Miss Supranational 2023 Official Delegates

Here are the official delegates of the upcoming 14th edition of the Miss Supranational 2023 pageant. Lalela Mswane of South Africa will crown her successor at the end of the event. As of 1 July 2023, 67 contestants have been confirmed to compete at this international beauty pageant.

ALBANIA – Klara Musabelliu Miss Supranational - Albania Klara Musabelliu is currently working towards her degree in Communication Sciences in Italy. She hopes to work in advertising and also become a television presenter one day. Klara cites her parents as her biggest source of inspiration and draws strength from them. Her #Fromthegroundupcsi project focuses on inclusion in schools where bullying is a phenomenon that is growing dramatically.


BELGIUM - Jana Meskens Miss Supranational Belgium, Jana Meskens, is a qualified beautician, tattoo artist, and personal stylist. From the age of just 20, she has owned her own company and is working hard to grow it into a big business. Her star sign is Gemini and she is also one half of a set of fraternal twins. She describes herself as fearless and loves anything that raises her adrenaline. As a victim of bullying, her #fromthegroundupcsi project is focused on helping children who have been bullied.


BOLIVIA - Stephanie Terrazas Miss Supranational - Bolivia, Stephanie Terrazas, graduated with a degree in Business Administration. She is currently working in her father’s construction company and opening a health juice business with her brothers. Stephanie plans to pursue a degree in digital marketing in the near future. She describes herself as a very adventurous and very empathetic woman. When traveling, she likes to try all the interesting local dishes of a country even if they are perceived as strange by others. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is about caring for our environment and creating small urban forests to raise awareness about the importance of our trees and plants.


BOTSWANA – Dabilo Moses Miss Supranational -Botswana Dabilo Moses is currently studying Broadcast Journalism. She aspires to break into acting and also pursue a degree in Criminal Law. In her free time, Dabilo enjoys writing and sharing poems, and gardening. She is very proud of being the first Miss Supranational Botswana. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is called ‘Led by Change’ and the project focuses on developing young minds, by empowering them to be able to be the hands of development and agents of hope.


BRAZIL - Sancler Frantz Miss Supranational - Brazil Sancler Frantz, is currently working as a Biomedical doctor and nutritionist and is setting up her own clinic. She is also working as a model. Sancler considers herself to be a modern and successful woman who is constantly seeking new knowledge and actively works to be an evolved version of herself. She loves to travel and has been to 21 countries. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is called ‘For Angels’ and she has been working on it since 2013. It supports the fight against leprosy or Hansen’s Disease in her country.


CAMBODIA - Chily Levy Miss Supranational Cambodia Chily Tevey graduated with a Batchelor’s degree and is currently working as a model and actress. Her mother is her biggest inspiration in life because she draws strength from her and Chily hopes to fight discrimination and inequality. She loves hanging out with her family, sharing a meal with them, and doing charitable activities. Her #Fromthegroundupcsiproject is based around serving people in need of basic necessities.


CAMEROON - Kevine Ghomba Miss Supranational - Cameroon, Kevine Ghomba, is the CEO, founder, and owner of Ghomba Beauty Establishment which is made up of 3 beauty salons. She manages 25 employees and she also has her own cosmetics brand called " Ghomba cosmetics". Kevine is very proud of the fact that she started her business at the young age of 24 and would like to inspire other women in her country to do the same. She enjoys running and is currently training to participate in her first half-marathon. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project involves her participation in providing jobs for women, especially single mothers, in the aesthetics field and her company.


CANADA - Alexa Grant Miss Supranational - Canada Alexa Grant is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and is working towards obtaining a certificate in International Management. Earlier this year, she embraced the opportunity of being part of an exchange program in Lyon, France, where she is currently living. Alexa is proud of her multicultural background – her father is Scottish and her mother is Filipina. She describes herself as a fashionista and is passionate about traveling the world. Alexa’s #fromthegroundupcsi project is called "Beyond our Now" and focuses on youth empowerment through community involvement (visiting homeless shelters, preparing food, doing garbage clean-ups); she also created a group fundraising for ANCOP, Answering the Cry of the Poor, where they support humanitarian relief worldwide, inspired by her Filipino heritage but with a global reach.


