Throwback: Top 20 Predictions Miss Universe 2022

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As we eagerly await the grand spectacle of Miss Universe 2022, let's take a
trip down memory lane to revisit our early predictions for the Top 20
contenders. These incredible women from across the globe had us captivated
with their grace, charm, and unwavering determination. From the moment they
stepped onto the stage, they exuded a radiance that left us all in awe.

With the pageant season in full swing, it's a perfect time to reflect on the
anticipation and excitement we felt as we rooted for our favorites. These
contenders showcased not only their beauty but also their intelligence,
charisma, and the causes they hold dear.

Who were your personal Top 20 choices? Did they make it to the final stage?
Join us in reminiscing about these remarkable women who graced the Miss
Universe journey with their presence. Drop a comment below and share your
throwback memories!


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