sthepanie Marie Miranda ​is 29 years old beauty who has a degree in communications, journalism, and theater. She has a handmade jewelry brand called Violet Mirage, where she offers unique handmade pieces, with the aim that each piece of jewelry is part of a significant moment for each woman and that it can enhance their beauty, magic, and authenticity. Stephanie Marie Miranda is a multi-talented individual who has embraced both her Puerto Rican and American cultures throughout her life. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in Ohio from the age of 5 has allowed her to fill her heart with gratitude for two flags. ​ She has a degree in communications with a minor in journalism and theater from Youngstown State University. 

Miss Grand United States 2023 Sthepanie Marie Miranda Social Advocacy

She considers herself a sensitive and persistent woman. Since she was very little, she has been passionate about the arts, and every time she hears light, camera, and action, it’s a reminder that the world needs our passion. She recently had the honor of hosting a six-series episode for PBS and hopes that with God's favor, many more opportunities come along. ​ She has a YouTube channel called Sthephanie Marie, where she shares her experiences and support for different social platforms, one of which is about women's leadership: Alzheimer's, and peace of mind. ​ "I am a faithful believer that there are fights worth fighting."

She is passionate about photography, interior design and a fan of sustainable fashion. One of the things she enjoys the most is spending quality time with herself and her loved ones. Sthephanie is a spokesperson for the fight against Alzheimer's and Emotional Peace; I would like to have greater visibility on my digital platforms and thus be able to create movements with greater impact and awareness on these issues; I want to be able to take my jewelry brand internationally and continue working in my passion for acting.

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would be enough to solve most of the world's problems. Every positive action we take has a transformative and balancing impact. When our only channel of communication is respect and love, the barriers of inequality collapse, and democracy and opportunities for all prevail, we may not achieve the changes we need overnight, but we will take the first step to make them happen and be able to dream of a sustainable society, where the right to freedom, health, and education is a reason to celebrate and not to separate us. That is why I believe in the powerful movement of the Stop War and Violence campaign because the best way to achieve significant changes is to start with ourselves and do different actions that promote sensitivity and unity among us. Betting without mistrust on "education" to promote laws that recognize our rights and equality, values that encourage us to be better every day, and respect to celebrate our differences and bridge the gaps that separate us today in society.

Winning Answer of Miss Grand United States 2023

Final Question: How do you define the concept of Beauty with a Purpose?

Beauty with a purpose is definitely a concept that I have Within I feel like everyone can put on makeup and can do their hair big and fluffy but at the end of the day. What can you bring to other people I always say you have gifts but can you give them back. You showcase those on a bigger platform and really Captivate other Minds also reaching Hearts as a communicator I am passionate about connecting with as many people as I can if that's through a microphone a TV screen or even my YouTube channel I love simply just connecting so I think inner beauty is something that just shines within exterior has nothing to do with it. Thank you.

Final Results

Miss Grand United States 2023: Miss Grand Great Lakes Sthepanie Marie Miranda ​

1st Runner-Up: Miss Grand Illinois Samantha C. Keaton

2nd Runner-Up: Miss Grand New York Rachel Slawson

3rd Runner-Up: Miss Grand Texas Francie Millan

4th Runner-Up: Miss Grand Washington Mazzy Leigh

Top 10

Miss Grand California Rebecca Arianne Edwards

Miss Grand Florida Ivana Garcia

Miss Grand Georgia Kennedy Simone

Miss Grand Pennsylvania Ebone Marie Jimerson

Miss Grand Tri-State Maxine Cesar

Top 15

Miss Grand District of Columbia Natalia Salmon

Miss Grand Hawaii Jena Miliani Masero

Miss Grand Maryland Amanda Leigh

Miss Grand New Jersey Christine Pierre

Miss Grand North East Joselyn Farias (Popular Vote)

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