CAYMAN ISLANDS - Melissa Bridgemohan Miss Supranational - Cayman Islands Melissia Bridgemohan, is currently pursuing her associate’s degree in Primary Education. She was born to a single mother who has been working in a male-dominated field. She is proud of being the first woman to represent the Cayman Islands at Miss Supranational. She has also written her first book and also taught herself sign language to communicate with a childhood friend. Melissa’s #fromthegroundupcsi project is based on inclusion during childhood, especially during early childhood education.


COLOMBIA – Valentina Mora Trujillo Miss Supranational - Colombia Valentina Mora Trujillo. She is currently studying towards a Master’s degree in Marketing Management. Valentina is working as a digital marketing manager in a fashion company, and she also works as a professional model. She enjoys practicing yoga and spending time with horses and she likes to cook some healthy desserts. Valentina founded a project: ECO-SCHOOLS, a program in different states of her country that seeks to awaken environmental awareness in children and young people from their school environments, through simple actions such as proper recycling, planting, creating gardens, and using solar panels as an energy system.


CUBA – Monica Aguilar Miss Supranational - Cuba Monica Aguilar is currently studying Biology for Pre-Medicine and hopes to open her own dermatology practice one day. Monica is proud of the fact that she is already a homeowner and plans to expand her property portfolio through hard work and dedication. She graduated with a 4.0 GPA and won a national chess championship at the age of 10 After 2 consecutive years of volunteering in a cardiology practice, she has learned the importance of cardiovascular health, primarily in senior citizens, but also prevention from an early age and that is why she chose it as her #fromthegroundupcsi project.


CURACAO – Andreina de Andrade Pereira Miss Supranational - Curacao, Andreina de Andrade Pereira, she recently graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management studies, majoring in Marketing Management. Andreina works as a Marketer and as an Employee engagement at a Business Development company. She also owns her own business producing merchandise. Andreina can speak 4 languages, but she understands 5. These are Papiamentu, English, Dutch, Spanish, and Portuguese. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is based around being the voice for those with impaired vision and those organizations with scarce resources by aiming to help them obtain the tools they need to help people from all social levels and ages.


DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Crystal Matos Miss Supranational Dominican Republic, Crystal Matos, completed her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology a year ago and is currently working as an after-school teacher and a recruiter for summer employment. She aims to work towards a Masters in Social Work and become a social worker that works with the youth. Crystal started her own business at 11, selling handmade jewellery and she hopes to write a book about her life story one day. Her ‘From the Ground Up’ Project is called ‘Shine with Crystal’ and is focused on mentoring young people.


ECUADOR– Andrea Aguilera Miss Supranational Ecuador Andrea Aguilera is currently studying International Business and is working on launching her own brand. She describes herself as someone who continuously wants to learn and grow and develop as a human being. Andrea is proud of the fact that she used to always be a top student and said that her weakest point is that she has two left feet, so dancing is not her forte. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is based on developing a mentorship for young women like herself who had similar challenges to what she had when she was younger.


EL SALVADOR – Luciana Martinez Miss Supranational - El Salvador Luciana Martinez. just finished her studies in Journalism and Audiovisual Communication. She’s a model and tv host and says the biggest fear she’s had to overcome is that of failure. Luciana is half Salvadoran and half Argentine Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project called “The Toldense Foundation" which was born more than 5 years ago with the aim of helping young people who want to be footballers but do not have the economic opportunity to buy their uniforms, shoes or even to mobilize and for those who have always shared that passion and if they have the economic opportunities, they are a bridge for those children to fulfil their dreams.


FINLAND – Linda Heinonen Miss Supranational Finland Linda Heinonen is currently a practical nurse. The qualities of life she long for most are love, health and career, and success. Linda is a huge fan of Lady Gaga because she made a success of herself by herself. She is an adrenaline junkie and loves puzzle games. Linda also loves being in front of the camera and feels she is good at it. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is about mental health and getting therapy for it.


GHANA - Helen Demey Matey Miss Supranational - Ghana Helen Demey Matey holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Banking and Finance. She is currently an entrepreneur and enjoys watching movies and listening to music. Helen's biggest inspiration is her mother, who as a single parent, raised four children. She loves cats and Korea dramas. Helen's #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is focused on period poverty, educating people on menstrual hygiene in remote areas, whilst distributing sanitary pads in areas of need.


GIBRALTAR - Michelle Lopez Desoisa Miss Supranational - Gibraltar Michelle Lopez Desoisa completed her degree in primary education and is now working towards her PGCE to be a fully qualified teacher. Pageants have now become a bit of a tradition in Michelle’s family – her mom was Miss Gibraltar in 1988 and competed at Miss World and Miss Universe. Now, Michelle will continue this legacy by representing Gibraltar at Miss Supranational 2023. Michelle started boxing two years ago and is proud of the fact that she can defend herself if she ever encounters a dangerous situation. Her #fromthegroundupcsi is focused on working alongside foundations that support children with emotional and financial distress.


GUATEMALA – Naïda Estubier Miss Supranational - Guatemala, Naïda Estubier, is half Guatemalan and half French. She completed qualifications in Economics, Modern Jazz, and Contemporary Dance and also has an acting qualification. Naïda is currently working as an international model, dancer, and dance teacher. She loves traveling and says she is addicted to lemon, and she loves lemon (juice) in all her food. Studying people’s behavior is also one of her interests. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is based on promoting tourism in her country and protecting women who have been subjected to emotional and physical abuse.


HAITI - Merli Fleurizard Miss Supranational - Haiti Merli Fleurizard, is a well-educated woman who holds the following degrees: a BA in Political Science, a Master’s in Public Administration, and a Juris Doctorate. She is currently employed as a Senior Attorney, the youngest one in her office, and enjoys traveling. To date, she has visited more than 30 countries. Merli says her parents raised her with the belief that through faith and hard work, nothing is impossible. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project seeks to help young people through the provision of tuition scholarships and school supplies to those most in need and forgotten students.


HONG KONG– Vinci Yuk Yu CHAN Miss Supranational Hong Kong Vinci Yuk Yu CHAN is currently pursuing a Master of Social Sciences in Counselling Psychology at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. She has also completed her Master of Psychological Medicine (Psychosis Studies) with distinction at The University of Hong Kong (HKU) and holds a Bachelor of Social Sciences degree with a major in Psychology and a minor in Counselling from the same university. Her hobbies include scriptwriting, acting, meditation, and exploring different cultures through travel. She is a strong advocate for a variety of causes, including mental health and stress management for caregivers.


ICELAND - Ísabella Þorvaldsdóttir Miss Supranational Iceland Ísabella Þorvaldsdóttir is currently working towards a law degree and has also taken courses in Psychology and Fashion Design. She is the only child and is very close to her parents. Ísabella was born with a disease that damaged both her kidneys and at the age of 3, she received a kidney from her father, which saved her life. That is why she calls him her hero or lifeline. Ísabella has been a ballet dancer since the age of 6 and she teaches ballet to children with autism. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project will be centred around starting conversations regarding organ donation as it is a really special way in which you can give the gift of life to others.


INDIA – Pragnya Ayyagari Miss Supranational - India, Pragnya Ayyagari, is in her final year of studying fashion design. She is also a well-known model in her country and hopes to launch her own sustainable fashion brand by upcycling existing fabrics, called ‘Label Pragnya Ayyagari’. Pragnya (as she likes to be called) has a very long full name: Ayyagari Satya Venkata Sai Pragnya. However, her dad gave her a special nickname, Bangari, which means gold. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is called ‘Planet-A’ and will be promoting the slowdown of overconsumption to give our earth the chance to heal.


JAMAICA – Thalia Malcom Miss Supranational - Jamaica Thalia Malcolm obtained a degree in Bachelor of Arts in International Studies and is also currently studying acting. She recently raised $10,000 and purchased ten computers and two Bluetooth speakers for Annie Dawson Home for Children in Jamaica. She loves spicy food and the beach is her happy place. For her #fromthegroundupcsi, she works with an underprivileged girls' home in Jamaica, Annie Dawson's Home for Children and also has a project called ‘Self Esteem Reform’.


JAPAN – Mayuko Hanawa Miss Supranational - Japan, Mayuko Hanawa, is currently working as a kindergarten teacher after completing her degree in Early Childhood Education. Mayuko’s dad is Japanese, her mom is Filipina and she has a sister who is also a beauty queen. She has won the ‘Miss Congeniality’ title at 2 of the pageants she competed in and is also proud of the concert she organized to benefit the children of the Ukraine. Mayuko can’t wait to showcase her talent at Miss Supranational. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is a combination of her passions, including a feeding scheme in the Philippines, being a Rotary Act volunteer and the concerts, she organizes.


KENYA - Martha Mwikali Miss Supranational - Kenya Martha Mwikali is currently working as a logistics and procurement manager at a healthcare-based company. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in in International Studies and a diploma in Public Relations. She is the first of her siblings to have a bachelor degree despite being the last born. Martha hopes to rise to a place of influence to help empower her countrymen in need. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI is centred on Gender-Based Violence with her initial focus being the county she comes from, Kilifi County.


MALAYSIA - Deidre Walker Miss Supranational Malaysia Deidre Walker graduated with a Bachelor of Science and a minor in Communication Studies. She is currently working as a Sales Specialist and Marketing Manager, aspiring host and brand ambassador. Deidre hopes to build her business empire within the next 5 years and continue to be an advocate for breast cancer awareness. Her mother, who lost her fight with breast cancer in 2021, is her biggest inspiration and was also the reason why she started her #Fromthegroundupcsi project 'Worth Fighting For'. She has been and advocate or the Pink Ribbon community in both East and West Malaysia for more than 7 years now.


MAURITIUS– Nilmani Devi Hurlall Miss Supranational - Mauritius Nilmani Devi Hurlall, completed a three-year diploma in Vocal Hindustani Music and is now pursuing a bachelor's degree in the same field at UOM/Mahatma Gandhi Institute. She is currently working as a freelance entertainer and presenter. One of her personal aspirations is to evolve into a better person every day and she is inspired by her family. She believes her voice is not only her greatest talent but a tool that can be used to inspire others. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project aims to raise awareness of marine life and promote the cleanliness of boats, lagoons, and oceans with stickers designed by students or graphic designers.


MEXICO– Vanessa López Miss Supranational - Mexico, Vanessa López, has been studying acting for almost 6 years and currently studying to get her degree in communications and digital media. She is also working as a commercial model. Vanessa is a huge football (soccer) fan and is excited that her country will host the next FIFA World Cup. She loves playing tennis, taking dance classes, and used to be a cheerleader. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is based on creating a podcast that is currently on Spotify. It promotes how important mental health is in women’s lives. Every episode talks about different situations that women go through and with her special and professional guests, they discuss the way out of every obstacle. Topics like mental disorders, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, toxic relationships, cyber bullying and so many more topics that women can relate to are touched upon in “Mind Over Body”.


MOZAMBIQUE - Suema Abdul Rachide Rachide Miss Supranational - Mozambique Suema Abdul Rachide Rachide graduated with a certificate in human resources management and is currently working as an administrative assistant at a gemstone mining company. One of her biggest dreams is to become a successful model. She also hopes to push herself harder in pursuit of her aspirations to do more for her family and her community. Suema admires her mother who raised her and her four sisters after she separated from her father and says her mother’s example helped her to become a hardworking woman from a young age. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project will be focused on working with orphaned children focusing on challenges such as malnutrition.


NAMIBIA – Romiley Hoffman Miss Supranational - Namibia Romiley Hoffman, is currently an Industrial Psychology student at the University of Namibia. She believes her strong family network, that she describes as go-getters, inspires her to be more powerful as a human being. She loves learning new languages, inspired by her love for watching telenovelas. She is an avid baker, especially cupcakes, which her later mother taught her to bake. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is about teaching learners that are in their final year in high school the necessary skill of computer literacy.


NEPAL – Sama Parajuli Miss Supranational - Nepal Sama Parajuli, hails from Pokhara but is currently living in Germany. She is a qualified dental nurse but is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Dentistry. Sama loves traveling, expressing her creative side through dance and acting, and really enjoys being in front of the camera. She once achieved the honour of winning the Best Cultural Dancer award at the national level in Nepal. Sama’s #FromtheGroundUpProject is called the "Smile Well Project". The project aimed to promote overall well-being and educate people about the importance of self-care and making healthy choices. Specifically, her project focuses on motivating individuals to prioritize personal care, including oral health and nutrition.


NETHERLANDS – Luna-Isabella Stienstra Miss Supranational Netherlands Luna-Isabella Stienstra, is of Dutch and Indonesian descent. She graduated with distinction as a dental assistant, also as a professional make-up artist, nail-artist and she did a course as a pension advisor. Currently she is studying to become a relation therapist. She is very close to her parents, who own a restaurant that serves Indonesian food and her brother, who is a jazz musician. Luna loves cooking, riding her Harley Davidson and she is currently training for her first boxing match. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is based around youth talent development, using her personal experiences to develop this cause.


NICARAGUA - Katherine Burgos Miss Supranational - Nicaragua Katherine Burgos has completed holds a degree in Communications and also studied Dramatic Arts. She is currently working as an Art Assistant in audiovisual production and is also a brand ambassador. Katherine is currently pursuing her dream of becoming an actress and hopes to own her own beauty salon one day. Her project is focused on teaching theatre to young people and children from different communities in order to promote arts as a fundamental factor in education in her country and to give this as a different platform of recreation to people with limited resources.


NIGERIA - Genevieve Edwin Miss Supranational Nigeria Genevieve Edwin is currently pursuing a degree in Nursing at the University of Lagos. She is the youngest of 9 siblings and she sees that as a blessing because she can learn so much from her 7 sisters and 1 brother. Genevieve is also currently working as a model and an actress and hopes to be a well-known actress in both Nollywood and Hollywood. Her #fromthegroundcsi project is based on skills acquisition for the youth because she believes that all young people should be able to pursue things, they feel passionate about.


PANAMA - Jillyan Chue Miss Supranational Panama Jillyan Chue graduated with a Social Communication Sciences degree and is currently working as a cabin crew attendant for Copa Airlines. She hopes to work for the Panama Canal in the Communications and PR Department and own her own fondue restaurant. Jillyan has hiked the Volcán Barú Mountain (3 475m) five times and loves to dance to Latin music. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is about sexual education to prevent HIV infections among young people.


PARAGUAY – FABIOLA MARTINEZ Miss Supranational - Paraguay, Fabiola Martinez, holds a certification in Sports Sciences and PE Coach. She speaks 3 languages – Guarani, Spanish, and Portuguese. She is a business owner and is very proud of the fact that she is constantly working towards new goals. One thing that she feels strongly about is that she overcame difficult circumstances in her early years of life. Fabiola describes herself as a hard worker and someone who shows respect towards others. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is based on support for people with substance abuse and depression.


PERU – Valeria Flórez Miss Supranational Peru, Valeria Flórez, had an education in music and the Performing Arts and is currently studying Communications. She also hosts a fashion-related show on television and is an influencer in her country. When she was 10 years old, she landed a job on a popular Peruvian children’s show called ‘America Kids’. Valeria has a photographic memory and she can remember large numbers, scripts, birthdays and many more things. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is focused on promoting awareness of the need to assist people with disabilities in her country.


PHILIPPINES – Pauline Amelinckx Miss Supranational - Philippines Pauline Amelinckx is from Tubigon, Bohol, and graduated with a degree in International Studies, majoring in European Studies. She is currently self-employed and works as an event host and online content creator. Pauline, who was once the victim of body-shaming, says she worked hard on herself to overcome other people’s perceptions of her. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is being President of JCI Chocolate Hills, a program that aims to develop and empower women.


POLAND - Aleksandra Klepaczka Miss Supranational - Poland Aleksandra Klepaczka is a qualified engineer after graduating with a degree in Management Engineering last year. She is working as a recruiter in the IT industry. Aleksandra is very close to her family and says she has always looked up to her siblings, who are both older than her. This music lover loves to sing, play the violin and guitar, and is part of a local band. Aleksandra describes herself as the biggest fan of the Polish Men’s Volleyball team and attends their games whenever she can. She is passionate about teaching people first aid and the importance of donating blood and her #fromthegroundupcsi project is centred around that.


PORTUGAL – Elodie Lopes Miss Supranational - Portugal, Elodie Lopes, is currently working as a saleswoman in a women’s clothing store. She was born in France to Portuguese parents and says her parents are her inspiration in life. Elodie says that participating in pageants has helped her to build her confidence, which is something she struggled with after being bullied when she was younger. Cooking is something she thoroughly enjoys and she also likes traveling and volunteering. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is focused on helping to provide financial aid to an area of Madagascar called Manakara.


PUERTO RICO – Camille Fabery Miss Supranational Puerto Rico Camille Fabery, is currently in her final year of her Doctor of Pharmacy degree. She comes from a family full of strong independent women where her mom has basically always been the bread winner and their strongest supporter. She has two sisters of whom she the middle child and the eldest is her step sister from her dad's side. When she was just 12 years old, she lost her dad due to HIV and this was her inspiration to pursue a career in pharmacy. Before going into pharmacy, she wanted to pursue a career in forensics. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is to provide information to future PharmD students and guide them through their journey.


ROMANIA - Hotăran Ioana-Izabela Miss Supranational Romania Hotăran Ioana-Izabela is currently studying towards a degree in the Economics of Commerce, Tourism, and Service. Ioana is an entrepreneur who owns her own brand that sells handbags and hopes to branch into accessories too. As an adrenaline junkie, she has tried bridge swinging, skydiving, and bungee-jumping. She is a keen traveller who hopes to visit all the world's countries by the age of 60. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is focused on assisting and supporting kids who have been bullied.


SLOVAKIA - Simona Leskovská Miss Supranational - Slovakia, Simona Leskovská, she holds a Master’s degree in Media and Marketing Communication. Simona is currently working as a sports reporter/announcer at the Slovak Football Association, which has allowed her to develop skills in sports journalism and broadcasting. She is also an experienced model. She enjoys running and hopes to complete her first marathon in the future. Maintaining a positive outlook in life is something she works toward every day. Her #FromtheGroundUpcsi project is focused on inspiring and helping children and youth in the field of sports.


SOUTH AFRICA – Ayanda Thabethe Miss Supranational - South Africa Ayanda Thabethe, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Dietetics and Human Nutrition. She plans to branch into the research sector so that she can play a role in developing nutrition-related guidelines to combat South Africa’s double burden of malnutrition and obesity. Ayanda is also planning to do her Master’s degree once she has completed her year of community service and she is currently waiting to be placed in a government (state) hospital to complete this. Ayanda loves cooking and adores potatoes. She cooks a potato dish with every meal she has. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is called Project Khulisa. The campaign aims to tackle food insecurity and emphasize the importance of nutrition and a healthy diet and is derived from the principles of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.


SPAIN – Lola Martinez Wilson Miss Supranational - Spain Lola Wilson is currently studying Social Sciences at 6th form level and is also working as a fashion model. She is half Spanish and half British and loves being part of a big family. Lola enjoys spending time at the beach, traveling and she has a great love for animals. Among other projects, her #fromthegroundupCSI project is primarily based on her collaboration with AsproVélez, a foundation in her hometown that helps young people with disabilities.


THAILAND – Pataraporn Wang Miss Supranational - Thailand Patraporn Wang, holds a bachelor’s degree in Aviation Business Management and a Masters degree in Marketing and Brand Management. Patraporn is half Thai and half Taiwanese. One of her personal aspirations is to own her own restaurant. She loves spending time on her country’s beaches and is a huge dog lover, who would have 100 dogs if she could. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is based around the pageant school she started where is teaching all of her own skills to the next generation of kids who want to improve their lives and learn as many skills as possible.


THE BAHAMAS - Malique Maranda Miss Supranational - Bahamas, Malique Maranda, is currently employed in the accounting department at the corporate headquarters of a leading company that specializes in the Gaming Industry in The Bahamas - essentially the Bahamian equivalent to the National Lottery in the USA. Their company operates multiple smaller locations, known as web shops, that are situated throughout the islands of The Bahamas. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in accounting and hopes to pursue her Masters in the same field. She is the youngest person in the accounting department at her place of employment, with the nearest person being approximately 10 years her senior. Her #FromtheGoundUpCSI is a project dedicated to breaking the stigmas surrounding mental health and promoting a healthier mental environment. The goal of this project is to empower individuals to take pride in their mental health and to get the support that they need.


TOGO - Mathilde Honyiglo Miss Supranational - Togo, Mathilde Honyiglo, holds a Master’s degree in Marketing and Communications and is an entrepreneur who started her own company. She is the youngest child of big family with 6 brothers and 6 sisters. Mathilde was due to compete in Miss Supranational last year but due to a visa problem, she could not make it in time. Mathilde says that just inspired her to prepare even harder for this year's competition. Some of her personal aspirations include becoming a very successful businesswoman and having her own brand range of luxury products. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project is about an academy which she has set up to coach and train young people, especially girls, in entrepreneurship to help them be self-sufficient.


TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO - Cadiesha Joseph Miss Supranational - Trinidad and Tobago Cadiesha Joseph holds a degree in International Relations and is currently working as a Reservations and Sales Representative for an airline. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, traveling watching True Crime documentaries and going to the movies by herself. She is proud of the fact that she is already and aunty and is a seafood fanatic. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is called Little Sisters, Big Dreams and it is aimed at equipping young women with important skills.


TÜRKİYE– SELIN GURDIKYAN Miss Supranational - Türkiye Selin Gudikyan is currently a Pre-Medicine student in Florida and will be applying for medical schools this year to start her studies to become a medical doctor in September 2024. Selin is also working as a medical scribe in the Emergency Department of Nicklaus Children's Hospital and a research assistant at a neurology laboratory that studies emotional development in children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD. She is one of a set of triplets – all girls – and beauty pageants are somewhat of a tradition in her family. Selin’s mother was crowned Miss Turkey and Miss Europe. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project revolves around advocating for equal education for all children, especially those in rural communities.


UNITED KINGDOM – Emma Rose Collingridge Miss Supranational UK, Emma Rose Collingridge, graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in English and is now pursuing a career in PR and the modeling industry. She is currently working placement at a London PR firm, pitching lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands to the press. One of her biggest dreams is to be on the cover of a well-known fashion magazine and to be working for well-known brands. She once completed a 10km run in London, raising £2300 for charity. Emma’s #fromthegroundupcsi project, #DrawTheLine was founded in the pursuit to make a difference in the prevention of gender-based violence including sexual violence against women, arising as a result of her own experiences.


UKRAINE – Alina Liashuk Miss Supranational - Ukraine Alina Liashuk holds two qualifications – one in Economics and the other in English Teaching. She is currently working as an entrepreneur and influence. As most of her countrymen, Alina hopes for the war against Ukraine to stop and peace to return to her free country. She enjoys singing, experimenting with make-up and doing sports. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI is about helping kids in orphanages and doing what she can to support the refuges that had to flee the war in her country.


VENEZUELA - SELENE DELGADO Miss Supranational - Venezuela, Selene Delgado, is currently working as a model and entrepreneur. Due to the economic crisis in her country, she had to give up her studies in Architecture and emigrated to Chile for 3 years. She is currently studying English and hopes to improve her speaking abilities. Selene says the love that she has for her family is driving her to be more confident and also to build her future with effort and dedication. She loves animals and often rescues animals from the street and put them up for adoption.


ZAMBIA - Candy Mathews Miss Supranational - Zambia, Candy Mathews, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and diploma in Human Resource Management. She is currently working as Human Resource assistant. Candy was growing up in a village and said her determination has helped her to achieve success in life. She describes herself as ambitious and smart but light-hearted. Traveling, reading, photography and dancing are some of her hobbies. Her #fromthegroundupcsi project will focus on aspects surrounding improving education for young girls. Candy recently became a life coach for troubled teenage girls in Zambia.


ZIMBABWE – Sakhile Dube Miss Supranational Zimbabwe, Sakhile Dube, is currently studying Fashion Designing and Styling at Milano Fashion school. She is one of 7 siblings and is proud of her close-knit family as acceptance and respect have always been values their family held dear to their hearts. After her parents’ passing, her oldest brother, who is her biggest inspiration, took it upon himself to take care of their family. She is proud of the fact that she owns her own small bikini label and that she has managed to secure several scholarships for herself. Her #FromtheGroundUpCSI project is based around orphan empowerment.

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